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Is Doing What “Works” No Longer Working?

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One of my gifts is hyper-awareness of the alignment with truth.  If someone is saying or doing something that doesn’t match the core of their being, I pick up on it quickly. It doesn’t matter if I just met the person, I can feel their congruence, this is my gift.

I see it in the business world all of the time. People doing what “works,” yet what works isn’t fully a match to who they truly are. I can feel the level of incongruence. Often they feel it too, they’re just doing what works, they’re told it’s the “right” way to do it to make money so they follow along.

It’s not coming from a bad place. Often the person just wants to do what they love rather than be stuck in an old career they don’t like. To finally have the peace of mind knowing that they finally made it, they’re succeeding in the work they’re called to do, they’re fulfilling the purpose that’s inside of them.

It all comes from a good place. It’s a step in the right direction, to stepping into greater purpose. Yet doing what “works” that isn’t fully congruent places a major limit on the person’s ability to realize their full potential.

The fullest expression of their purpose can’t happen when authenticity is diluted or squished in the process.

As of the time of writing this, I’ve just spent 7 months face-to-face with the cost of having done this myself. Only this time, what worked before no longer works.  This time, I couldn’t keep doing what didn’t match my insides.

I’ve known forever that I’m a creator of content. I’m a spiritual teacher and there is likely no limit to the new expressions I can bring to the world. It’s my passion to continually explore on my own journey of transformation and to share the transformational tools and principles that come out of this exploration.

There are probably a thousand business models I could use to be fully congruent and natural in my business. But I didn’t find them. Instead, I modeled those who create a program or series of programs once, then gear the entire business toward reaching more and more people to take them through those set programs.

While this is an ideal model for many, over time it kills my passion, my enthusiasm and the spark that drives my entire business. My natural gifts, passion, enthusiasm, sense of curiosity and wonder I have are, over time, completely suppressed using this model.

For 5 years I’ve tried to squish myself into this box that I didn’t fit in. I tried to “get excited” about teaching the same content. I would try to find new twists on the old content so I could somehow draw out some enthusiasm from inside of me. Once in a while, I would create a new program and those were the best times (which by the way also created the best results… on this journey I’ve learned that sales are directly proportionate to passion).  Yet now I can see it’s no longer sustainable.

The ridiculous thing about all of this is, I am a naturally enthusiastic person. I don’t need to work to find enthusiasm, it is my natural state. Which I knew all along, but kept going with what sort of “worked”. Worked to help me create a multi-6-figure business that has helped a lot of people.

Yet what I contemplate is this. If I can create these results and transformation in the world without all of my full self and full passion engaged, what could I create if I had my natural enthusiasm and passion fueling me? And what transformation could I create in the world if I shared all I had inside, not just a small portion of it?

Business models aren’t wrong. The business world isn’t wrong. There is not an absolute “right” or “wrong” way to do business. Yet there is a right or wrong way to do business for you.

Doing what “works” must not only mean doing what creates the results. Doing what “works” must evolve to become doing what allows us to be fully expressed as we create the results.

We don’t need to lose ourselves to succeed.

There’s a deeper reason I did this. I’ve been focusing on healing the deeper reasons for it for about 4 years now. I guess that’s why I’m finally facing this and am no longer able to keep going as I was.  Doing what “works” without doing what works for me, for my soul, for my insides, is no longer tolerable.

I’m turning a corner. I’m turning toward living into and expressing my full potential. As risky as it feels, I’m doing what’s right for me. Which I know deep in my bones is what’s right for the world, for all those who are meant to be touched and transformed by the messages that have been stuck inside of me, unable to get out.

Take a moment to reflect for yourself. What have you been doing that “works” yet isn’t fully in alignment with who you are? What doesn’t quite feel good to you? What might feel better? What feels missing for you?

I’d love to hear what resonates, feel free to comment below.  Feel free to share this article, this is a major challenge so many are facing, they don’t have to face it alone.

