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Wealthy Healer Mindset Video #6: Why You Are MEANT To Succeed

Do you sometimes feel like “is this ever really going to happen for me?” or “maybe I’m not meant to succeed”?

I hate hearing coaches & healers say this, because I truly believe that if you are drawn to starting a business, that you are MEANT to thrive in it.

Find out why in my newest “Wealthy Healer Mindset” video:

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The #1 JV tip that has Major Players Promoting My Work!

Would you like to gain exposure to WAY more potential clients?  With minimal effort?

The best way to do that is through Joint Venture partners.  In this video, I share my #1 JV tip that had many big name industry leaders saying yes to promoting my work.

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Wealthy Healer Mindset #4: The #1 Energy to Bring to a Sales Conversation!

Energy is everything!  And the energy you bring to a conversation with a potential client is KEY in determining whether you are MAGNETIC or REPULSIVE.  I don’t want you to repel the people who are meant to work with you!  That’s why this Wealthy Healer Mindset is SO important!

Check it out!  I’d love to hear your feedback below!

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#1 Key Trait of Successful Coaches & Healers

KeyThere are a lot of things I had to learn the hard way on my path from Mechanical Engineer to building a successful healing business.  One of them was very surprising, yet it has been one of the secrets to my success and to the success of so many other thriving healers.  This key trait has the potential to accelerate the growth of your business and possibly save you years of unnecessary struggle!

Before I share this #1 key trait with you, I’d like to share with you what a typical coaching & healing business looks like operating without this secret…

Without knowing the secret, most coaches & healers attempt to grow their business by doing what they feel drawn to and taking actions that feel good.  Often they are big into the Law of Attraction (which is important!), so they focus on feeling good and like to stay in that good-feeling state as much as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on feeling good, but taking good-feeling actions only is detrimental in business and could be the exact thing in the way of your success.


Because actions that feel good and comfortable are in your COMFORT ZONE.  Your comfort zone is basically where everything you’re comfortable with lives.  Everything that you’re used to is in your comfort zone.

SO… if you’re not used to making awesome money as a healer, then taking comfortable actions will not create awesome money as that’s not currently in your comfort zone.

In essence, comfortable actions lead to same old results.  And you want more don’t you?  Your soul is calling you to create more isn’t it? Yes!

When I was taking comfortable actions my sales were stuck at $800 a month.  Ugh!  Comfort is the old way!

Okay, so on to the #1 key trait.

Recently I was blown away by a once in a lifetime opportunity that landed in my lap.  My work is literally going to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people, it will be shared with the communities of many multi-million dollar business owners.  This is a dream come true.  Yet it wasn’t just a dream that magically manifested.  It took me demonstrating this #1 key trait multiple times to even allow for it to appear.

Okay so the #1 key trait of all successful coaches & healers is this:


They choose courage over comfort. What does this mean?  Comfortable actions get you more of the same results.  And if you want to make more money than you are now, if you want to reach more people, you’ll have to leave your comfort zone.  This means, you want to be OKAY with being uncomfortable!

It is the willingness to be uncomfortable, to mess up, to make mistakes, to stumble, to fall, to fail and to not be perfect that will create way more success, way faster.  And that takes courage.

The path to your wildly amazing success is around you right now.  If you’re willing to be uncomfortable to reach way more people, way faster, let the Universe know!  Let the Universe know you’re willing to take NEW actions, to be courageous instead of comfortable.  Believe me, you will have opportunities come to you.  And they may terrify you.  Awesome!  Say yes.  Step up.  Your people are waiting!

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3 Steps To Activate Rapid Business Growth With Help!

One of the key ways to grow your business quickly is to simply get help.  Many entrepreneurs are resistant to help as they feel they need to figure it all out themselves.

Getting help to grow your business accelerates your path to more money and more impact in the world so if you’re in the “I should figure it out myself” mode right now, maybe it’s time to reconsider this old thinking.

I used to think I was supposed to figure it out myself and if I couldn’t it said something was wrong with me.  I thought I would prove something if I succeeded on my own.  Yet my sales at that time stayed WAY too low.  The day I finally admitted that I didn’t actually know how to make great money in my business was one of the most pivotal days in my business.

It allowed me to finally ask for help and with that came rapid business growth.

I believe with all of my heart that the Universe wants you to succeed. Even MORE than you do.  Because your business isn’t just about you.  It’s about the people that you’re meant to impact.  It’s about the amazing transformation that happens in their lives.

