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Is Your Extreme Sensitivity Covering Up Something Deeper?

2010 Fia Crandall

Are you extremely sensitive to the needs and opinions of others?  Are you good at anticipating how others will take you, often adjusting your behavior depending on who is around?

As a spiritually conscious woman, you are likely very sensitive to the needs and opinions of others, it is probably a very normal part of who you are.  While this may appear to be a wonderful trait from the outside, I’d like to point out a deeper aspect that you may not be aware of.

The deeper aspect of this wonderful trait may actually be causing you to hide your true light and keeping you small when the deeper part of you wants to shine.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you were so sensitive to others opinions and judgments?  Why you were so good at anticipating others needs and reactions?

Think about it, just how many people around you are sensitive to you in this way?

And, would you ever expect them to be?  Or would you just want them to be themselves?

In the Intuitive Healing work I have done for myself and with my clients I have come to see that there is a deeper cause of this over-sensitivity.  And that there is a very damaging dynamic underlying it that could be causing you to hold back the very light you came here to shine to the world.

The Deeper Cause of Over-Sensitivity is the Fear of Rejection

I have found it to be very common that spiritually conscious women have had past lives where they were rejected in a major way for being their true selves. I’ve seen it countless times for myself too.  I’ve seen it too many times to just ignore it.  I’ve come to accept that it’s actually a very common problem that needs to be dealt with so you can be truly free to be the light you know you’re meant to be.

Here’s how it works:

Deep down in your being you remember what happened when you were being yourself, you remember how you were rejected or punished for being who you really were.  And along with that memory comes fierce self-protection.

You will never let yourself experience that pain again, and just how did you make sure of it?

You became super-sensitive to others.  You became good at hiding your light at any threat of judgment or danger.

These deeply buried past life memories of rejection cause you to adjust your behavior and how you portray yourself to the world to be dimmed down or not authentic so you do not get rejected as you were in the past.

Being super-sensitive to others reactions and opinions is your way of making sure you are being acceptable so you don’t get hurt.

Can you feel deep down how this may be true for you?

I have always been extremely sensitive to how others saw me, but what I now realize was underlying this extreme sensitivity was the need to be accepted. And looking back I now see how clearly being accepted was higher up on my list of priorities than being my true self as I look back.  I chose an acceptable career of Mechanical Engineering which was fine but only a quarter of who I really was.  I put a happy face to the world and tried to make other people happy, often at the cost of my own happiness.

Does this resonate?

Thankfully I changed this.  And now my number one value is authenticity and because of it my life is a true reflection of Who I Really Am, inside and out.

If I hadn’t changed this old dynamic I would not be here writing to you right now.  I want you to know that you can change it too.  This dynamic is out of balance and it’s time to bring it back into balance.

Start now by stopping yourself when you notice you’re coming from that super-sensitive state.

Stop and ask yourself some questions:  What am I afraid of here?  How am I denying my true self in this moment?  Can I see how I may be trying to protect myself, even if it doesn’t make logical sense?

And know that with this new clarity, you are free to make a new choice.  You really are meant to shine, and this over-sensitivity and deep fear of rejection has got to go.  It’s an old energy rooted in a dark time.  It’s time to step up and choose your light over your fear.

Being grounded in the light of who you really are is where you belong.  And when you are grounded in your truth you also give permission for others to be the same… Are you with me?

Photo used with permission  Jesse Therrien

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The New Logic Behind the Leap of Faith

2010 Fia Crandall

Are you feeling like you need to make a change but fear what might happen if you actually go through with it? Feeling called to take a “leap” even if it doesn’t make sense to those around you?

I have been there a few times and have learned some important things that have changed the way I view these changes and I’d love to share them with you.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, afraid of doing what you know in your heart you are meant to do, I hope this opens your eyes and heart to a more supportive way.

I am finding myself at yet another “cliff” in my life.  And as I make my way to take my leap I am realizing a lot about the logic I operate by without even thinking about it, which is very different than the normal logic we are shown in our society.  I want to share with you about what I am calling the new logic, what I have found is much more realistic than the normal left-brained logic our society has conditioned us to use.

Let me share with you a story from my own life to show an example of how the new logic can work.

A few years ago I was trying so hard to build my business, yet couldn’t seem to bring it to the point where it could fully support me.  I was doing this work I loved full time but was primarily financially supported by my partner at the time.  After working on and sharing a new process on overcoming fear with my clients, I suddenly found myself realizing that the relationship I was in was no longer right for me.

Now the old logic kicks in to say you can’t live on what you make, you’ll have to go back to your Engineering job, but there was something deeper telling me otherwise.  I was not willing to go back to my old career and I truly did believe that the Universe didn’t want me to either.

So I did something that seemed logical to me, but to others around me may have seemed crazy.

I made a choice.

I left a situation that was no longer right for me.

I chose to believe in myself, I chose to believe, 100% that I could support myself, to believe, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that I could really do it.

I chose to believe in myself and did whatever it took to back up that intention with serious action and support.

And the brief summary of what happened after that.  A business program came along that I felt so connected to and although I was scared and it was a significant investment, it felt right so I signed up.  I ended up staying with family for 5 months and in that time, brought my business to a whole new level.

Within 5 months I was able to support myself and move out.

And the amazing result that could not have been predicted by regular logic?  That year my sales increased by 322% over the previous year before I had made this change.  I was able to support myself.

Unbelievable.  Now I’ll be honest to say that this leap of faith experience was certainly not the easiest time of my life, in fact it was quite challenging on all levels, was uncomfortable at times and stretched me beyond what I could have imagined.  But I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  This experience helped me grow into who I needed to be.

So what can you learn from this experience?

#1  The logic of the Universe is not the same as the normal logic in our society

It is not logical in our society to have a 322% increase in sales.  I heard in a business training course once that it is normal to have a fifteen percent increase in sales.  I’ve had that normal increase in sales in the middle of a recession, now is that logical?  Not to the rest of the world but to me it is absolutely my truth, my reality.

You want to start small to become in tune with the logic of the Universe.  You do this when you check within for your answers and take action on it, rather than just going by the normal logic.

Listen within.  This skill and your confidence in using it will develop over time ONLY when you use it!  Faith is like a muscle that grows only when you use it.  Start small to begin building this muscle for yourself.

#2  Sometimes your circumstances can’t change until you step up

Sometimes what is happening in your life that needs a change is impacting your energy so much that you literally must make that change BEFORE what you want to happen can possibly happen.  There are some lessons that simply can’t be learned until you put yourself in that uncomfortable place of the new and unknown.

I have come to see that the Universe steps up when you do.  And even more than that, the Universe WON’T step up UNTIL you do.  The very things you want to change or are wishing were better might not change until you step up in a new way that you are being guided to and may have been avoiding because it scares you.

EVERY time I am brought to the edge of a cliff in my life I know it is with great purpose.  And I realize that it is likely something I must do to become who I do not yet know I can be.

Your new reality requires a new, evolved you to live it.

Who might you become if you make your leap of true faith guided by your deeper self instead of stopping yourself by the tired old logic that keeps you small?  Start now with a small leap of faith backed by guided action and belief in yourself.

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