3 Steps To Activate Rapid Business Growth With Help!

One of the key ways to grow your business quickly is to simply get help.  Many entrepreneurs are resistant to help as they feel they need to figure it all out themselves.

Getting help to grow your business accelerates your path to more money and more impact in the world so if you’re in the “I should figure it out myself” mode right now, maybe it’s time to reconsider this old thinking.

I used to think I was supposed to figure it out myself and if I couldn’t it said something was wrong with me.  I thought I would prove something if I succeeded on my own.  Yet my sales at that time stayed WAY too low.  The day I finally admitted that I didn’t actually know how to make great money in my business was one of the most pivotal days in my business.

It allowed me to finally ask for help and with that came rapid business growth.

I believe with all of my heart that the Universe wants you to succeed. Even MORE than you do.  Because your business isn’t just about you.  It’s about the people that you’re meant to impact.  It’s about the amazing transformation that happens in their lives.

The Universe not only wants you to succeed but it doesn’t want you to do it alone. Alone is no fun.  It’s tiring and it can take endless years or might not even happen.  There is amazing support out there right now.

Your way to rapid business growth is likely around you right now, yet you won’t receive this help if you’re not willing to get help.

There are 2 important keys to investing in yourself and your business growth:

#1 Choose the RIGHT support. I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

#2 USE what you learn!  This one may sound obvious but it’s not enough to learn how to grow your business, you must also implement what you learn!  You’d be amazed at how many people don’t use what they learn and stay stuck!  The key here is to implement what you learn so it’s an investment instead of an expense.

Now I will warn you, there are SO many people out there who can help you and they’re not all right for you.

It’s important to attract the RIGHT support for YOU to take you where you want to go.  I’ve managed to do that over and over and I’d love to share with you the 3 steps I use to do this:

1. Specify the Assistance You’re Ready For

You are the owner of your business.  You are the boss, you are responsible for your business at the end of the day.  From an empowered place, take a look at what you feel you need to learn in order to grow.

At one point I was overwhelmed with so many 1:1 clients and I knew continuing to grow my business as it was would lead to burnout.  So I clearly specified that I wanted to learn how to grow my business in a more leveraged way.

Some people don’t the actual “how to” of attracting clients.  In this case it’s important to specify learning how to attract paying clients.

Or, some just know the next level of sales they’d like to grow to and they have no idea what they need to learn.

Take a moment right now to reflect on what type of assistance right now.  The easiest way to do that is to fill in the blank here:

I don’t know how to ________________________.

For example, “I don’t know how to make more money in my business” “take my business to $_____ yearly sales” “I don’t know how to create a leveraged business” or “I don’t know how to attract paying clients”. Whatever it is for you.

2. Express Your Intention

When you are clear, your intention is SO powerful. I remember the most powerful intention I ever set.

I was a year into my first Engineering job and I was BORED.  I knew I was meant to do something else.  I felt empty inside.

One day I felt a clarity come over me.  I realized, even though I didn’t know how in the heck I’d do what I loved for work or even what that was, I decided it was time.  With a strong sense of clarity and intention, I wrote these words in my journal:

“I know that I’m meant to be more and do more, I’m ready, show me the way!”

The Universe was obviously listening.  Within a few months I was laid off of my Engineering job and I began my path as an entrepreneur.  I would not be writing these words to you right now had I not wrote out that clear intention.

Your intention opens up worlds of support that you can’t see yet. Now that you’re clear, it’s time to let the Universe know that you’re ready for support.

Go ahead and write out (and ideally say out loud) the following:

“I accept that I don’t know how to ________________ and I am now ready and willing to receive the exact help I need, show me the way!”

3. Use Your Intuition

Once you activate the support all around you by stating your intention, it will show up.  And maybe other support that’s not for you will also show up. It’s up to you to discern what is the right support for you.

It’s important to see if the support that shows up feels right and fits what you need.  For me it’s important to not just use logic but to use intuition.  Sometimes intuition points out a way that feels right even if it seems like a scary thing to do.

Fear is not intuition, in fact, it’s often a good sign that you’re headed in the right direction.

