The #1 Way Your Relationship Dynamics Prevent Your Major Business Growth

I remember back when I started my business that it was not exactly the ideal time in a logical sense.  I had just moved into a brand new house that I had built and I had just been laid off of my Engineering job.

To those around me I must have seemed crazy, but what I knew was that I was being guided, that it WAS time I start my business.  There were signs and even when I just looked at the Engineering job postings everything in me said NO!!!

That first year was hard.  Trying so much to build my business but by the end of that year I had to admit that I needed another source of income and sadly returned to my Engineering career.

I felt like a failure.  I knew so much about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, why couldn’t I succeed?

My business grew over the next couple of years but still was not anywhere near able to support me financially.  I was SO frustrated!  What was I doing wrong?!

Can you relate?

I was trying SO hard, doing all I could, not realizing that my not-so-supportive relationship was secretly holding back major sales growth in my business.

Now I do not blame anyone for anything, my life is my creation as is yours.  But what I know now is this:

Your relationship is a mirror of you.

And if you do not feel supported in your relationship, it says something very important about YOU.  It says that you are on your own.  You are independent, maybe even a fighter.  And most importantly, it says that you CAN’T or DON’T allow support.

So what? Isn’t it good to be so independent?  A make it happen kind of woman?

In a word, no.  It is not a good thing for one VERY important reason that you need to get if you are ever going to take your business to the place where it supports you financially…

You can’t create a successful business alone.  And you’re not meant to.

You will need to learn from those ahead of you on the path.  And even if you could learn it all on your own, it would not be possible for you to find the exact right information because you are closed off to the most important thing on this path.

The support of the Universe.

If you are going at it alone, if you are fighting to build your business your energy says one thing:  I don’t need support.

And that is just not true.

Maybe that’s hard to hear but I know without a doubt that I did not create my success alone.  I believed when there was no evidence saying I should.  I trusted in the Universe to guide the way.  I trusted that there was a way.

BUT my business did not change until the dynamics in my relationship changed.  That relationship was not capable of being supportive, it was not for my highest good and I can see that looking back that I had to leave it to get here.  And it wasn’t until I let go of what was unsupportive that I was finally able to allow the support of my business growing.

Immediately I attracted an incredible program and mentor, the exact support I needed to create a MAJOR increase in my sales, within just a few months.  And to end up with a 322% increase in sales over the previous year.

This whole go it alone thing is so common among spiritually conscious entrepreneurs, particularly women and it has got to go.

The Universe has SO much love for you.  It not only WANTS you to succeed but has the way for you to do that. 

And it is WAY too difficult for you to be in a relationship that is unsupportive and succeed.  It is too present in your life and energy.  There are a number of reasons why and you can begin today to turn it around.

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4 thoughts on “The #1 Way Your Relationship Dynamics Prevent Your Major Business Growth

  1. Sherri

    Hi Fia! I first want to say that I have a great ‘feel’ every time you show up in my inbox. I have a ‘skeptical’ husband and throughout the years I have always been pressured to work……and then pressured to leave the job when I am overextended and the house and children are not run in the way tha ‘he’ would like or feels is ‘right’. However lately I have decided that I am never going to get to that accomplishment that dream or freedom if I continue doing the same thing over and over again….get a job then leave it because the entire house is chaotic and stressed and I am so tired I cannot continue in the same way. Blah! Not the existince I wanted! I love my children ( I have four) but honestly I was meant for far much more than waitressing and getting pummled by autistic teenage boys (former occupations, the later experience will be a book). I have the gift of perception, of seeing the big picture, an objective way of thinking that I have been both praised for as well as persecuted as being distant or unresponsive. I also have the natural gift of healing, not miraculous but somehow I seem know the basic concept of reiki without studying it. I also have an ability to ‘see’ energy around me like orbs and lights, mostly shimmering lights… and night. Soo really, waitressing…no. Working with Autistic kids, ok. I was able to calm and sooth with hands on and had good results but I had no power against the dynamics of the others in the room and how elements would trigger ‘behaviors’. I couldn’t put my hands on all of them at the same time! Any way, I have been with my husband since highschool, we have four children and he simply does not see me as a high level marketer or business woman or entreprenuer. Sooooo, and it is as you said, so hard to make it with that fight through every obsitcall fighter approach. So I have a little mantra I say to myself (actually several). First of all I told my husband that he did not have to agree blah blah blah…but I was doing it anyway. If he did not like it and if he did not accept me for who I was and what I did that he was welcome to leave at any time, his choice. This is me, this is who I am, if you do not like it or me than you have the choice to go. Well he didn’t…and things have been ok. But my mantra goes something to the tune of I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, everything is right, that I am at a time of greatness that is happening now and I can FEEL it! Any way, it IS difficult to ‘compromise’. Allowing the other person to think and feel what they want and accepting that as who they are while at the same time being objective to the emotions and not allowing that persons oppinion of you effect how you think and feel about yourself is very important. However, addressing the actions and behavior is necessary, but it can be done.

    Thanks so much for listening….sorry about the short story! : )

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Sherri for your note, great to connect with you! Glad to hear you have a great “feel” when my emails show up! This is all so important and I’m glad to hear you are stepping up for your business.


  3. Mary

    I feel that I am on the verge of a major life change. I am several weeks away from finishing up a degree I began in 1979. I have two other degrees from a non-accredited college but whose path took me into self-growth and discovery and healing others that this other almost-degree never taught.

    Still, although no one has ever questioned my credibility, and have been an empathetic counselor with great and profound client successes, and with positive reinforcement as to finally convince me that I have something very valuable to offer the world, find myself in a poor financial condition.

    Divorced after twenty-five years of marriage and family support payments will end this year. I have raised two children with shared custody, now 18 and 21, and am maintaining a friendship with a nice but intellectually incompatible man. I have exciting business plans, and a practical plan for earning income until my exciting plans take off.

    I am scared out of my wits, but the fears are calmed with a new sense of “it is going to be ok”, and “you can do this” voice inside my head. I know it is the Universe guiding me, and am positive beyond any doubt that it will indeed be all right, even at this midnight hour in financial straits. It is as if my life is converging into a pinpoint, from where I am compelled to launch my new life.

    I know fear will stand in the way if I let it, but what you said in your previous message, that unsupportive thoughts from relationships can also hinder, is not news to me; but disturbing nonetheless. The change in my life, as you probably know, includes leaving my current relationship, which I have know for some time that it is inevitable. Herein lies the question: do I leave this relationship when I finish college and set plans in motion to expand my business, take it to the next level? Is this what this uneasy feeling is, what the Universe is trying to tell me?

    Holistic Lady

  4. Fia Crandall Post author

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately deciding to end a relationship is not an easy thing to do and the timing is ultimately up to you. Following your guidance through taking action is a demonstration of trust and can really only be done when you feel ready to make that decision.

    I have been there myself and now that I’m not there I have decided that should I realize a relationship is not right for me I will do what I can to end it sooner rather than later. This is because I have seen and felt the benefit of leaving what is not for my highest good.

    This can be a big gray area but I’d go within to see what feels best for you as far as timing goes. I’ve also found the Universe’s guidance wasn’t really there when it was really decision time as it really is up to me to follow what feels right in me.

    Wish you the best in this,


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