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The Direct Link Between Your Relationship and Your Business

For years I had been coaching clients to create incredible shifts in their lives from within.  To do this, we use all that comes up in their lives around them to show what is going on within them.

I always used to say that the Universe uses those around you and especially your love relationship to show you what issues you need to work on next.  The result was not only personal growth but the relationships seemed to improve dramatically too.

Now I can see just why the Universe uses your relationships to show you your issues and more recently I have seen just how profound and powerful the connection is between your relationships and your business.

What is also incredible is that improving your relationships has a direct and positive impact on your business, particularly on your sales.

The unhealthy dynamics I was experiencing in my relationships were DIRECTLY reflected in my sales.

Are your sales low or non-existent?  Do you have high highs followed by low lows, unable to create any kind of lasting consistency?

If so, you want to look to your relationship first.  How we are in our relationships shows you how much you are in your power, how much you value yourself and your happiness and so much more.

If your sales are unstable with lots of highs and lows, it’s time to look for the link in your relationship.  Are you able to keep your emotions stable and high in your relationship or do you frequently get knocked down emotionally?

You are not one person in your business and an entirely different person in your relationship.  The issues you have in one your relationship reflect the issues you have within YOU.  And those issues may not come out as directly in your business but I can tell you they have a direct impact.

It’s time to explore what your relationship dynamics first of all say about you and to begin to heal so your relationships can improve AND your business can succeed as it is meant to.

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