The mentor I hired to help me leverage my business was a big investment and it was terrifying because of the situation I was in financially at the time.  Yet my intuition kept saying yes so I chose to trust it.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made, my sales doubled that next year.

If you’re confident in your intuition, great!  You’ll know what help is best for you and you’re good to go.

If you’re not sure how to use your intuition confidently and quickly when it’s time to make a decision, I highly recommend the “Choice Illumination Process”.

I created this program because I had made so many decisions using my intuition that led me to a more prosperous and profitable business and I knew others could benefit from the process I use.

Right now it’s only $47, and is going up to $97 soon as this skill is so valuable!

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Would love to hear your comments below!

For Those in Transition: A Light in the Darkness

There are times in your life that you come across more difficult challenges. These challenges can test your faith in yourself and your trust in the Universe. The challenges that shake your foundation for you to see that it isn’t as stable as you once thought. The parts of your foundation that you had leaned on for so long are suddenly not so stable.

Sometimes challenges come to help you to shake loose those things in your life that are no longer beneficial to you. Recognize that this is all a part of growth and it is a good thing, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. If you are facing such a time, realize that nothing leaves your life unless it is time for it to. And nothing leaves your life unless you really are opening up to the possibility of something truly better and more rich and fulfilling in its place.

And in these more difficult times, the darker times where confusion, uncertainty and unknown seem to be wherever you look, know that this is only transition time. And that transition only leads you closer to the life you long to live. A life filled with all of the wonderful things you have wanted for so long.

The thing is, if you ever want to get to the new, you must go through transition. And while most of us prefer to feel steady and stable, allow that need to be set aside and trust in the process of life.

Transition is necessary. Facing the darkness of confusion is necessary to help you dissociate from what has been and to begin to open to what can be.

Some people call this the void, because you look around and don’t see much. You have no idea what is to come. Yes, you may know what you want, but you see no signs of it coming.

Remember that the void is necessary. It is the transition between what has been and what is yet to come. Welcome it and allow yourself to be in this uncertainty. Any rushing or attachment can cause limitation and lack in your future. While allowing yourself to be in this uncertainty allows you to be aligned with and open to the pure potential of this time.

And in letting your need for certainty go, you allow your future to be so much brighter. In relaxing in this time of the unknown, you allow your life to move more toward the infinite, the unimaginable, the Divine.

Be easy with yourself during this transition time. Allow the purpose of this time to be served. Be open to the unfolding of that absolutely amazing life you’ve been wanting for so long. Release your need to know it all. Trust spirit. Trust life.

Trust that you are always taken care of and are always being guided to your true desires. And with that trust comes the possibility for much greater depth and dimension to your life. Enjoy the gift of this time. Allow yourself to be cared for by the Universe, rather than being comforted by the old comfortable familiar. Let the silence of the unknown deepen within you. Feel the potential of this time and rest in it.

Know that even the darkest times are a gift. Be willing to see the gift of this time and it will be given to you.

Copyright 2007 Fia-Lynn Crandall

Why 80% of Small Businesses Fail (And How To Avoid This In Your Business!)

Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever succeed getting your business going?  Like you’ve put out endless effort to grow your business but it just isn’t happening yet?

I’d love to share with you a secret that you have likely heard before but one that is SO important.  A quote I read this morning sums it up pretty good:

There seems to be a door on the way to remarkable success that can be passed through only by those willing to persevere beyond the point where the majority stop and turn back  ~ Earl Nightingale

I’ve read recently that something like 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years.

This is sad to me because often these same failures could have been huge successes, if they had just kept going.

How do I know?  Let me share a bit of a story about my own business.

At the 3 year mark, I made something like $8,600 in my entire third year of business.  So obviously things were not looking up, that’s a heck of a lot of effort put into something that didn’t appear to be working.

Here’s the thing.

If I would have quit then, I would be with the other 80% who failed in the first 3 years of business.

But that’s not what happened.

Within the first 5 months of that next year, I more than tripled my sales.  And my business has been growing at a rapid pace ever since, all of this even in spite of going through a recession in that time.

