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The Hidden Gift in Distraction and Overwhelm

You feel the pressure of trying to get your business going, trying to do all you can to support yourself from it.  So why is it that with all of this pressure and desire to succeed you back down when it really counts? Getting distracted by anything that comes along or being overwhelmed by even the simplest next step?  There is a deeper purpose to this distraction and overwhelm and until you see it, it could be creating an invisible ceiling on your success.

When distraction and overwhelm are showing up in your business, it typically means one thing.

Resisting your next level of success.  Your way of keeping yourself exactly where you are.

What?!  Why would you want to do that?

As ridiculous as it sounds, most people fear success.  We would rather stay where we are comfortable even if it means not making enough money from your business, not being able to leave your old job behind and living in struggle.

On the surface it may appear as though you want success.  You talk about it, work towards it, learn about it, take action but if you are finding yourself distracted and overwhelmed this indicates you may be avoiding your next level of success.

The path of moving from your career you chose out of fear, just for the money or to be acceptable to doing what you love, the work you are born to do is a major vibration and consciousness shift within.  On this path you are moving from the known into new unknown territory.  And if you want to accelerate your path then you will want to use distraction and overwhelm as the gifts that they are.

Here are two ways to do just that:

1. Recognize That Distraction and Overwhelm Are Signs You’re Approaching New Territory

Distraction and overwhelm are two powerful ways you keep yourself from the unknown, but they can also be used to show you when you are resisting the new.  When you catch yourself in distraction or overwhelm, it’s time to look deeper so you can make a new choice.

The fact that you find yourself in distraction and overwhelm, stop and ask yourself what the new territory is that you could be moving into.  Getting your work out in a new way?  Getting your work out to new people?  Doing something you have never done before?

When you are conscious of what you are really resisting, you can make a conscious choice to continue the way you have been, or to boldly step into this new territory where new realities and new successes can exist.

2.  Make a Conscious Choice to Step Into that New Reality

Fear only works in the dark.  Once you shed the light of your awareness on something you are avoiding because of fear the energy shifts and you will likely not feel the same about it.  From this new place of awareness you are in a more powerful position and you can CHOOSE to step into the new reality you are being called into.

Once you’ve caught yourself in distraction and overwhelm and uncovered some of what the new territory is that you are avoiding moving into your next step is to make a conscious choice to step into that reality by taking action.

The action does not have to be monumental.  Ask yourself, what would one simple step be that I could take to move FORWARD into this new reality? And take it!

Could other energies be at work under the surface sabotaging your success in your business?

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One Simple Costly Mistake that Could Be Costing You Thousands in Missed Sales

Do you often feel disappointed with the results you have created through your efforts in your business?  You start out envisioning great success then the reality doesn’t appear to be going in that same direction?  There is one costly mistake I have seen many spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make when this happens and it takes some shifts in thinking to get out of it.

As spiritually conscious entrepreneurs we tend to be great dreamers but we’re also pretty sensitive so when it feels like the reality is starting to appear as though it is not going to match what we envisioned we can just want to back off to avoid feeling disappointed.

It’s one thing to fail but it’s a whole other thing to believe, to trust, to expect the best and THEN to fail. It hurts a lot worse and that added sensitivity doesn’t help, so it appears easier to back off instead.

So while this is going on internally and it appears as though backing off when evidence seems to be the opposite of what you envision is safe it is a HUGE mistake.


I’ve seen repeatedly that it’s the belief that plays such a huge role in creating our results.  Fearless Faith is about trusting UNTIL the results show up.

I’ve seen 3 specific incidences in the past few months where the immediate evidence said what I was doing was not going to be successful.  But I didn’t let myself back down, I trusted the inspiration that got me going in the first place and I kept going.

And you know what happened?  These 3 times the initial evidence had nothing to do with the final results. The initial evidence said it’s not going to happen, this is a failure but the results?  Over $30,000 in sales that would not have happened had I backed down.

It’s SO costly to give up too soon!  Who knows how much you’re leaving behind by stopping too soon.

But what if no results show up?  Let’s say you trust, you keep going and you still fail, then what?

