Choice Illumination Process

**Attention: Holistic Practitioners**

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to intuitively know what decision will bring you toward your goals, toward greater abundance and business growth?

Imagine if you can… being clearly guided to what choices allow you to make more money and reach way more people.  No longer unknowingly walking away from the very steps the Universe has laid out for you to grow your business.

I’ll teach you my own process and secrets that I’ve kept to myself for years, secrets that have allowed me to first more than triple my sales and then to double it twice since then.  So you can finally be able to tap into your deeper wisdom and inner knowing beyond your logical mind, the voice of fear and even wishful thinking to learn to make choices that can lead you in the direction of the greater abundance and money you deserve.

From: Fia-Lynn Crandall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Monday, 12:04 pm

Dear friend,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have big visions and big goals but you’re not sure HOW to get there?
  • You know on some level the Universe is guiding you forward but you can’t tell between intuition and wishful thinking?
  • You know that intuition is so helpful but you’re not sure how to quickly and easily tap into it when you really need it
  • You have good intuition in some cases but aren’t sure how to tap into that deeper source of wisdom on demand
  • You are nervous about trusting your intuition
  • You would love to know what the difference is between choices or paths ahead of you, beyond logic and those circling thoughts that don’t bring you any closer to clarity
  • You’re nervous that your intuition will tell you something that you don’t want to do and you’ll be stuck following it
  • You’re ready to sense what the shortcuts are the Universe has placed on your path with purpose to help you grow your business much more quickly than you can on your own!

If this resonates with you then you are in the right place!

My name is Fia-Lynn Crandall, and I am so excited to share with you the process that I’ve kept fairly secret until now.  After sharing this process with a private coaching client and seeing how it had immediately helped her during a challenging situation, I knew it was time to share it with those who can benefit from it too.

But first, I want to share a story with you that is dear to my heart and shows the power of the Choice Illumination Process I have been using for years to help me receive more information than just logic can provide.

You may have heard me mention my dog Leal in my newsletters a while ago.  I had some very difficult decisions to make a year ago.  I had to look at possibly putting him down, or possibly putting him through spinal tests and an invasive spinal surgery.  Not fun for someone who’s dogs are like her kids and for a 100 pound dog who is terrified of vets.

But because I am able to recognize how the Universe speaks to me and I know how to tap into my intuition on demand, I was able to know clearly, beyond logic what was the best option for Leal. 

It was obvious to me within a minute using my Choice Illumination Process that the surgery option was not good at all.  And the series of events that happened along with the ability to sense which choice was best.  And that decision that would ultimately add a year of healthy living onto his life.

And it is because of my Choice Illumination Process.

So what can the Choice Illumination Process do for you?

  • Learn to make decisions from a deeper place so you can more easily identify the shortcuts the Universe has for you to grow your business faster
  • Completely bypass the “is that my intuition or am I trying to get the answer I want?” dilemma (and even have a way to KNOW you are not tricking yourself)
  • Learn how to begin building real trust your intuition right away so when it’s time for bigger decisions you have deep trust instead of fear (you can’t fake trust, I’ll show you how I’ve built mine up to be so strong that I can count on it when it really matters)
  • Make WISE and PROFITABLE investments in your business from a deep place of knowing it is your next step
  • If you are at a crossroads and your logic is pulling you circles, the Choice Illumination Process can help you become CLEAR and give you more information than logic alone can provide, ESPECIALLY when the pressure’s on
  • Be able to turn confusion into clarity around a decision without needing to meditate for an hour (the process I’m sharing with you takes just a minute or two)
  • Come from your deeper truth in your decisions, to not just “think” a particular choice is best for you but to feel as close to 100% as possible behind that choice
  • Go beyond the fear, voices of criticism of others, wishful thinking and false hope to your deeper wisdom that is honest and wants to help you!
  • Have a simple way to access intuitive information that does not need to be deciphered or figured out (Did I mention I am big on ease?)
  • Be able to access intuitive insight regardless of whether you feel, see or whatever intuitive abilities you have (or don’t have)

So how can you learn this process for yourself?

Great question.  Here’s my answer…

I have created the Choice Illumination Process and the background to go with it to fully support you in gaining the skills and understanding you need to be able to tap into your intuition at any time to know the deeper truth behind any choice you need to make in your business. I have put all I could into this program so you can “get it” quickly and be using the simple process I have to share with you right away!

If I had not understood the principles of this process and how to use it, I probably would have been too scared to take the leaps that I WAS meant to take.  Leaps that were scary at the time.  It makes me sad to think of it.  And I don’t want that for you.

Do you really want to waste time, to be missing out on the life YOU are meant to live?

You are being guided, absolutely.  That is the one thing I had to count on when it was time to leap when logic told me to go for security. You are meant to soar and you can’t do that if you’re holding on so tightly to what logic alone tells you.  It’s too hard to do it that way.

Intuition truly does lead you down the path of greater ease, it is the path with shortcuts, synchronicities and miracles that can not be found in following the logical path the mind charts out.

Anyone who has spoken to me knows that I am big on EASE, because it is truly possible to live with ease, and knowing how to tune into your intuition can help you let go of the path of struggle and join the flow.

That is because intuition gives you more information than can be found by the five senses and logic, and knowing how to use this amazing skill is one of the most valuable things you could learn.

“Though I purchased it to learn how to use my intuition it actually confirmed that what I am doing is using my intuition!  I always saw intuition as asking a question and hearing the answer – which I must say didn’t really work when it comes to big decisions.  By listening to your program I realized that I can use what I am doing in a more conscious way. So – thank you for capturing the process. I really like the way you teach and share information. I think I said it before during the Over-Giving to Overflowing program that I think you give the full picture, you share everything and give many examples.”