Why do I share this with you?

A couple of reasons.

I get frustrated when some business mentors paint a picture only of the success and forget to mention the truth about what it can be like to get there.  You see that rosy picture, then you look at your business which is miles away from that picture, and you feel discouraged because YOU can’t seem to get there.

And the other reason goes back to this, I’m not really sure failure is the right word.  I’d say most often failure is what happens when you give up too soon.

I could have been a failure but instead, I kept going.  I didn’t give up.  I got help.  I did whatever it took to find the way to succeed.  I didn’t stop until I found the way.

Because the way is there.

And I’m glad I didn’t give up.  If I gave up, not only would I not be living this life that is totally incredible to me, based in freedom, passion and authenticity inside and out. But all of the clients I have helped free themselves to live their purpose could still be stuck.  And that is sad.

You have an important purpose, your work, your wisdom, your gifts, your energy ARE needed in the world.  Right now.

So do you have to wait until year 3 to take off in your business?  I don’t think so.  The energy in the planet right now supports your success.  I watch how quickly things move with my clients and I am amazed.  The time is now.

If you don’t want to wait forever, I suggest you take a shortcut, and the only one I know is to find someone who is ahead of you on the path, who knows the shortcuts, who has been where you are and has gotten out of it and to learn from them how to speed up your path.

There are plenty of great mentors out there, I’ve learned from many myself, but I do recommend making sure that the person is fully aligned with you, is similar enough to you that they can understand your challenges and really know how to get YOU from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s time step up and shine!

There are even more secrets to growing your business faster, particularly as a Holistic Practitioner or healer as you likely have unique challenges that most business mentors have no clue about.  I’d love to share more with you at my upcoming FREE workshop:

Grow Your Holistic Business Faster! Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Most Holistic Practitioners Make That Stop Them From Making The Money They Desire & Deserve.

This workshop takes place in New York City September 10th, Edmonton September 15th, Calgary September 20th and Vancouver October 19th.

Do whatever it takes to be there, this could be THE turning point in your business.  It’s time to step up and shine.  Your people need exactly what it is that you have but, if you’re not succeeding in your business, that means they can’t find you.

The Hidden Gift in Distraction and Overwhelm

You feel the pressure of trying to get your business going, trying to do all you can to support yourself from it.  So why is it that with all of this pressure and desire to succeed you back down when it really counts? Getting distracted by anything that comes along or being overwhelmed by even the simplest next step?  There is a deeper purpose to this distraction and overwhelm and until you see it, it could be creating an invisible ceiling on your success.

When distraction and overwhelm are showing up in your business, it typically means one thing.

Resisting your next level of success.  Your way of keeping yourself exactly where you are.

What?!  Why would you want to do that?

As ridiculous as it sounds, most people fear success.  We would rather stay where we are comfortable even if it means not making enough money from your business, not being able to leave your old job behind and living in struggle.

On the surface it may appear as though you want success.  You talk about it, work towards it, learn about it, take action but if you are finding yourself distracted and overwhelmed this indicates you may be avoiding your next level of success.

The path of moving from your career you chose out of fear, just for the money or to be acceptable to doing what you love, the work you are born to do is a major vibration and consciousness shift within.  On this path you are moving from the known into new unknown territory.  And if you want to accelerate your path then you will want to use distraction and overwhelm as the gifts that they are.

Here are two ways to do just that:

1. Recognize That Distraction and Overwhelm Are Signs You’re Approaching New Territory

Distraction and overwhelm are two powerful ways you keep yourself from the unknown, but they can also be used to show you when you are resisting the new.  When you catch yourself in distraction or overwhelm, it’s time to look deeper so you can make a new choice.

The fact that you find yourself in distraction and overwhelm, stop and ask yourself what the new territory is that you could be moving into.  Getting your work out in a new way?  Getting your work out to new people?  Doing something you have never done before?

When you are conscious of what you are really resisting, you can make a conscious choice to continue the way you have been, or to boldly step into this new territory where new realities and new successes can exist.