The Universe not only wants you to succeed but it doesn’t want you to do it alone. Alone is no fun.  It’s tiring and it can take endless years or might not even happen.  There is amazing support out there right now.

Your way to rapid business growth is likely around you right now, yet you won’t receive this help if you’re not willing to get help.

There are 2 important keys to investing in yourself and your business growth:

#1 Choose the RIGHT support. I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

#2 USE what you learn!  This one may sound obvious but it’s not enough to learn how to grow your business, you must also implement what you learn!  You’d be amazed at how many people don’t use what they learn and stay stuck!  The key here is to implement what you learn so it’s an investment instead of an expense.

Now I will warn you, there are SO many people out there who can help you and they’re not all right for you.

It’s important to attract the RIGHT support for YOU to take you where you want to go.  I’ve managed to do that over and over and I’d love to share with you the 3 steps I use to do this:

1. Specify the Assistance You’re Ready For

You are the owner of your business.  You are the boss, you are responsible for your business at the end of the day.  From an empowered place, take a look at what you feel you need to learn in order to grow.

At one point I was overwhelmed with so many 1:1 clients and I knew continuing to grow my business as it was would lead to burnout.  So I clearly specified that I wanted to learn how to grow my business in a more leveraged way.

Some people don’t the actual “how to” of attracting clients.  In this case it’s important to specify learning how to attract paying clients.

Or, some just know the next level of sales they’d like to grow to and they have no idea what they need to learn.

Take a moment right now to reflect on what type of assistance right now.  The easiest way to do that is to fill in the blank here:

I don’t know how to ________________________.

For example, “I don’t know how to make more money in my business” “take my business to $_____ yearly sales” “I don’t know how to create a leveraged business” or “I don’t know how to attract paying clients”. Whatever it is for you.

2. Express Your Intention

When you are clear, your intention is SO powerful. I remember the most powerful intention I ever set.

I was a year into my first Engineering job and I was BORED.  I knew I was meant to do something else.  I felt empty inside.

One day I felt a clarity come over me.  I realized, even though I didn’t know how in the heck I’d do what I loved for work or even what that was, I decided it was time.  With a strong sense of clarity and intention, I wrote these words in my journal:

“I know that I’m meant to be more and do more, I’m ready, show me the way!”

The Universe was obviously listening.  Within a few months I was laid off of my Engineering job and I began my path as an entrepreneur.  I would not be writing these words to you right now had I not wrote out that clear intention.

Your intention opens up worlds of support that you can’t see yet. Now that you’re clear, it’s time to let the Universe know that you’re ready for support.

Go ahead and write out (and ideally say out loud) the following:

“I accept that I don’t know how to ________________ and I am now ready and willing to receive the exact help I need, show me the way!”

3. Use Your Intuition

Once you activate the support all around you by stating your intention, it will show up.  And maybe other support that’s not for you will also show up. It’s up to you to discern what is the right support for you.

It’s important to see if the support that shows up feels right and fits what you need.  For me it’s important to not just use logic but to use intuition.  Sometimes intuition points out a way that feels right even if it seems like a scary thing to do.

Fear is not intuition, in fact, it’s often a good sign that you’re headed in the right direction.

The mentor I hired to help me leverage my business was a big investment and it was terrifying because of the situation I was in financially at the time.  Yet my intuition kept saying yes so I chose to trust it.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made, my sales doubled that next year.

If you’re confident in your intuition, great!  You’ll know what help is best for you and you’re good to go.

If you’re not sure how to use your intuition confidently and quickly when it’s time to make a decision, I highly recommend the “Choice Illumination Process”.

I created this program because I had made so many decisions using my intuition that led me to a more prosperous and profitable business and I knew others could benefit from the process I use.

Right now it’s only $47, and is going up to $97 soon as this skill is so valuable!

Get your copy here before it goes up:  Choice Illumination Process

Would love to hear your comments below!

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Create Your Inspired Business Plan!

Do you have a plan for your year ahead or are you currently just winging it?

A couple of years ago, I had my first business planning retreat by myself, I held it at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton, Alberta.  It was fabulous, I was totally inspired as I sat in the energy of luxury and planned my year.

That year became my first 6-figure year.  How awesome is that?! 

I’ve learned a lot about the power of planning and how it literally calls on the energy of support from the Universe, allowing me to step into new realities I was only dreaming of before.

