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3 Tips for Activating Fearless Faith in Yourself and Your Business

Do you really believe you will succeed in your business (and not in 10 years!)?  And do you believe that your business can transform from whatever stuck state it may be in now, to an entirely new reality in a short time?  Or is your faith a bit shaken because all you’ve seen is a long, drawn out struggle to get it going with no evidence to show you it can even succeed?

Recently a new Platinum Client told me that she wanted Fearless Faith.  She was a bit unsure of her gifts and abilities and whether or not she is even meant to use them to help people.  If you are going to ever be able to succeed doing this work that you love you MUST have total faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Here are a 3 tips to help you begin developing YOUR Fearless Faith:

1. You Don’t Do it Alone

Most spiritually conscious people are used to feeling alone, having not many people really understand them and support them in the way they really want. But when it comes to having Fearless Faith you need to trust that there is a force greater than you guiding your business, ready to step up and support you when you step up.

Creating a major reality shift in your business requires a lot of energetic shifts, consciousness shifts and for you to develop new business skills and abilities. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t want to!  Knowing you’re supported in ways you can’t even imagine yet is what you need in order to have the faith you need to succeed.  And it wont come unless you ask!

2. You Have What You Need RIGHT NOW

Do you know you don’t put yourself and your business out there like you know you could because you’re doubtful of your gifts or abilities?  Most spiritually conscious people are perfectionists to some degree and needing to be perfect before you believe in yourself can slow you down for years to come.

The truth is, with what you know now, with the abilities you have now, with the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experience, you are a HUGE help to your clients. What is obvious and simple to you is what your clients struggle with.  Your simple words can open up their world!  Even now.

Fearless Faith means believing in yourself and your ability to help those you are meant to help, even RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to be perfect now, and if you decide to believe and just get out there you will be amazed in a year or two at how much you’ve learned and how much more capable you’ve become.  Don’t wait, you could end up waiting for years or give up and that’s no good to anyone!

3. It’s Not About You

So many of my clients get hung up on themselves, not feeling good enough, not sure about their value, if people will like them, and on and on.  But I quickly remind them that a lot of it is not at all about them and by taking themselves out of the equation it becomes easier to take powerful action forward.

So how is your business not about you?

I believe you were given the gifts that you have AND the desire to do what you love because you need a lot of fuel to get you to the place where you’re succeeding.  You’re used to looking at your business through your eyes, but I want you to look at it from a different perspective.

You were given gifts and a message because there are people who need to receive your gifts and to hear your message.  There are people in a pain right now that you can help heal. They can’t do it on their own, they don’t know how, they can’t see what you can see.

The Universe wants you to help these people, it wants to help you get your business succeeding because that means you are living your purpose, helping the people who need help. That is your purpose!  Fearless Faith is activated when you know that the Universe is 100% behind you, supporting you to succeed.  Trusting in that can take you way further than you could believing you are all on your own.

You ARE meant to succeed and when you tap into the Fearless Faith inside of you, you can become unstoppable!

If you’re really ready to step up to your purpose, to taking your business to a whole new level, join me in my free video series:

3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Energy to Make 2011 the Year You Make a Quantum Leap in Your Business!

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How Facing Reality Can Fuel a Quantum Leap in Your Business

As a spiritually conscious person I’m sure you have learned that you have to focus on what you want in order to manifest it.  While this is absolutely true, not facing the reality in your business could actually be blocking your quantum leap in your business, I want to help you turn this around.

Using the Law of Attraction deliberately really has helped me grow my business, but what fascinates me is that the very thing that sparked accelerated growth in my business was the OPPOSITE of what you are supposed to do.

It is important to see the best, to believe in the potential for your business even when there is no evidence that it will become your reality.  I believe this fully and this is the essence of Fearless Faith.

But if you want to generate a huge spark within you, if you want to grow your business at a WAY faster rate than you have been, it’s time to try something else.

There were two times in my business where I totally accelerated the growth of my business in a huge way.  One time more than tripling my business within 5 months and another making more in 5 months than I did the previous year.

Did this happen because I manifested it? Probably, but what came first was a huge wake-up call.

Before each of these massive growth periods something happened.

I stopped seeing what was not there and I got the courage up to face the actual reality of my business.  And it was scary.

The first time, I had left a relationship, a home I loved and was starting out fully on my own.  Because I have 3 big dogs I needed to live in a house, I couldn’t just rent a room in someone’s house.  And at the time my business was rarely breaking $1000 in a month.  My reality was NOWHERE near what it needed to be.

I had to face this reality, the reality that, if I was to continue as I had been it would take years to grow my business to the place where it could support me.  And that wasn’t an option.  And I was NOT going back to my Engineering career again, I couldn’t do that to myself.