2.  Make a Conscious Choice to Step Into that New Reality

Fear only works in the dark.  Once you shed the light of your awareness on something you are avoiding because of fear the energy shifts and you will likely not feel the same about it.  From this new place of awareness you are in a more powerful position and you can CHOOSE to step into the new reality you are being called into.

Once you’ve caught yourself in distraction and overwhelm and uncovered some of what the new territory is that you are avoiding moving into your next step is to make a conscious choice to step into that reality by taking action.

The action does not have to be monumental.  Ask yourself, what would one simple step be that I could take to move FORWARD into this new reality? And take it!

Could other energies be at work under the surface sabotaging your success in your business?

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One Simple Costly Mistake that Could Be Costing You Thousands in Missed Sales

Do you often feel disappointed with the results you have created through your efforts in your business?  You start out envisioning great success then the reality doesn’t appear to be going in that same direction?  There is one costly mistake I have seen many spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make when this happens and it takes some shifts in thinking to get out of it.

As spiritually conscious entrepreneurs we tend to be great dreamers but we’re also pretty sensitive so when it feels like the reality is starting to appear as though it is not going to match what we envisioned we can just want to back off to avoid feeling disappointed.

It’s one thing to fail but it’s a whole other thing to believe, to trust, to expect the best and THEN to fail. It hurts a lot worse and that added sensitivity doesn’t help, so it appears easier to back off instead.

So while this is going on internally and it appears as though backing off when evidence seems to be the opposite of what you envision is safe it is a HUGE mistake.


I’ve seen repeatedly that it’s the belief that plays such a huge role in creating our results.  Fearless Faith is about trusting UNTIL the results show up.

I’ve seen 3 specific incidences in the past few months where the immediate evidence said what I was doing was not going to be successful.  But I didn’t let myself back down, I trusted the inspiration that got me going in the first place and I kept going.

And you know what happened?  These 3 times the initial evidence had nothing to do with the final results. The initial evidence said it’s not going to happen, this is a failure but the results?  Over $30,000 in sales that would not have happened had I backed down.

It’s SO costly to give up too soon!  Who knows how much you’re leaving behind by stopping too soon.

But what if no results show up?  Let’s say you trust, you keep going and you still fail, then what?

If you fail then you learn from the experience, it’s as simple as that.

You ask yourself what can I learn from this experience? Or is there something I need to learn, support I need to get so it’s more successful next time?

Sure it takes you digging deep to find that brave self inside of you but I’ve found that this is necessary on this path.  This path of becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur is not for those who choose to be small. Eventually you will have to take a risk, step up and put your whole self in.  And when you do you will really see things start to shift.

There are several energetic dynamics that can be at play to make this more difficult but you can still get started now.

Next time you find yourself wanting to back down when the results don’t appear to be as you expected I challenge you to be bold, to be brave, to continue to move forward, to trust whatever inspiration got it all started in the first place and to be willing to fail so you can learn.

It’s amazing how hard we are on ourselves.  Imagine a little kid trying to learn to ride a bike.  You can’t just expect yourself to be successful until you’ve mastered all of the skills involved with being successful just as the kid has to wobble, fall and get back on the bike.  It is only logical.

Let yourself trust, let yourself wobble, fall and get back on! Be ON the journey, show up fully and be willing to learn in whatever way it takes so you can succeed.

Could you be missing out on potentially thousands of dollars of in.come without even realizing?

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3 Tips for Activating Fearless Faith in Yourself and Your Business

Do you really believe you will succeed in your business (and not in 10 years!)?  And do you believe that your business can transform from whatever stuck state it may be in now, to an entirely new reality in a short time?  Or is your faith a bit shaken because all you’ve seen is a long, drawn out struggle to get it going with no evidence to show you it can even succeed?

