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#1 Mistake Holistic Practitioners Make When It Comes To Pricing

Most Holistic Practitioners and healers have a hard time charging high fees.  Because of this, they end up suffering financially, often not able to make a great living doing the work that they love.  If this sounds familiar, I’d love to share with you how this can be avoided by understanding the #1 cause of not owning your value.

When it comes to charging, many Holistic Practitioners do something that’s logical, but has them not honoring the true value of the work they do.

This #1 mistake is:

Setting their fee according to what other Holistic Practitioners Charge

So again, this is logical but this idea is very faulty.  It’s missing a MAJOR key to pricing in a way that honors the gifts you have to give.

#1 Key to Setting Your Fees: Your Fees Are Not About YOU!

Most Holistic Practitioners don’t charge near enough because they make the mistake of are charging based on what they think THEY are worth.

Connecting your fees with your value leads to big trouble!

When you do this, you’re making a wide open invitation for ego to jump in and wreak havoc.  If you charge too much, you will at one moment be feeling over-confident (as the ego loves being better than everyone else) then when you do sign on a client at this higher rate, your energy will tank as you can’t keep up that over-confidence because it was not the truth of your being.

And with this fluctuating belief in your value comes a direct impact on your sales.  When you can’t sustain a higher energy around the value of what you offer, you will not be able to sustain the energy and motivation needed to fuel the actions to share this work with the world. 

And everybody loses!

The truth is, your fees have little to do with your own worth anyway so you’re better off just bypassing the whole problem.

I have high end programs and they are a significant investment.  But I don’t see that investment as a reflection of my value. I see things a bit differently.

Challenge yourself to see the value as I do:

The investment for your program is a reflection of the value of the transformation that will occur in the lives of your clients when going through my program

That’s the key!  If you can get your mind around this and create powerful programs that create a real, tangible impact in your client’s lives, issues with pricing will start to disappear.

When you finally OWN that the value of the impact your programs have in the lives of your clients is HUGE, you can finally step into charging what it’s really worth.  And when you honor the value of this transformation, you can finally open the door to making the money you are meant to make.

And that is a real blessing because there are people out there right now who need exactly what it is that you have.

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