If you fail then you learn from the experience, it’s as simple as that.

You ask yourself what can I learn from this experience? Or is there something I need to learn, support I need to get so it’s more successful next time?

Sure it takes you digging deep to find that brave self inside of you but I’ve found that this is necessary on this path.  This path of becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur is not for those who choose to be small. Eventually you will have to take a risk, step up and put your whole self in.  And when you do you will really see things start to shift.

There are several energetic dynamics that can be at play to make this more difficult but you can still get started now.

Next time you find yourself wanting to back down when the results don’t appear to be as you expected I challenge you to be bold, to be brave, to continue to move forward, to trust whatever inspiration got it all started in the first place and to be willing to fail so you can learn.

It’s amazing how hard we are on ourselves.  Imagine a little kid trying to learn to ride a bike.  You can’t just expect yourself to be successful until you’ve mastered all of the skills involved with being successful just as the kid has to wobble, fall and get back on the bike.  It is only logical.

Let yourself trust, let yourself wobble, fall and get back on! Be ON the journey, show up fully and be willing to learn in whatever way it takes so you can succeed.

Could you be missing out on potentially thousands of dollars of in.come without even realizing?

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3 Signs You’re Secretly Pushing Away Potential Clients and Sales

Are you often disappointed with the number of sign ups into your programs or classes?  Do you think there could be something IN you that is sabotaging your success without you knowing?  So much of what is happening in your business as a spiritual entrepreneur is impacted by what is happening below the surface.  Let’s explore how you may be pushing away business from you.

As I watch my Platinum Clients begin to step into new territory by promoting the new clear and passionate expression into their work, I notice a few things that seem to happen that tell me something deeper is going on to sabotage them.  I quickly help to steer them out of it because I know what’s at stake, potentially thousands of dollars could be lost if they don’t get out of the sabotage they don’t even realize is happening.

Let’s see if you have any of the 3 signs that show you may be secretly pushing away potential clients and sales:

1. You watch the evidence to tell you if you are on track or not

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a spiritual entrepreneur.  Your results ARE a reflection of your energy, consciousness and business skills BUT watching the results can be a mistake depending on how you do this.

I see a lot of people who start promoting something new, after putting it out there they begin to look at the evidence, the results.  Looking at the results is not a bad thing, it can spark a fire under you to find new ways to get your work out to more people if the first attempt wasn’t successful.  It becomes a problem when you look at the results after just putting it out there and interpret the lack of immediate results as a sign of failure or that you are not supposed to be doing what you were trying to do.

This is not being a creator, this is being passive and fearful.  As a spiritual entrepreneur it is your job to TRUST the inspiration you are given and to do all you can to bring it into expression and get it out to those who need it.


I’ve found your immediate results can sometimes test your faith and if you continue to believe and to keep putting your work out there you could potentially make thousands of dollars from something you got fearful about and backed off.  In the last 6 months, I know I would have probably lost out on over $30,000 in income had I got stopped by this tricky form of sabotage.

Keep going! Even if you do fail it is not really ever failure because what you learn from failing will help you the next time around.

2. You allow your energy to drop when it counts

I had a Platinum Client going through her first launch of her new brand new coaching program.  She did a mail out and had potential clients connecting with her.  During this week SO much came up within her and all around her to throw her off.  This is a form of sabotage disguised as emotional challenges, doubt, fear and everyday life getting in your way.  The challenge is to CONTINUE keeping your energy high, no matter what.

If your energy drops as you put the message out about a new program or product, this is a big sign you may be secretly sabotaging yourself.  Not keeping your energy up, your belief and expectations up could lead you to energetically not allowing the FULL success and results that were actually meant for you. Had she let her energy be knocked down she would have missed out on signing on her first high paying client.

3.  When some success really does start to happen you feel uncomfortable and energetically back down

This is a very common one and a big indicator there is deeper conflicting energies within you that don’t want you to succeed.  I’ve seen this repeatedly in my business when I had my highest sales months.  In the past, my highest sales months were often followed by my lowest, that’s a common way this sign shows up.