Now before you get hung up on the word “plan” which sounds BORING, you can relax because your plan doesn’t have to be super detailed and rigid.  In fact, at my most recent “Soul Sister’s Business Planning Retreat” with my good friend Karen Evelyn we focused primarily on ESSENCE with a smaller amount of time focused on the concrete.

That way the energy BEHIND your plan is awesome and you’ll actually be inspired to carry it out!

Here are 4 Keys to inspired business planning:

1. Surround Yourself in Luxury

This may seem like a scary thing to do, especially because it has a price tag associated with it.  I heard Kendall SummerHawk, who I love, talk about how important it is to do your business planning in a fabulous place ( and so I tried it!

The first time I spent only 1 night in a fabulous hotel and I made the most of it.  I left the hotel feeling like a million dollars and went on to launch my speaking career and my first 6-figure sales year.

Am I glad I spent a few hundred dollars on that luxurious hotel?  YES!

This year Karen Evelyn and I spent our “Soul Sister’s Business Planning Retreat” at the fabulous Fairmont (I love Fairmont!) Banff Springs.  We ended up on the amazing GOLD floor which I highly recommend, we were so taken care of!  There’s Karen in front of the beautiful fireplace on the Gold floor mapping out a new system for her business.

If you really can’t do fabulous luxury right now, at least get out of your house to a hotel that you like and let yourself be taken care of and let your focus be on you and your business.  When you do this you show the Universe you’re serious about your business and that you believe in your success.

BONUS TIP: We set our intentions the first night of our retreat and one of them was to “Absorb the vibrations of fabulous luxury to raise our set point to this new level”.  Try your own intention along this line to raise yourself up to your new level!

2. Kick Off Your Business Planning with Celebrations!

Begin your retreat by listing out all of the successes you’ve had over the past year.   Write them all down, you may be amazed what you have created once you sit and acknowledge your successes.  Even the small ones count!

Sample Questions: What did I accomplish in my business this past year? In what ways did I grow or change in a positive way this past year?  How did I grow personally?

This provides an awesome energy space to begin to look at the year ahead.

3. Explore The Essence First

We spent the majority of our “Soul Sister’s Business Planning Retreat” looking at the essence of what we wanted to allow in and create over the next year.

By choosing the essence first you set the tone and the shape for HOW you want your year to come about.  This sets up the energy for your practical planning.

Here’s an awesome bonus meditation I created to help you get clear on the Essence of your new year ahead:

Sample Questions: How do I want to feel this year?  What is my main priority this year, from an energetic viewpoint?

BONUS TIP: It also helps to tune into the essence using your intuition or receiving inspired messages.  We spent a lot of time channeling and asking questions on the year ahead.  It was amazing to receive such inspiring loving guidance.

Here’s me in my channeling spot 🙂

(My recommended resource if you’d like to explore channeling is Sanaya Roman’s book “Opening to Channel”,

4. Create Your Big Picture Plan

Once you are clear on the essence, you can finally get to the details.  One way to kick this off is to do “Intuitive Financial Goal Setting”.

Here’s a video from Karen to how she does this, check it out once you’re done reading this article:

Once you’ve chosen your financial goals for the year, ask yourself:

What can I do to create this goal as my reality?  In what ways would I like to generate this income?

And, next and SO important, be honest and ask yourself:

Do I know HOW to create this income goal?  Is it time to find someone to show me how to reach it?

Your honesty here is huge.  I found in the past that I can create sales increases of about 25% on my own without a mentor.  If you’re looking to make a bigger leap, it may be time to find someone to show you how to make that leap.  The year I first took my business to 6-figures, I had taken a number of programs to assist me in getting there, showing me HOW to do it.

FINAL BONUS TIP: HAVE FUN!  Your business planning can be a playful, inspiring and fun experience!  We had lots of markers, paper, we even made a beautiful altar as you see in the picture here where we put some inspiring objects.

I would love to hear how this resonates and how your business planning goes, be sure to comment below!


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Could The Law Of Attraction Be Hurting Your Business?

As a Holistic Practitioner, I’m sure you have heard about the law of attraction.  That you have to focus on what you want instead of reality in order to manifest what you want.  While this is absolutely true, NOT facing the reality in your business could actually be stopping you from growing your business as quickly as you’d like.

