Feel Safe Putting Yourself Out There!

As a Holistic Practitioner/healer, someone who is here to help create a powerful transformation in the planet and in the lives of those you are meant to help, there are very unique and specific challenges to your journey.  One of these is feeling uncomfortable putting yourself out there.  In this article, I share 3 mindset shifts to help you feel a bit safer putting yourself and your work out to the world.

There are many deeper underlying dynamics at the root of this issue but the good news is there are simple mindset shifts that can help steer you in the right direction even if the underlying dynamics haven’t shifted yet

Here are the 3 mindset shifts to help you come out of hiding with your work:

Mindset Shift #1: You’re Only Meant to Help Those Who Resonate with You

One of the biggest underlying fears around putting yourself out there has to do with the fear of someone out there not liking you and rejecting you.  The truth is, there will always be people out there who don’t like you, who maybe even think you’re crazy!  But guess what? It doesn’t matter!

The people you are meant to work with will love you, they are on the same page as you, they resonate with your most authentic message. So don’t hold it back!

I am amazed every day at the incredible people I get to work with, had I shrunk down and stayed in hiding, there’s no way they would have found me.  Open to the idea that your people ARE out there, they resonate with you and those who don’t resonate don’t even matter.

Mindset Shift #2: Speak Directly to Your Ideal Client

To help further Mindset Shift #1, it is very important that you speak DIRECTLY to your ideal client.  Speak directly to their pain, their challenges using their language and as if you were talking to one individual, directly to them.

When you’re used to hiding out you’re not used to the energy of connection which is one of the most important energies in your business.  To start establishing this energy of connection, for everything you write for your business, imagine you were writing directly to your most ideal client.  Directly to her.  And be yourself, just as if she was right there in front of you.

This way, if there are those out there who don’t resonate with you at least they will know it and can jump out of your community.  If you’re busy trying to please everyone and be all things to all people you won’t get to help anyone because no one will CONNECT with you.

Mindset Shift #3: You Have a Very Specific Purpose

You must drop the idea of being the person who can help anyone if you are to help all of the people you are meant to help.

The truth is, I could help people with lots of things, I have a lot of knowledge about math for example but for me to help people with math would be a big waste.  Because although I CAN help people with a lot of things, I have a very specific purpose.  It is the same in your business.

When you drop all that you aren’t passionate about, or are even just lukewarm about in your business and focus on what gets you the most excited, you are in tune with your passion.  When you’re doing the work you’re most passionate about you are living your purpose.  Isn’t that great?

Why do I share this with you?  Your job isn’t to put yourself out there to the entire world, your job is to put yourself out there to those you are MEANT to help.  To those who need exactly what you have and exactly who you are. Have this picture in your mind replace the one you may be used to where the world out there is a scary place where there’s all sorts of people out there who may not like you.

Take the risk, put yourself out there so YOUR people can find you.  Be willing to do what it takes to be visible to them. And if you ever feel like hiding again, come back to these 3 Mindset Shifts to help you refocus and continue to put yourself out there.

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