– Caroll

In the Choice Illumination Process Program you’ll also learn:

  • How to recognize how the Universe communicates with you so you’re not just going by your intuition, you can begin to see the path and follow what the Universe has set up for you (handy when it comes to big decisions that freak you out!)
  • The simple little trick I use to make sure I’m not making it up (use this for the big decisions that you want to be SURE of)
  • The truth about intuition that will take the stress out of the process and have you confident in using your intuitive abilities
  • Recognize the difference between intuition and fear
  • What the #1 intuition blocker is and how to move beyond this for good right away! (this is what allowed my clients to quickly develop their intuitive abilities fairly easily)
  • And I’ll be sharing with you real life examples so you can see how this all works!
  • What one thing you need to know to help you be able to fully receive the intuitive insight without trying to distort it to your ego or fearful small self’s agenda
  • How to move beyond the fear of your intuition so you can receive the insight your deeper self wants you to know, so you can grow your business MUCH more quickly than your logical mind could imagine

I feel like I am finally for the first time a long, long time just flowing with the flow, and not being afraid, and things are flowing so easily.  I am finally getting out of my own way!

I’m still kind of freaked out and stunned by it all, while I ride the lightning.  But you are helping me hold it, contain it, and trust it. And that is one of the greatest gifts that anyone could every give me.

Life is getting more awesome in the true sense of the word, every day.

– K. Thompson, Edmonton, Canada

What I’m sharing in this program has helped me walk an incredible path filled with unexpected miracles, surprises and synchronicities. It truly is a different way to live, I’ve been living like this for the last 6 years, it’s just way more ease-full than the old way.  More like an adventure than a plotted out plan of action (boring!).

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual path for years and have strongly developed intuition or you are not sure at all that you have intuition, what I have to share with you can save you effort and struggle, and help you open up to your highest, most deeply fulfilling path.

Here are the specifics on what you’ll receive:

1) Choice Illumination Process 75 Minute Training Module (Audio)

I share with you all I have used to make choices that take me ahead on my path and have created amazing results, one that more than tripled my business in 5 months and another that allowed me to double my business after that.  Choices that did not make logical sense at the time but using the Choice Illumination Process I am sharing with you here I was able to come from my deeper knowing and take my life to a new place without feeling fearful about it or like I was taking a major leap.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to view intuition in a way that supports you moving forward
  • The TWO types of intuition you can rely on to KNOW what decision is best for you
  • How to understand what the Universe is communicating with you to support your highest decisions
  • The right mindset that will allow you to check into your decisions without fear
  • How to ensure that you are NOT making it all up!
  • How you can easily bypass the monkey mind and know it’s not just your wishful thinking
  • How you can begin today to build your trust of your intuition and ability to sense what is best for yo
  • Exactly how to use the Choice Illumination Process so you can be confident in your decisions from a deeper place of knowing

2)  Choice Illumination Process (Audio & Worksheet)

This simple process can be used in three ways, guided with audio, using an outline and after that, by just using the process wherever you are (it’s fairly simple, I’m big on ease)

3)  Written Transcripts of the Choice Illumination Process Training Module

To use as your training instead of the audio, or to use as a quick reference whenever you need it.

AND that’s not all!

BONUS: Intuition Double and Triple Check Backup Exercises

I know that one of the biggest issues in using intuition is being able to trust the intuition you receive, and this becomes especially important when it’s time to make a big decision that is very important.

That’s why I’m also sharing with you my 2 bonus “Intuition Double and Triple Check Backup” Exercises in the training module.

Recently I had to make a decision that was very important, had a large investment to it and I needed to be sure I was making a choice that would be most beneficial for myself and my business.  I used these 2 backup processes and they brought me to full confidence in my decision.

I’ll be honest, making this decision still freaked me out, but with all of the confirmations I received using the Intuition Double and Triple Check Backup Exercises, on top of the Choice Illumination Process, I knew what I was doing was the best step for me.

AND I am so excited to be offering this amazing process for a price that I know ANYONE can afford, it’s price is nothing compared to the immense value of what it can help you unlock in your life.

AND you’re even protected by the “I Love this Program Guarantee”

I’m confident that when you use this powerful process, and understand the consciousness behind it, you’re going to love it.  To have a new way to tap into your inner wisdom that knows the deeper truth beyond logic so you can make decisions from a new place of clarity rather than having your mind spinning in circles.

And to back that up, I’ll give you 60 days to live and work with this process.  If you decide that this process did not do what you thought it would, just let me know by email within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund.  No reason needed.  I am only here to support you on your path and if what I share does not do that, I am happy to give you a refund.

So are you ready to get started?  Your new clarity is a step away!

Yes Fia-Lynn!  I’m ready to learn how to use my intuition to make more profitable decisions with confidence!


For only $47 USD (Going up to $97 soon!), I understand I’m getting the entire Choice Illumination Training and Process, including bonus double/triple check processes so I can learn to use my intuition to make decisions that will take me further and create good-feeling results, knowing beyond my mind what is best for me.

Plus I know I’m protected by the “I Love this Program Guarantee”

$47 USD (+ GST Canadian residents only)

Going up to $97 soon!

For approximate conversion to your currency visit:

If you have any trouble at all registering or have questions, please email us at: and we’ll help you and get your questions answered!

To your true freedom and most incredible life,

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.  This program is intended for those who are in a stable emotional state and is not designed act as a therapy, psychological counseling, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy.  Any decisions made by the program participant are hers/his responsibility alone and the decisions are fully up to the participant.

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