Fia-Lynn’s Story

No More Settling For Playing Small

For most of my life I felt sick to my stomach with fear.

I was terrified of what people thought of me. I was terrified of judgement, of doing it wrong, of not being liked.

I chose a “safe” career of Mechanical Engineering, ignored the subtle feeling inside that it didn’t quite feel like me and just pushed through it to create success in a way others would approve of.

And soon after I started my Engineering career I realized I was being a very small fraction of who I felt I was meant to be.  Sitting in my cubicle I KNEW there was more for me to be and do.  And that feeling didn’t go away until I took the leap to do my own thing.

As terrifying as it was, I had to be free. I felt so sick of watching the minutes tick by every single day. I had been studying spiritual principles and I became obsessed with manifesting so I decided it was time to help others with what I had learned.

I thought it would be so easy… Do what you love and the money will follow, right?

Uh, no.

After 3 1/2 years my sales were just $800/month.

$800 a month!?!?

I felt like a failure. I was embarrassed. I was always super ambitious and this harsh reality was extremely difficult to face.

At that point in time I also felt called to end a long, financially secure relationship I was in. I knew I couldn’t go back to Engineering again (I went back for 2 years part-time for money). So I moved myself and my 3 big dogs I had at the time in with my Mom. And felt even more embarrassed.

This is when the Universe gave me a big nudge. Within the first year of my business I had “downloaded” an amazingly powerful healing process that up to that point I had been using randomly with myself and my clients.

Thankfully that’s where I had a big idea… What if I used this powerful process on what was keeping me from making more money?

So I did. I also learned a couple simple outer business strategies.

The healing work brought me into Alignment – with what I always knew deep down I was truly was capable of. And with the money that was waiting to come in.

Then things moved, fast.

Within 5 months my sales more than tripled. Then I continued to often double my sales to create a thriving multiple 6-figure business doing what I loved.

I realized the power of being in Alignment and that the healing process I had “downloaded” years earlier was designed specifically to help people blast through their Money Blocks (energies like the fear I felt most of my life that keep people from taking the actions to reach all those they’re meant to work with) so for years have shared it with hundreds of Coaches, Healers and Transformation Leaders.

I’m known for helping Transformation Leaders break through ceilings in their sales, through the powerful Money Block Healing Process I teach and helping my clients to get into the Alignment. Alignment with the highest potential creates maximum money, fulfillment and impact in the lives of those meant to be reached by them. Allowing in all of the money sitting there waiting to come into their lives.

And I am so grateful to be doing this work and to be living a life that’s totally me here in the mountains near Banff, Canada. My life is in total alignment with who I always felt I was inside.

I am so blessed to be helping Coaches, Healers & Transformation Leaders make the difference they are absolutely meant to make, their way. So they finally feel the fulfillment and satisfaction of knowing deep down they’re fulfilling one of the biggest reasons they’re here on this planet. All in a way that feels good deep down to their bones.

Begin your journey with me into the greater Alignment that allows you to make more money sharing your unique gifts with the people waiting for them.

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