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What’s Holding Back Your Purpose?

2010 Fia Crandall

One of the most interesting things I find about people on a spiritual path is that almost each and every one of us seems to feel unworthy, not good enough, small and not capable (not that they come across this way to others).

And usually these beliefs are tied right into the area that they are meant to shine in.

Although there was no logical explanation why, when I was a child I was terrified of expressing my true self, I remember being so scared of creative writing and of being different than everyone else.

But guess what?

I WAS meant to be different than everyone else. I was meant to express my most authentic self and to be creative because that is my work here. This is what I came to do.

The very thing I was afraid of and nervous about was what would eventually bring me the most fulfillment and meaning I could ask for, that nothing else could compare to.

You see, this fear can unconsciously stop you from pursuing your most fulfilling path. I definitely know this to be true for myself and also know what having courage to face this has meant for me.

Is your life as fulfilling and meaningful as you want it to be? Do you know that you are meant to be more, to do more with your life but you don’t know how or what it might be?

Give yourself a moment to tune in and open to some answers.

I want to challenge you to open to discovering what you may be holding yourself back from.

Step out of the box of fear for a moment, the easiest way to do that is by using your imagination. The best thing about your imagination is that you can go places that you couldn’t in your regular life. Even if you think of something that’s scary, it is not real!

And in order to ensure fear is not controlling this experience for you, set your intention first off by saying to yourself I am willing to see what I may have been holding myself back from out of fearĀ.

Recognize that by asking about this you are not saying you’re willing to do anything different, you’re just getting more information.

Get quiet, close your eyes and ask yourself:

What am I secretly afraid of?

What do I fear yet at the same time I’m also drawn to?

What might this show me about my purpose and what I’m here to do?

What ARE the fears about me following my heart to live the most fulfilling life I can? That I will not be accepted, that I will be abandoned if I do a certain thing or pursue what’s in my heart?

I truly believe each of us are here for a reason. I believe that you have a place here that no one else can fill. One that you ARE good enough for and fully capable of carrying out. You bring a unique energy to the world that is needed.

And in order to pursue this, you must step up to the challenges and fears that you planned for yourself. You must face the challenges on our path that are there to shape you and so that you can actually grow into the person you are meant to become, that Bigger You.

There’s no map. There’s no right or wrong way. But there is a big difference between forward movement and holding yourself back from that Bigger Life that’s waiting for you. What will you choose?

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