The REAL Reason You’re Stuck in Your Business (It’s Not What You Think It Is)

You’re stuck in your business.  You’ve been trying to get your business going for months, maybe even years and you just can’t seem to make the money you know you should be.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You know there are deeper issues at play, every time you have a big light bulb moment you think THIS is the reason I have been stuck!  I’ve figured it out once and for all.

And then what happens?

You feel better for a day or so then reality sinks in and it hasn’t changed at all. Well maybe you feel better but you’re not making any more money, you have no more clients than you did the week before.

So what happened here?

I see this all of the time.  Many of my clients already know how to heal using different modalities.  They feel like they SHOULD be able to know how to heal themselves and that they should be able to figure out what’s keeping them stuck and just heal it.

Sound familiar?

I’ve found more often than not that you’re rarely ever stuck for the reason you think you are.  And in a lot of cases the healing you are doing isn’t getting to the deepest issue that’s causing your REALITY to be stuck.

That’s why you can come up against issue after issue, resolving each one as you go and STILL be stuck in your business.

Here are 3 tips to help you get to the root of WHAT is really holding you back in your business:

Tip #1: It’s not just a belief in your way

There are many wonderful tools and modalities that will help you heal beliefs.  These tools are powerful and can be life-changing and I use them myself when I KNOW it’s just a belief in the way.  But if you are REALLY stuck in your business, there is far more to it.  That’s why you can heal belief after belief and not have the reality change.  Why?

The bigger and deeply rooted ENERGY dynamic within you hasn’t changed.  And beliefs are just a small part of that energy dynamic.

If you have changed the reality in your business (the amount of money coming in) just from changing beliefs alone then that’s great, no need to read on!  But if you feel you’ve tried to heal your beliefs endlessly and you’re STILL stuck then the issue is more complex, which leads us to Tip #2.

Tip #2: What’s the story?

I’ve found the energies that keep entrepreneurs stuck in their business are a lot more like a story.  There’s a plot, there are characters, dangers and consequences.

And it tends to play out repeatedly.

Become more aware of your business and yourself in it from an outsiders perspective and you will gain far more insight into what’s really going on at a deeper level in your business.

The story of what’s happening in your business has likely been playing out your whole life (or even for lifetimes). If you can recognize the story you’re one step closer to being free of the old story and able to create a new, more abundant and successful one.

This detective work can be fun, but it can also take a lot of time.  Being a Capricorn, I like efficiency and I’m sure you would rather have your business thriving in a shorter time, so this brings us to Tip #3.

Tip #3: Your intuition knows

If you’re like the clients I’ve coached over the years you likely feel sort of powerless and frustrated when it comes to getting your business going.  It feels bigger than you and at times maybe you wonder if you’ll ever be able to get it going.

But let me tell you something important.  You are WAY more powerful than you realize. You are fully capable of succeeding in your business and attracting all that you need in order to help you do just that.

In fact, you actually have the ability to pinpoint EXACTLY what is keeping you stuck in your business.  It’s a skill you can cultivate.

That’s exactly what my clients do.  I help them at first by using my intuition to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping them stuck.  And then they go on to do this for themselves and are often amazed at how simple this can be and that they can actually do it for themselves.

It doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Your intuition knows the way.  If you really want to accelerate the growth of your business then you want to use your intuition as a shortcut.

Tired of trying to figure out what’s holding you back in your business?  Of thinking you’ve got it and watching as nothing changes in your business and no more money comes in?

I’d love to help you out with that.  How would you like to have me tune in intuitively to pinpoint the biggest energetic blocks within you that are playing out in your business? So you’re no longer guessing and wondering, you know EXACTLY why you are stuck.

Right now I’ve opened up a limited number of spaces for complimentary Intuitive Business Assessments that will help you do just that.  I will help identify what’s keeping you stuck and unable to grow your business at both a practical level and at the deepest level energetically.

You’ll leave the call feeling clear and inspired, feeling relieved that it’s no longer a mystery anymore.

But there are a limited number of spaces available and you have to apply to be considered.

To apply to receive your Intuitive Business Assessment click here:

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4 thoughts on “The REAL Reason You’re Stuck in Your Business (It’s Not What You Think It Is)

  1. Pam

    I had no idea how many things were blocking me from succeeding in my business till working with Fia. She has shown me how to find out for myself and heal the issues. Working with Fia has been a GODSEND for sure and I, and my business, will never be the same!


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