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#1 Key Trait of Successful Coaches & Healers

There are a lot of things I had to learn the hard way on my path from Mechanical Engineer to building a successful healing business.  One of them was very surprising, yet it has been one of the secrets to my success and to the success of so many other thriving healers.  This key trait […]

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Wealthy Healer Mindset #2: My Business Is Set Up According to My Nature

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Wealthy Healer Mindset #1: “I am a Success Story!”

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3 Abundance Lessons from Nature

I’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately, now that it’s nice out.  This time, I’m not walking to get from point A to point B and back or to give my dog Gina exercise.  I’ve been following the natural impulse I had to get outside.  I’ve slowed down, I’ve been present as I […]

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3 Sneaky Ways Your Business Becomes A J-O-B (and How to Avoid it!)

What did you dream of when you first started your business? Was it to do what you love? To finally have an outlet to express that deeper part of you that was aching to be shared? In this article I share 3 traps many entrepreneurs get stuck in that end up making business feel like a J-O-B and how to turn it around!

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3 Steps To Activate Rapid Business Growth With Help!

One of the key ways to grow your business quickly is to simply get help.  Many entrepreneurs are resistant to help as they feel they need to figure it all out themselves. Getting help to grow your business accelerates your path to more money and more impact in the world so if you’re in the […]

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Create Your Inspired Business Plan!

Do you have a plan for your year ahead or are you currently just winging it? A couple of years ago, I had my first business planning retreat by myself, I held it at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton, Alberta.  It was fabulous, I was totally inspired as I sat in the energy of […]


3 New Energetic Challenges To Step Up to in 2013

Now more than ever, there are new energies coming in to support our growth and evolution at a rapid pace.  It is an amazing energy that can draw you into the highest and greatest experiences in life.  Yet, it’s not always a walk in the park.  I’d love to share with you a few tips […]

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Could The Law Of Attraction Be Hurting Your Business?

As a Holistic Practitioner, I’m sure you have heard about the law of attraction.  That you have to focus on what you want instead of reality in order to manifest what you want.  While this is absolutely true, NOT facing the reality in your business could actually be stopping you from growing your business as quickly as […]

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3 Simple Steps To Align Energetically For Success!

Many people want to jump right to the success right away.  To making lots of money and helping lots of people.  The truth is, success is created day by day. And the key to creating success is to pay attention to the most important element in your business: Your Energy.  Your energy is most important.  […]

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