It all starts with you being excited and celebrating your success.  You then you begin to feel a slight discomfort and have no idea why and this is often followed by feeling totally disconnected from your passion, unable to get motivated and to even feel connected to your work.  This is SO damaging because it literally prevents you from keeping your energy up and from putting your work out there AND stops those who are meant to be helped by you from being able to get your help.

This is a very secretive dynamic because you often have no idea what’s happening.  Yet it could be the very thing that is preventing you from growing your business to your next level.  It all starts with awareness!  Bringing these signs into your consciousness allows you to be more aware so you can open to a new way next time.

Could you be missing out on potentially thousands of dollars of in.come without even realizing?

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3 Simple Shifts to Narrow Your Niche & Increase Your Passion!

I remember when I first started my business I would always hear about people saying you have to choose your target market and narrow your niche.  I had an hour call with a coach once to do this and it was one of the most draining, exhausting calls I’ve ever had.  It left me totally depleted and with a pretty bad headache.

If the thought of narrowing your niche and choosing your target market activates a bunch of resistance inside of you then I want to help you shift this because by not doing this you are missing out on so much more passion, connection and profits that you really are meant to experience.

I’ve learned since that call with that coach that these concepts are VERY important, but I’ve finally found out WHY and the deeper way to look at all of this that actually makes it exciting!

Getting clear and very specific about who my clients are here to work with and how they are meant to help them is one of the most exciting things we do in the Fearless Faith System.  The beauty of this is that when you uncover exactly what it is you’re here to do and who you’re meant to help, your belief in yourself goes way up because you’re not trying to be all of these things that you’re not.  You get to finally do your best work and be paid much more because it is so valuable.

Here are 3 shifts in perception I want to share with you in order to embrace the idea of narrowing your focus in your business:

1. You have a very specific purpose and it is to help very specific people

Your purpose isn’t to do your specific healing technique.  Your purpose is not to be a coach.

These are WAYS you help the people you are meant to help, they are not your purpose. For the longest time, I had my business centered around my Intuitive Healing Process and this was holding me back from fulfilling my clear, deeper purpose and making the impact I am here to make.

So if your purpose is not the thing you do, then what is it?

Your purpose is to help create a specific transformation in the lives of the clients who need what you have, who are in a specific pain you can help heal. It is something you’ve been trained your entire life for, something you are FULLY capable of doing to whatever degree you can, right now.

2.  Narrowing generates more passion!

Narrowing down what it is that you do is like choosing your favorite parts of your work, what you love to do the most.  And narrowing down who you are here to work with is like only working with your favorite people.

And just what happens to your business when you do this?


Your passion goes WAY up!  You’re doing your best work for people you just love, does it get any better than that? Not having this level of passion makes it so much harder to fuel the growth of your business, when you are clear on this, you’re finally tapped into a fuel source that won’t run out.

3.  When you narrow, you can go deep

I thought that if I got narrow, I’d be bored.  I like variety.  I get bored easily and don’t like to do the same thing over and over so this was a big concern for me.  But what I’ve found is now that I’ve narrowed my focus on what I do and who I do it for, I’ve had so much inspiration come through and I find I can talk for endless hours on just one topic (like say this topic)!

Because of this, I am an expert on what I teach and will only become more and more helpful to those I’m here to help as time goes on.  I’ve always been about depth and the gift of narrowing is that it opens up the depths in you, in the inspiration you receive and in the impact you can make in your client’s lives

Want help finding out WHO your people are and what your transformation is?

In the Freedom to Shine Program, you’ll not only find out exactly who you are here to work with and how you are meant to help them, (our next training call!) you’ll also free up the specific energy dynamics within you that are keeping you from stepping into your next income level.  We started a couple weeks ago, but it’s not too late!

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3 Keys to Getting Clear On Exactly What it Is That You Do

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in business is narrowing down exactly what it is that you do.  Many people can struggle with this for years feeling way less confident than they could and charging way less than they should because they can’t get to clarity around this.

When you are not clear you often end up doing work that is not your purpose and working with people who are not your ideal client.  Both of these have a devastating effect on your confidence in yourself and belief in your value.