Recently a new Platinum Client told me that she wanted Fearless Faith.  She was a bit unsure of her gifts and abilities and whether or not she is even meant to use them to help people.  If you are going to ever be able to succeed doing this work that you love you MUST have total faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Here are a 3 tips to help you begin developing YOUR Fearless Faith:

1. You Don’t Do it Alone

Most spiritually conscious people are used to feeling alone, having not many people really understand them and support them in the way they really want. But when it comes to having Fearless Faith you need to trust that there is a force greater than you guiding your business, ready to step up and support you when you step up.

Creating a major reality shift in your business requires a lot of energetic shifts, consciousness shifts and for you to develop new business skills and abilities. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t want to!  Knowing you’re supported in ways you can’t even imagine yet is what you need in order to have the faith you need to succeed.  And it wont come unless you ask!

2. You Have What You Need RIGHT NOW

Do you know you don’t put yourself and your business out there like you know you could because you’re doubtful of your gifts or abilities?  Most spiritually conscious people are perfectionists to some degree and needing to be perfect before you believe in yourself can slow you down for years to come.

The truth is, with what you know now, with the abilities you have now, with the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experience, you are a HUGE help to your clients. What is obvious and simple to you is what your clients struggle with.  Your simple words can open up their world!  Even now.

Fearless Faith means believing in yourself and your ability to help those you are meant to help, even RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to be perfect now, and if you decide to believe and just get out there you will be amazed in a year or two at how much you’ve learned and how much more capable you’ve become.  Don’t wait, you could end up waiting for years or give up and that’s no good to anyone!

3. It’s Not About You

So many of my clients get hung up on themselves, not feeling good enough, not sure about their value, if people will like them, and on and on.  But I quickly remind them that a lot of it is not at all about them and by taking themselves out of the equation it becomes easier to take powerful action forward.

So how is your business not about you?

I believe you were given the gifts that you have AND the desire to do what you love because you need a lot of fuel to get you to the place where you’re succeeding.  You’re used to looking at your business through your eyes, but I want you to look at it from a different perspective.

You were given gifts and a message because there are people who need to receive your gifts and to hear your message.  There are people in a pain right now that you can help heal. They can’t do it on their own, they don’t know how, they can’t see what you can see.

The Universe wants you to help these people, it wants to help you get your business succeeding because that means you are living your purpose, helping the people who need help. That is your purpose!  Fearless Faith is activated when you know that the Universe is 100% behind you, supporting you to succeed.  Trusting in that can take you way further than you could believing you are all on your own.

You ARE meant to succeed and when you tap into the Fearless Faith inside of you, you can become unstoppable!

If you’re really ready to step up to your purpose, to taking your business to a whole new level, join me in my free video series:

3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Energy to Make 2011 the Year You Make a Quantum Leap in Your Business!

Are You Just One Shift Away from the Success You Envision?

Are you struggling so hard on your own to get your business going?  Does it feel like you’re so close to taking your business to the level you dream of, but that there must be just one thing blocking you?

If so, I want to lovingly share a truth that I have found that you may not want to hear but you probably need to hear.

It was just a few years ago when my business was a very-frustrating four figure business.  I felt so stuck but my dreamer self kept imagining that financial success was just around the next corner.  When I look back on those days where I was really struggling to build my business doing what I loved most I can see just how much this dreamy just around the corner thinking was keeping me in struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, being a dreamer is wonderful and is probably the very reason you even have a business in the first place, but it also can really hold you back without you even realizing and I don’t want you to stay stuck anymore!

So bear with me as I share something that may be uncomfortable for you to face but I do this with the most love possible because I’ve been where you are and I don’t want you to be stuck.

I’ve got a quick test for you.

What were your sales in the past 12 months in your business?

And what do you really want to be making in the next 12 months?

Here’s the thing, if the sales level you want is more than 25% of your past sales it is telling you something.  Something big.  It means that:

Your energy and consciousness must undergo a MAJOR transformation in order for you to be able to generate your next level of sales.

Do you have what it takes to do that on your own?  Here’s a test for that:  How much have your sales grown in the last 3 months over the months before that?  And does that match the % increase you are wanting to create in the next 12 months?

If not, I have to tell you that continuing as you have been likely won’t take you there.