Using the Law of Attraction deliberately really has helped me grow my business, but what fascinates me is that the very thing that sparked accelerated growth in my business was the OPPOSITE of what you are “supposed” to do.

It is important to see the best, to believe in the potential for your business even when there is no evidence that it will become your reality.  I believe this fully and this is the essence of Fearless Faith, belief no matter what.

But if you want to generate a huge spark within you, if you want to grow your business at a WAY faster rate than you have been, it’s time to try something else.

There were two times in my business where I totally accelerated the growth of my business in a huge way.  One time more than tripling my business within 5 months and another making more in 5 months than I did the previous year.

Did this happen because I manifested it? Probably in part, but what came first was a huge wake-up call.

Before each of these massive growth periods something specific happened…

I stopped seeing what was not there and I got the courage up to face the actual reality of my business. 

And it was scary.

The first time, I had left a relationship, a home I loved and was starting out fully on my own.  Because I had 3 big dogs at the time, I needed to live in a house, I couldn’t just rent a room in someone’s house.  And at the time my business was rarely breaking $1000 in a month.  My reality was NOWHERE near what it needed to be.

I chose to face this reality, the reality that, if I was to continue as I had been it would take years to grow my business to the place where it could support me.  And that wasn’t an option.  And I was NOT going back to my Engineering career again, I couldn’t do that to myself.

This facing reality did 3 important things, by facing your reality you can open this up for yourself too:

1.  Acknowledging What I Was Actually Able to Manifest

I always say you can’t change what you don’t face.  If your business is making nowhere near what you want it to then it’s time to face that.  It’s time to acknowledge that:

What you have been able to create in your business so far matches your energy as it has been, your consciousness as it has been and your business skills and knowledge that you have.

And if you want to manifest MORE than what you have had, you MUST change your energy, consciousness and business skills and knowledge.  The bigger the growth you want in your business, the more you will need to grow and transform YOU.

Look at the growth you have been able to create in your business so far and decide if that’s enough for you.  If not, you are in a powerful position to step up like never before.

2. Open to Receive Support  

When you see what you’ve been able to create on your own, what you are able to attract and manifest as your business reality and you see that continuing at that pace of growth is not enough, an important shift happens.

You realize you can’t create huge business growth on your own.  You simply don’t know how.

Admitting this may feel like a failure to you but it is actually a HUGE success.  Why?

Because you aren’t supposed to do it alone! The days of struggling on your own can literally be a thing of the past.  And they should be.  The Universe has such incredible support just waiting for you to ask for.  Each huge leap in my business happened at the same time I asked for support and said yes to the support that felt right, even if it also felt terrifying at the time.

3. Finding Your Fuel to Propel You Forward  

Denial of reality is a dangerous place to be because it allows you to keep going as you have been, even if you are running yourself and your bank account into the ground. By looking at how far your reality is from where you want it to be you can access a whole other deeper level of your power that can truly propel you forward.

When you face your reality you have a choice, maybe at first the victim part of you wants to take over.  But if you call on the faith you have inside of you, the belief you do have in the work you know you are here to do, the belief that the Universe wants you to succeed, you access a reservoir of fuel that can never run out.

Only after facing reality was I able to access this huge reservoir of fuel, not a second before.

I encourage you to face your reality, you don’t have to dwell on it forever, but face the full reality of your situation to experience these powerful shifts that can fuel YOUR quantum leap.  Face it long enough to spark something new to happen in you and in your business.  It’s time!!

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3 Simple Steps To Align Energetically For Success!

Many people want to jump right to the success right away.  To making lots of money and helping lots of people.  The truth is, success is created day by day.

And the key to creating success is to pay attention to the most important element in your business: Your Energy.  Your energy is most important.  Everything else is secondary.

Yes it is vitally important to take action, to know how to market your gifts effectively.  I’m not saying all you need is the right energy, that’s not true.  But if your energy is out of alignment, it has a MAJOR impact on your business and your ability to succeed.

What do I mean by “out of alignment”?

Out of alignment means that you don’t feel good.  Perhaps you feel tense, stressed, worried about money, doubt in yourself or fear for example.  This is when your energy is out of alignment.

If your energy is out of alignment, everything else will be out of alignment as well…

The actions you take will not feel good.  That means everything you DO will have an underlying energy of the out of alignment energy – doubt, fear, stress, whatever that may be.

And why does that matter? 

If your energy is out of alignment, you don’t feel good, that energy seeps into everything that you do. 