And doubting your value plays out in your business in so many ways.  You doubt your fees, feel an uncertain feeling in your stomach and to avoid feeling it you may stop putting your work out there and really sabotage yourself.

Not being clear about your message and what it is exactly that you do can also cause you to be connected to your passion and inspired one day and the next day waking up feeling zero motivation.

This is a painful place to be, I remember thinking I was clear about what it was that I do, but I really wasn’t.

If you have trouble explaining what you do to some random person you meet then you are not clear.


If people’s eyes glaze over when you tell them what you do, then you are not clear.  If the thought of going to a social gathering where you know someone will ask you what you do makes you dread it then you are not clear on what it is that you do.

Getting clear on what exactly it is that you do, so you can explain it to someone and they actually get it is a powerful thing.  It can accelerate you in your business like nothing else because you can finally see the true value of your work and you have a strong WHY driving you.

Here are a few shifts in perception to get you started clarifying what it is you do so you can finally move towards owning the value of your work:

1. What you do is not your healing technique, modality or training

People think their training, technique or label for themselves defines what it is they do.  This is the furthest thing from the truth.  Your clients aren’t people looking for someone to treat them in a certain way or using a certain technique.

Your clients right now are having some big challenges in their lives, challenges that are causing them pain, challenges they can’t solve on their own.  Challenges that you can help them move through because of who you are, what you know and your abilities.

They aren’t looking for a healer, they are in pain and are looking for relief from that specific pain in their lives.

2.  You are here to help people with a practical everyday challenge

Likely the reason why you can’t explain what you do is you don’t understand the practical everyday challenges that you are here to help people with.

A huge piece of my work is the Intuitive Healing Process I use, but that’s not what I do.

I help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs who are stuck in their business but have no idea why, making way less than they know they are meant to in spite of all they are learning and trying.  I help them get out of their own way, get to clarity around their passion, own their value so they can finally begin making real money doing what they love.

I know their pain because I’ve been there and I know the way out. This drives me in my business because I care about my clients, I love that I can help them get out of that pain that I was in a few years ago.

Thinking what I did was help people heal cost me.  When I got crystal clear on the challenge I am here to help my clients with I was able to double my business and it continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

3.  You are not here to work with everybody

Your purpose is clear.  You may not know what it is yet, you may have some clue but I can tell you that your purpose is to help specific people with specific challenges.

I don’t help just any entrepreneur.  I only help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs because I get them, I understand how they work, what gets them stuck and what they need to learn to get out of their own way because I am one of them.

Getting to clarity is one of the most profound things you can do to accelerate your business growth and your confidence.  Get started right now by setting your intention to get clear and asking for support in this.

Getting clarity around what it is exactly that you do is one of the steps I take all of my clients through.  If you would love to have clarity around your purpose, to KNOW the value of the work you do is truly priceless (that’s how you know you’ve nailed your purpose), you can do exactly that in the Freedom to Shine Program that starts right away.

But because I know spiritually conscious entrepreneurs I also know what energetically blocks them from being able to get this clarity and to even know what their gifts are and purpose is.  So we heal that first, right away so you can get clear and have unwavering faith in yourself and your business.

Time is running out, go here to apply now to find out if this program is right for you!

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3 Simple Tips that Could Save You Years of Struggling in Your Business

Are you struggling to get your business going?  Trying one thing after the other yet you’re still stuck?  There are a few things I have found allowed my business to open up in a whole new way resulting in major growth in my business at a few points in time when I needed it to grow.

I remember a few years back feeling so stuck in my business.  I felt like I was trying everything to grow it yet my bank balance had nothing to show for all of that effort I was putting in.  But it all turned around during a major turning point that I chose to step up to and create for myself.

Here are 3 tips I’ve found can save you years of struggle in your business:

Tip #1 Believe, Even when there’s No Evidence

There were two major turning points in my business where I decided I would create a major increase in sales.  Both were times when I was not making what I needed to and both times there had been no evidence that these major leaps in my business were possible.