So what’s the good news in all of this?

Miracles can happen, they definitely did for me.  My sales increased 322% in one year.


I got help.  I got help from someone who was just like me but was further ahead on the path.  She knew what I didn’t, she had skills and understanding that I didn’t have.

Perhaps what you need is to increase your business and marketing skills, which is very important, but if you are feeling really stuck then you will need to focus on the inner transformation as well.  For a spiritual entrepreneur who is likely very sensitive, reaching the place of where you want to go energetically is first and foremost.  Until you get your energy in alignment with what you are trying to create, you will just sabotage yourself.

Allowing the support the Universe guides you to through mentors or programs is key.  I still do this all the time, I never stop learning and investing in myself because I know I am not just one step away from my next level, I’m constantly creating it with a lot of incredible support from those who can help me get there.

And about the money, the Universe only steps up when you do, and won’t step up UNTIL you do.  I think it’s some kind of test of faith, to know if you are really serious or not.  The first big investments I did in my business were the same amount as I had made in sales the previous year.  But what happened?  I more than tripled my sales!

Make a commitment.  Make a decision.  The 322% increase in sales came AFTER I decided I was going to make it happen, that there was no turning back.  Ask the Universe to guide you forward and to show you what support you need.  And step up to it, RECEIVE it!  You can’t go it alone if you really want to make that leap in your business, it will take FAR too long and really, how long do you want it to take?

Step up and as soon as you do, as soon as you ask for support and are willing to give it to yourself the Universe will know you’re serious and the accelerated path will then be before you.

Tired of being seriously stuck in your business, held back from what you KNOW it is meant to be?  Feeling like a fraud knowing you ARE meant to succeed even though the evidence would say otherwise?

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Is the Universe Asking You to Step Up?

2010 Fia Crandall

I don’t know how many times I see people holding back from taking chances on themselves, from taking actions that could open up their lives in the way the Universe is so lovingly guiding them to.

And I get it.  What if I try it and I fail?  What if I’m not as good as I think I am, Who do I think I am going for something so amazing?  What if I put myself out there and people don’t like me?  I’m doing alright going at my own pace here, I don’t need help.

I do get it, it can seem scary.  But what you don’t realize is that until you step up for yourself the Universe can’t step up for you. Until you step up and take action on what the Universe has brought you as your next step, things will not be stepped up in your life.

Have you been having ideas then somehow an opportunity came to you to step up and say yes to, a chance to take action on your ideas?  Can you see how it was no accident, how you attracted it into your life at the exact right time?  And most importantly:  Did you say yes and step up to it?

It’s such an old, worn-out consciousness that says we have to do it all alone and that we have to have it all planned out to do it right.  It’s just not true.

The Universe is always bringing you the support you need.

You aren’t born knowing everything you need  to know.  You’re born with gifts but perhaps there’s fear in the way that you weren’t born knowing how to deal with.  Perhaps you have gifts but you do not know how to bring those out to the world in a way that has you succeeding.

Trying to do it all yourself is exhausting, I know, I’ve been there.  I used to struggle with getting my work out to the world.  I thought knowing about the Law of Attraction and spiritual principles was enough for what I wanted to become reality.  But it wasn’t.  And so I struggled for quite a while with this.

The thing is, if you want shortcuts, the Universe will bring them to you, probably ALREADY is bringing them to you.  But if you’re just trying to figure it all out yourself, you’ll be given what you need to continue struggling.

I finally reached a point where enough was enough and I finally admitted that I couldn’t do it alone.  Inside I was asking for help.  And soon enough, it came.  And while it seemed like such a leap at the time, and I had so many doubts and fears coming up there was something deeper calling me to step up.  A feeling deep within that says this is for you.

And you know what?  It WAS for me.  It came at the EXACT right time.  And I stepped up for myself and for the life I really wanted.

And this action of stepping up for myself and my life made all of the difference.  I did get what I needed, and everything changed in awesome ways that were so needed.

