Have you put yourself in a box?

BoxI have recently been exploring the ways I’ve put myself into a box in my business. I put myself into a box for very logical, practical reasons.  This box has a lot of wonderful things in it, awesome clients, lots of money, recognition, opportunities. Yet this box has neglected one very important part of who I am at my core, the most important fuel that exists, my passion.

I am doing the work I am passionate about. I left behind my old career to have more passion. Yet the way I’ve set it up has left parts of me longing to be expressed, sitting in the background completely bored.

There’s a risk in changing what is working, yet there’s a huge risk in ignoring this part of me that is so important.  The risk of sabotage in the future gets greater the longer I ignore it.

I’ve already made a commitment to myself, to reshape what I’m doing so my passion is present as fully as possible within the current structure.  Yet I am completely open to a new way of doing things, to a new way of working that serves the most fully and allows me to give all I’ve got.

I was recently at a JV retreat with 120 industry leaders.  I learned I’m not the only one who has been doing what has worked and experiencing a cost. And feeling uncertainty as we open to the new we can’t see yet…

I believe we are meant to live our lives full out.  To not play small and be a diluted version of ourselves. I choose to live my life full out.  I choose to be full out.  I know this is the only way I fulfill the reason I am here.  And give the most impactful, potent gifts I have to share.

As I come to the end of this year, I choose life.  I choose to be the most alive, passionate, generous with my gifts, awesome person I can be.  For myself, for my clients and for all those who are meant to benefit from me sharing me.  Because it’s not just the “doing” that creates results, it’s the presence of “being” that holds the space for the highest and best possible results on all levels.

To the part of me that’s been left behind the last few years, to any part of you that has yet to be expressed to its fullest, I write this for you.  And I welcome any shares on your journey if you can relate.

To a 2015 that’s even more incredible than we can imagine!

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1 thought on “Have you put yourself in a box?

  1. Carole Maureen Friesen

    Fia-Lynn, what a great article!

    Thank you for sharing this part of you that I love and admire about you! Yes, this seems to be the theme that as Lightworkers we may now choose to embody by just BEING…just shine our light where ever we are!!! No holding back in 2015. Love you Darling…My Waxing Agent!!!


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