I chose to believe.  I chose to trust that I was put in a not-so-nice looking position in my life because I was meant to take my business to a new place.  I chose to believe in my purpose, in my path, in the gifts I have to share with those I’m here to help.  I chose to have faith, which is what I believe set up an accelerated path ahead of me and brought me exactly what I needed to create the major growth in my business I was looking for. Which leads me to the Tip #2.

Tip #2 Get Help

The first major income increase in my business happened at the same time I chose to step up.  The same time I chose to have my business support me financially even though the reality in my business was nowhere near that.  Within a few short months, I WAS able to support myself.

How was I able to do this?  How was I able to propel myself forward so quickly?

I got help.

And not just any old help as I had been getting in the past.  I got help from a mentor who really got me, who’s message spoke directly to me, someone who was on the same path as me but was further ahead.

There are SO many programs and mentors I’m sure you’re exposed to.  Trying anything and everything out there won’t move you ahead, it will just leave you overwhelmed and struggling longer.  So just how can you know what’s right for you?

Tip #3 Your Guidance Shows You the Way

Once you decide you’re ready to step up in your business, expect to be guided to which support you need.  But it’s up to you to FEEL what is the right support for you.

Now sometimes you are called to make decisions and to step up in a way that does not seem logical.  If you want to save years off of your path you don’t want to follow the regular logic.  You want to be in tune with the Universe’s logic as it knows all of the shortcuts.

Whenever I make a decision to participate in a program or hire a mentor I get really quiet and check in with myself.  I want to feel that it’s right, to know from deep within me, even if my mind is trying to say no. Feeling right doesn’t mean it wont freak you out to step up and say yes to it, in fact that’s a sign I look for to show me I’m going in the right direction out of my comfort zone, into new territory.

Not only do I check in to feel if it’s the support I need right now, it has to make sense as my next step.  It has to match what you feel is missing in your business.  When I know it’s time to step up I start to become aware of what I believe I need help with in my business, what’s missing.  And countless times I’ve attracted exactly what that was. And this helped me to recognize it when it showed up, adding to my confidence in my decision to go ahead with it.

You don’t have to struggle for years, there are shortcuts and you find them by believing in the way (even though you can’t see it yet) and getting the right help to support you.

If you’re really ready to step up to your purpose, to taking your business to a whole new level, join me in my free video series:

3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Energy to Make 2011 the Year You Make a Quantum Leap in Your Business!

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3 Tips for Activating Fearless Faith in Yourself and Your Business

Do you really believe you will succeed in your business (and not in 10 years!)?  And do you believe that your business can transform from whatever stuck state it may be in now, to an entirely new reality in a short time?  Or is your faith a bit shaken because all you’ve seen is a long, drawn out struggle to get it going with no evidence to show you it can even succeed?

Recently a new Platinum Client told me that she wanted Fearless Faith.  She was a bit unsure of her gifts and abilities and whether or not she is even meant to use them to help people.  If you are going to ever be able to succeed doing this work that you love you MUST have total faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Here are a 3 tips to help you begin developing YOUR Fearless Faith:

1. You Don’t Do it Alone

Most spiritually conscious people are used to feeling alone, having not many people really understand them and support them in the way they really want. But when it comes to having Fearless Faith you need to trust that there is a force greater than you guiding your business, ready to step up and support you when you step up.

Creating a major reality shift in your business requires a lot of energetic shifts, consciousness shifts and for you to develop new business skills and abilities. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t want to!  Knowing you’re supported in ways you can’t even imagine yet is what you need in order to have the faith you need to succeed.  And it wont come unless you ask!

2. You Have What You Need RIGHT NOW

Do you know you don’t put yourself and your business out there like you know you could because you’re doubtful of your gifts or abilities?  Most spiritually conscious people are perfectionists to some degree and needing to be perfect before you believe in yourself can slow you down for years to come.

The truth is, with what you know now, with the abilities you have now, with the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experience, you are a HUGE help to your clients. What is obvious and simple to you is what your clients struggle with.  Your simple words can open up their world!  Even now.