If there is something calling you to step up and take action to support yourself, if there is a deep inner knowing within you that says this is for you.  Follow it.  It’s the Universe bringing you exactly what YOU need, exactly what you have been quietly asking for, YOUR shortcut.

The New Logic Behind the Leap of Faith

2010 Fia Crandall

Are you feeling like you need to make a change but fear what might happen if you actually go through with it? Feeling called to take a “leap” even if it doesn’t make sense to those around you?

I have been there a few times and have learned some important things that have changed the way I view these changes and I’d love to share them with you.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, afraid of doing what you know in your heart you are meant to do, I hope this opens your eyes and heart to a more supportive way.

I am finding myself at yet another “cliff” in my life.  And as I make my way to take my leap I am realizing a lot about the logic I operate by without even thinking about it, which is very different than the normal logic we are shown in our society.  I want to share with you about what I am calling the new logic, what I have found is much more realistic than the normal left-brained logic our society has conditioned us to use.

Let me share with you a story from my own life to show an example of how the new logic can work.

A few years ago I was trying so hard to build my business, yet couldn’t seem to bring it to the point where it could fully support me.  I was doing this work I loved full time but was primarily financially supported by my partner at the time.  After working on and sharing a new process on overcoming fear with my clients, I suddenly found myself realizing that the relationship I was in was no longer right for me.

Now the old logic kicks in to say you can’t live on what you make, you’ll have to go back to your Engineering job, but there was something deeper telling me otherwise.  I was not willing to go back to my old career and I truly did believe that the Universe didn’t want me to either.

So I did something that seemed logical to me, but to others around me may have seemed crazy.

I made a choice.

I left a situation that was no longer right for me.

I chose to believe in myself, I chose to believe, 100% that I could support myself, to believe, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that I could really do it.

I chose to believe in myself and did whatever it took to back up that intention with serious action and support.

And the brief summary of what happened after that.  A business program came along that I felt so connected to and although I was scared and it was a significant investment, it felt right so I signed up.  I ended up staying with family for 5 months and in that time, brought my business to a whole new level.

Within 5 months I was able to support myself and move out.

And the amazing result that could not have been predicted by regular logic?  That year my sales increased by 322% over the previous year before I had made this change.  I was able to support myself.

Unbelievable.  Now I’ll be honest to say that this leap of faith experience was certainly not the easiest time of my life, in fact it was quite challenging on all levels, was uncomfortable at times and stretched me beyond what I could have imagined.  But I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  This experience helped me grow into who I needed to be.

So what can you learn from this experience?

#1  The logic of the Universe is not the same as the normal logic in our society

It is not logical in our society to have a 322% increase in sales.  I heard in a business training course once that it is normal to have a fifteen percent increase in sales.  I’ve had that normal increase in sales in the middle of a recession, now is that logical?  Not to the rest of the world but to me it is absolutely my truth, my reality.

You want to start small to become in tune with the logic of the Universe.  You do this when you check within for your answers and take action on it, rather than just going by the normal logic.

Listen within.  This skill and your confidence in using it will develop over time ONLY when you use it!  Faith is like a muscle that grows only when you use it.  Start small to begin building this muscle for yourself.

#2  Sometimes your circumstances can’t change until you step up

Sometimes what is happening in your life that needs a change is impacting your energy so much that you literally must make that change BEFORE what you want to happen can possibly happen.  There are some lessons that simply can’t be learned until you put yourself in that uncomfortable place of the new and unknown.

I have come to see that the Universe steps up when you do.  And even more than that, the Universe WON’T step up UNTIL you do.  The very things you want to change or are wishing were better might not change until you step up in a new way that you are being guided to and may have been avoiding because it scares you.

EVERY time I am brought to the edge of a cliff in my life I know it is with great purpose.  And I realize that it is likely something I must do to become who I do not yet know I can be.

Your new reality requires a new, evolved you to live it.

Who might you become if you make your leap of true faith guided by your deeper self instead of stopping yourself by the tired old logic that keeps you small?  Start now with a small leap of faith backed by guided action and belief in yourself.