Let’s say you feel fear about money, you’re scared you won’t make enough money this month and you’re feeling it.  And let’s say with that “out of alignment” energy, you write an email to your potential clients.

That energy is not only in you, it’s shaping your mental state and your words.  With that energy seeping into this email to your potential clients, what do you think happens?

They feel it!  Maybe it’s just at a subtle level.  So subtle that maybe they don’t even open the email.  Or they read it and are on some level absorbing that energy themselves.


Not to mention because you were in a fear state when you wrote that email, you likely were not accessing the words and ideas that were abundant, generous and magnetic.  Likely it was the opposite.

And what is “in alignment” energy?

Energy in alignment with the truth of your being.  And the truth of your being is total abundance, love, generosity, peace, flow, ease, grace, and more.  It is full, overflowing.

The more time you spend in alignment, the more you can access abundant ideas, opportunities, more clients, the exact support you need to get to your next level of sales.

The more time you spend in alignment, the easier it will be to grow your business, reach more people and make more money.

I’d love to share with you one of my favourite ways to get into alignment each day.  Grab your favourite journal, or even just a piece of paper and a pen and get started now!

3 Simple Steps To Align For Success!

This process uses what I call the “3 Magical Words” which are:

“I See Myself…”

I got these 3 Magical Words from Esther Hicks and I am forever grateful they came into my life.  By starting the first line with “I see myself…” you automatically engage your vision and imagination.

These 3 Magical Words place you into the future you’d like to create.  Rather than having your future be created by default, you’re picking up the paintbrush, pulling out the colours and are ready to paint a new picture of YOUR choosing.

1. How You Want to FEEL “I see myself feeling ________ as I go about my day”

Start out with how you want to feel.  You start by CHOOSING how you would like to feel on a given day.  Write as much as you want about how you’d like to feel that day.

For example: “I see myself feeling deeply connected to Spirit, to the love within me as I go about my day.  I see myself feeling a deep sense of joy and inspiration.”

Tip: If you wake up feeling very low and not feeling great at all, don’t go for “excited” or “amazing” as feelings.  Perhaps on a day like that, feeling “peaceful” would be perfect for you.

2. Add In What You’d Like to Manifest “I see myself feeling ___________ as I ___________”

Now you can fill in some of the details you’d like to see manifest.  I like to start out with what I’d like to feel first and fill in the rest.

Some examples:

“I see myself feeling totally connected and inspired as I write the article for my newsletter.”

“I see myself feeling confident and connected to my passion as I speak with my potential client Mary.  I see my words coming easily and naturally, I see her feeling a deep connection to me and what I share.”

“I see myself feeling deeply connected, in tune, in the flow.  I see myself attracting incredible opportunities to get my work out to more people.  I see myself being magnetic to all those I am meant to work with.  I see them synchronistically ”being guided to me with ease and grace.

3.  Finish Up With How You Want to Feel At The End Of The Day “I see myself feeling _________ at the end of the day”

The final place to go is to how you would like to feel at the end of your day.  This is KEY!  And one of the most powerful elements of this process.

This is my favourite part, as I love when I catch myself feeling exactly what I wanted to feel as my day wraps up or in the evening.  It’s such an awesome confirmation that I AM creating my reality.  I chose to be in alignment and it happened.

Here are some of my favourites:

“I see myself feeling a sense of accomplishment as I finish up my day.  I see myself feeling proud of myself and of what I accomplished.”

Here’s one I used when I was still working at my Engineering job part-time as I was building my business.  I used this when I woke up knowing I’d be on a huge downward spiral if I didn’t do something to stop it.  Don’t underestimate it’s power, this line alone was likely responsible for me leaving that job way faster:

“I see myself leaving the office at the end of the day feeling peaceful.”

Spend a few minutes each day, or more if you choose, aligning yourself for success.  It can create a major shortcut to success for you!

When manifesting is not enough…

Sometimes manifesting is not enough.  And there is a very specific reason why.  Perhaps there is something deeper in the way.  If there is something deeper sabotaging your results, it makes creating success WAY harder than it needs to be.

Join me on Thursday August 30th for a one-time FREE teleseminar where I will help you find out if something deeper IS in the way:

“Revealed: 3 Secret Energies That Sabotage Sales & Keep Holistic Practitioners Struggling For WAY too long At 4 or 5-Figures!”

Sign up here:

Feel free to share this article or comment below! 

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