Fearless Faith means believing in yourself and your ability to help those you are meant to help, even RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to be perfect now, and if you decide to believe and just get out there you will be amazed in a year or two at how much you’ve learned and how much more capable you’ve become.  Don’t wait, you could end up waiting for years or give up and that’s no good to anyone!

3. It’s Not About You

So many of my clients get hung up on themselves, not feeling good enough, not sure about their value, if people will like them, and on and on.  But I quickly remind them that a lot of it is not at all about them and by taking themselves out of the equation it becomes easier to take powerful action forward.

So how is your business not about you?

I believe you were given the gifts that you have AND the desire to do what you love because you need a lot of fuel to get you to the place where you’re succeeding.  You’re used to looking at your business through your eyes, but I want you to look at it from a different perspective.

You were given gifts and a message because there are people who need to receive your gifts and to hear your message.  There are people in a pain right now that you can help heal. They can’t do it on their own, they don’t know how, they can’t see what you can see.

The Universe wants you to help these people, it wants to help you get your business succeeding because that means you are living your purpose, helping the people who need help. That is your purpose!  Fearless Faith is activated when you know that the Universe is 100% behind you, supporting you to succeed.  Trusting in that can take you way further than you could believing you are all on your own.

You ARE meant to succeed and when you tap into the Fearless Faith inside of you, you can become unstoppable!

If you’re really ready to step up to your purpose, to taking your business to a whole new level, join me in my free video series:

3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Energy to Make 2011 the Year You Make a Quantum Leap in Your Business!

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How Facing Reality Can Fuel a Quantum Leap in Your Business

As a spiritually conscious person I’m sure you have learned that you have to focus on what you want in order to manifest it.  While this is absolutely true, not facing the reality in your business could actually be blocking your quantum leap in your business, I want to help you turn this around.

Using the Law of Attraction deliberately really has helped me grow my business, but what fascinates me is that the very thing that sparked accelerated growth in my business was the OPPOSITE of what you are supposed to do.

It is important to see the best, to believe in the potential for your business even when there is no evidence that it will become your reality.  I believe this fully and this is the essence of Fearless Faith.

But if you want to generate a huge spark within you, if you want to grow your business at a WAY faster rate than you have been, it’s time to try something else.

There were two times in my business where I totally accelerated the growth of my business in a huge way.  One time more than tripling my business within 5 months and another making more in 5 months than I did the previous year.

Did this happen because I manifested it? Probably, but what came first was a huge wake-up call.

Before each of these massive growth periods something happened.

I stopped seeing what was not there and I got the courage up to face the actual reality of my business.  And it was scary.

The first time, I had left a relationship, a home I loved and was starting out fully on my own.  Because I have 3 big dogs I needed to live in a house, I couldn’t just rent a room in someone’s house.  And at the time my business was rarely breaking $1000 in a month.  My reality was NOWHERE near what it needed to be.

I had to face this reality, the reality that, if I was to continue as I had been it would take years to grow my business to the place where it could support me.  And that wasn’t an option.  And I was NOT going back to my Engineering career again, I couldn’t do that to myself.

This facing reality did 3 important things, by facing your reality you can open this up for yourself too:


1.  Acknowledging What I Was Actually Able to Manifest

I always say you can’t change what you don’t face.  If your business is making nowhere near what you want it to then it’s time to face that.  It’s time to acknowledge that:

What you have been able to create in your business so far matches your energy as it has been, your consciousness as it has been and your business skills and knowledge that you have.

And if you want to manifest MORE than what you have had, you MUST change your energy, consciousness and business skills and knowledge.  The bigger the growth you want in your business, the more you will need to grow and transform YOU.

Look at the growth you have been able to create in your business and decide if that’s enough for you.  If not, you are in a powerful position to step up like never before.

2. Opening to Receive Support

When you see what you’ve been able to create on your own, what you are able to attract and manifest as your business reality and you see that continuing at that pace of growth is not enough, an important shift happens.

You realize you can’t create huge business growth on your own.  You simply don’t know how.

Admitting this may feel like a failure to you but it is actually a HUGE success.  Why?

