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The Hidden Gift in Distraction and Overwhelm

You feel the pressure of trying to get your business going, trying to do all you can to support yourself from it.  So why is it that with all of this pressure and desire to succeed you back down when it really counts? Getting distracted by anything that comes along or being overwhelmed by even […]

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One Simple Costly Mistake that Could Be Costing You Thousands in Missed Sales

Do you often feel disappointed with the results you have created through your efforts in your business?  You start out envisioning great success then the reality doesn’t appear to be going in that same direction?  There is one costly mistake I have seen many spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make when this happens and it takes some […]


3 Signs You’re Secretly Pushing Away Potential Clients and Sales

Are you often disappointed with the number of sign ups into your programs or classes?  Do you think there could be something IN you that is sabotaging your success without you knowing?  So much of what is happening in your business as a spiritual entrepreneur is impacted by what is happening below the surface.  Let’s […]

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3 Simple Shifts to Narrow Your Niche & Increase Your Passion!

I remember when I first started my business I would always hear about people saying you have to choose your target market and narrow your niche.  I had an hour call with a coach once to do this and it was one of the most draining, exhausting calls I’ve ever had.  It left me totally […]


You Are a Light in the Dark for Your Clients

Have you ever been having a big, painful challenge in your life and you realized you had no idea how to get out of it?  And in that moment you asked the Universe to help you, you surrendered. Then you hear a line on TV that comforts you, read an article online that opens up […]

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3 Keys to Getting Clear On Exactly What it Is That You Do

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in business is narrowing down exactly what it is that you do.  Many people can struggle with this for years feeling way less confident than they could and charging way less than they should because they can’t get to clarity around this. When you are not clear you often […]

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Have You Forgotten You Are the Creator in Your Business?

When you look back over the past year do you feel let down?  Like you’ve been given these big dreams for your business, you’ve set big intentions, yet the reality seems so far from those intentions? After setting big intentions and then watching as they don’t manifest yet again, you can be left feeling disappointed […]

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3 Simple Tips that Could Save You Years of Struggling in Your Business

Are you struggling to get your business going?  Trying one thing after the other yet you’re still stuck?  There are a few things I have found allowed my business to open up in a whole new way resulting in major growth in my business at a few points in time when I needed it to […]

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3 Tips for Activating Fearless Faith in Yourself and Your Business

Do you really believe you will succeed in your business (and not in 10 years!)?  And do you believe that your business can transform from whatever stuck state it may be in now, to an entirely new reality in a short time?  Or is your faith a bit shaken because all you’ve seen is a […]

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How Facing Reality Can Fuel a Quantum Leap in Your Business

As a spiritually conscious person I’m sure you have learned that you have to focus on what you want in order to manifest it.  While this is absolutely true, not facing the reality in your business could actually be blocking your quantum leap in your business, I want to help you turn this around. Using […]