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You Are Meant to Do It Your Way

2009 Fia Crandall

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being squished into something that you’re not? Like you really are a square peg trying to force yourself into a round hole but it’s not really working and you’re getting tired of it?

I want to share with you something I found to be very powerful that I hope changes your views on yourself and how you are designed.

When I was in my old nine to five job I had always felt this resistance to the fact that I had to be there for those eight hours, no matter what.  There was even a point in my career where there was absolutely no work for us to do and we STILL had to come in for those eight hours.  It always bugged me.

Now at first I just thought it was because I wanted a dream life where I could make my own schedule and wake up when I wanted and end my days when I wanted.  Now this is partly true but recently I realized something big.

I am not a nine to five person.  I actually found out that my energy runs differently than what is expected when you show up for your eight hour shifts.  I actually work in bursts of energy where I have this insane efficiency and get massive work done in a very short time.  And I also have plenty of time where I really don’t do that much at all.

I thought I was lazy or something.  But looking at it now, this is really just my natural rhythm.  I rest and become more receptive for a time then when it’s time to take action I have full and intense energy that takes me ahead by leaps and bounds.  But it’s a rhythm that I need to operate in to be the most efficient.

I used to think I was a crammer in University.  I wouldn’t study until almost the day before for most exams.  And it worked.  I thought I was doing it wrong but recently I realized that no, I wasn’t doing it wrong, I just needed that downtime before the burst of energy that was sure to come along to help me do what I needed to do very efficiently.

So what does this have to do with you?

You have a way that is YOU. It is natural to you, it makes sense and it is not a bad thing.  In fact, I truly believe that the work that you are uniquely designed for must be done YOUR WAY by you.

I resisted the nine to five not just because I wanted freedom.  Yes I did want freedom, but it is more than that, I am actually designed to work in a certain way that allows me to do what I came here to do in the most effective and powerful way.

I need lots of down time now so I can bring through the inspiration that I’m meant to share with those I’m meant to serve.  And because I allow this I bring through what is SO connected with those I’m here to serve, I hear about it all the time.

And my life is set up to match Who I Am. I stopped trying to fit myself into that round hole and instead I created (or stepped into) my place in the world that is exactly designed for me.  I am free, because for me to be free means I can serve those I’m meant to serve in the highest way a way that feels wonderful and natural to me.

Can you begin to embrace the idea that your resistance you feel to certain things is actually telling you that you are meant to approach things in a different way?

That maybe you’re not being selfish for wanting to do things differently, that maybe it actually allows you to Be Who You Came Here to Be in the fullest, most meaningful way?

Activating Your Authentic Way

Allow yourself to get quiet for a moment.  Imagine an ocean wave of light washes over you and takes away any tension, thoughts and stresses.  Just let it go.

Now ask to be shown what resistance is showing up in your life that is actually showing you an opportunity to discover your way.

And once you receive this, ask: what is my way here?

And to allow this way to more gently come into reality ask: how can I embrace my authentic way within the exact same outer situation?

Even when I was in my nine to five I allowed myself to work my way.  I got together my to do list for the day and didn’t act until I felt like it.  I’d start with the task with the most energy and most of the time while I was doing that I’d run into people I needed to talk to in order to take care of my other tasks on my list.

So start now, wherever you are, to embrace your way.

And I’d like to also spark within you the idea that your entire life not only can be your way but is meant to be your way.

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