Because you aren’t supposed to do it alone! The days of struggling on your own can literally be a thing of the past.  And they should be.  The Universe has such incredible support just waiting for you to ask for.  Each huge leap in my business happened at the same time I asked for support and said yes to the support that felt right, even if it also felt terrifying at the time.

3. Finding Your Fuel to Propel You Forward

Denial of reality is a dangerous place to be because it allows you to keep going as you have been, even if you are running yourself and your bank account into the ground. By looking at how far your reality is from where you want it to be you can access a whole other deeper level of your power that can truly propel you forward.

When you face your reality you have a choice, maybe at first the victim part of you wants to take over.  But if you call on the faith you have inside of you, the belief you do have in the work you know you are here to do, the belief that the Universe wants you to succeed, you access a reservoir of fuel that can never run out.

Only after facing reality was I able to access this huge reservoir of fuel, not a second before.

I encourage you to face your reality, you don’t have to dwell on it but face the full reality of your situation to experience these powerful shifts that can fuel YOUR quantum leap.

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Have You Turned Over Your Financial Power to Others?

During difficult financial times it is easy to get caught up in feelings of powerlessness.  During these times it is also easy to begin seeing your clients or something external as the source of your income in your business.  But this view on the financial power being outside of you is the last thing you want and actually holds you in financial lack and prevents abundance from coming into your business.

So what happens when you see your clients, your partner, your savings, your retirement or some other external source as your financial source?

You actually repel money and clients away from you in your business.  When you see your power as outside of yourself you do not own the incredible power you do have to create exactly what you want.

Seeing your clients, partner or anything else external as your source also leaves you feeling needy and dependent on others.  And your potential clients can feel it.  And while support is a great thing, signing on clients is a great thing, handing over your financial power is not.

At one time I saw my partner as my financial source and security.  I didn’t realize it at the time but this was actually preventing me from being able to be my own financial source and had prevented my business from taking off.  As soon as I had left that relationship I in essence stepped into my power and owned my role as the creator of my financial reality.  Within 5 months I had more than tripled my business.

Why is that?

Because seeing something outside of yourself as the source of your abundance means you are not in your power in your business.  And it is simply not the truth.  More importantly:

If you are going to create a successful business doing what you love then you must be in your power and own your power as the creator of your financial reality.  There is no other way.

So let’s get you started in reclaiming your power over your financial reality with 3 shifts in perspective:

1.  The Universe is your source, YOU are your source, your connection to the Universe is your source

When you look at potential clients as your source of income it immediately brings you into the energy of attachment.  And with attachment comes a needy feeling that they can pick up on (yuck!).  It also narrows your focus to a specific person and a specific outcome, which in essence is a restriction of your energy. And restriction of your energy is the last thing you want!

This restriction can manifest in so many ways including loss of connection to your passion and the reason why you are doing this work in the first place, disconnection from your higher self as you are so focused on the external and a restriction of income.

In order to open up this restriction you need to acknowledge the true source of your abundance, which is You, the Universe, God or whatever you choose to call this higher power.  You are the creator of your reality whether you do this unconsciously or intentionally.  You know this, but it is time to reaffirm it if you are feeling as though something external is your source.

The money and clients you attract are both created from within you. Take back your creative power by reaffirming this.  Remember that you can work at the level of cause, your clients and the income you have are the effect of YOU.  The Universe brings to you what you are ready for, what you believe in and what you take action to help create.

2.  I choose to let go of my powerlessness

Seeing others as the source of your abundance shows on some level your belief in your powerlessness. As much as I’m sure you hate the thought of being a victim, allowing yourself to feel powerless sets you up to be a victim.

As a spiritually conscious person there are many deeply buried energetic blocks that are likely in the way of you fully stepping into your power.  And because being in your power is so important healing these deeper issues and being able to feel safe stepping into your power is one of the steps in the Fearless Faith System.

But you can start now with a simple choice.  Choose right now in this moment to let go of the idea that you are powerless and ask to be guided to how you can step into your power, how you can be the financial power in your business.

3.  Bring your focus to within

Seeing an external thing as your financial source is in essence looking outside of yourself for what you need.  On a deeper level you know it is impossible to get something from outside of you that you do not already match inside.

If you find you are looking outside yourself, stop and begin to look within.  Notice how you feel, acknowledge how you feel and choose to do what you can to feel better. Remind yourself that you create based on what is going on inside of you and for a moment choose to bring your focus to what you really want.  Envision what you would love to create and bring in the feelings of having what you want here now.

It all comes down to YOU and though this thought can be scary might as well just face that fear right away rather than have it under the surface keeping you powerless.  You CAN create abundance in your business.  It is part of the higher purpose of your business.  Remember that, own that and act as though it were true and you will be surprised what can open up in your reality.

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The #1 Secret Energetic Block that Stops Your Business from Being Able to Succeed Financially

Do you try so hard to take your business to the place you KNOW it is meant to be yet the results you seek don’t happen?  Maybe you’ve barely made anything in your business or perhaps have got it to hundreds of dollars a month when you know it should be making thousands.

Maybe on some level you feel you know you are blocked but you can’t seem to figure out why. Perhaps it’s time to look a little deeper.

As a spiritually conscious entrepreneur you don’t just have to deal with normal issues like motivating yourself, learning to market and manage your time.

No.  You have deeper issues to face and work through.  In fact, I believe one of the biggest ways to accelerate your spiritual growth is to start a business doing what you love.

Creating a successful business doing what you love is the fastest way to dig up all of the major issues you have and to force you to deal with them one by one. And until you do, your business will not produce the impact or income it is meant to.

Today I want to share with you one of the BIGGEST blocks I see spiritually conscious entrepreneurs have that is SO extreme and hidden that it can be holding you back in your business without you having a clue. Literally has you repelling the sales and income you are MEANT to have, all without you realizing.

I have been doing intuitive healing work in my business for a number of years now and part of this work involves uncovering the deeper source of the energy blocks within you that are playing out in your life and business.

What I have seen holds spiritually conscious entrepreneurs back the most is that they have SO many deeper issues around being in their power. Power is a loaded word for spiritually conscious people, I’ve seen it over and over.

But the thing is, you MUST be in your power to succeed in your business.

There’s no way around it.  I believe you are meant to be in your power and not only that, that you WANT to be in your power.  Being in your power is a great place to be.  Your life works when you are in your power, you are inspired, synchronicity happens, you are fully being who you are meant to be when you are in your power.

Your clients can find you when you are in your power because you are a lighthouse with your light ON when you are in your power.

So what is the #1 biggest secret block to being in your power?

Fear of loss of love.

Seem strange?  It used to for me too.  Though I can remember every time my business appeared to be growing at a fast rate I would have this fear come up in me that somehow if I was successful I would lose the love in my life.

That’s how these secret blocks work.  They don’t make sense logically.  It’s not logical that you hold yourself back from succeeding in your business.

But the deeper truth, the truth the cells in your body remember is that in the past, past lives, there were serious consequences to you being in your power. One of the biggest and most common is that when you were in your power you lost love.

Now this could have happened in many dramatic ways I’m not going to go into here, but I want you to know that if you are not able to succeed in your business, if you put in so much and it still barely moves forward it is time to look deeper.

Spiritually conscious people feel like they should be able to figure it all out themselves.  That they should be able to succeed and they should be able to do this without help.

But I know what you are working against.  Yourself.  And until you uncover what these deeper issues are and resolve them, until you are finally grounded in your power in your business and in your life, it will just be a struggle.

I know because I was there.  And now I am more fully in my power than ever and I know what it took to get here in a way that felt safe.

Start your journey into your power right now.  Commit now to being in your power and ask for guidance to help you get there.  Claim the fullness of the purpose you are here for.


Tired of trying to do it all on your own?  Ready for a shortcut to getting out of your own way from someone who has been stuck like you?

You don’t need to do it alone, if you want to uncover all 4 of the secret energy blocks to you being in your power and to heal them, that’s exactly what we are doing in the Divinely Supported into Success Program.

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