This facing reality did 3 important things, by facing your reality you can open this up for yourself too:


1.  Acknowledging What I Was Actually Able to Manifest

I always say you can’t change what you don’t face.  If your business is making nowhere near what you want it to then it’s time to face that.  It’s time to acknowledge that:

What you have been able to create in your business so far matches your energy as it has been, your consciousness as it has been and your business skills and knowledge that you have.

And if you want to manifest MORE than what you have had, you MUST change your energy, consciousness and business skills and knowledge.  The bigger the growth you want in your business, the more you will need to grow and transform YOU.

Look at the growth you have been able to create in your business and decide if that’s enough for you.  If not, you are in a powerful position to step up like never before.

2. Opening to Receive Support

When you see what you’ve been able to create on your own, what you are able to attract and manifest as your business reality and you see that continuing at that pace of growth is not enough, an important shift happens.

You realize you can’t create huge business growth on your own.  You simply don’t know how.

Admitting this may feel like a failure to you but it is actually a HUGE success.  Why?

Because you aren’t supposed to do it alone! The days of struggling on your own can literally be a thing of the past.  And they should be.  The Universe has such incredible support just waiting for you to ask for.  Each huge leap in my business happened at the same time I asked for support and said yes to the support that felt right, even if it also felt terrifying at the time.

3. Finding Your Fuel to Propel You Forward

Denial of reality is a dangerous place to be because it allows you to keep going as you have been, even if you are running yourself and your bank account into the ground. By looking at how far your reality is from where you want it to be you can access a whole other deeper level of your power that can truly propel you forward.

When you face your reality you have a choice, maybe at first the victim part of you wants to take over.  But if you call on the faith you have inside of you, the belief you do have in the work you know you are here to do, the belief that the Universe wants you to succeed, you access a reservoir of fuel that can never run out.

Only after facing reality was I able to access this huge reservoir of fuel, not a second before.

I encourage you to face your reality, you don’t have to dwell on it but face the full reality of your situation to experience these powerful shifts that can fuel YOUR quantum leap.

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Are Your Current Business Challenges Actually a Piece of Cake?

Are you struggling on the path of building a successful business, but it seems like it’s a never ending journey?  Trying so many things yet not getting the results you want?  You may be surprised to know that there may be a surprising person unknowingly holding you back.


I received guidance once saying those I am here to work with are way more powerful than they realize.  They are so powerful yet they hide from this power.  Rather than be powerful they play small, hide out and try not to stand out.

I know what that’s like, I did this most of my life.  But being in business not just for a hobby but to actually succeed in business meant one step at a time dropping my need to play small and safe.

Actually succeeding being in business and not just spending endless hours, days and years in it with little or no financial return requires you to step into your power.  I believe it’s a requirement.

Looking back on my business I can literally see the direct connection between how much I was in my power and how much I was making in my business.

But there is a problem.  I can remember countless times just mentioning the word power to my clients and getting this strange reaction.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, power feels dangerous to spiritually conscious people.

And this is one of your biggest blocks on your path to growing your business into that full and amazing vision you have for it.

You can’t just choose to be in your power and then be in your power the next minute.  It’s not a logical decision.  There are far too many deeper dynamics at play that will not allow you to be in your power.

And it is a journey.  You can’t just be in your power in your business and when your partner is around you shrink down or hand your power over to him.  That’s not power.  And that will prevent your business from growing.

There is a way to be in your power lovingly.  There is a way to evolve your relationships so you can be in your power and it be a good thing.  And you can get started today.


Being in your power is SO important; your ability to make the income you actually want literally depends on it. That’s why in the Fearless Faith System we focus specifically on uncovering and healing the deeper dynamics that make being in your power feel dangerous.

You ARE powerful beyond anything you can imagine.

The challenges you have right now that keep you up at night are only huge challenges because you don’t have access to all of You to deal with them.  They are actually minor and insignificant.  When you are in your power you find the way, ask for support and are able to attract a whole new reality because of your energy state.

The journey to your power begins with one step, a choice to step into your power.  It can be as simple as:

I realize I am meant to step into my power and though it scares me I trust that there is a way to do this that is safe and feels good.  I ask for support and guidance to help me step into my power in all areas of my life with grace and ease.  I choose to step up, to step into my power, to be the light I know I came here to be.

And if you would like to be supported in this journey, I invite you to join along with other spiritually conscious entrepreneurs as I guide you through healing the 4 specific dynamics that are in the way of you being in your power. So you can feel safe stepping into your power.  So you are no longer wasting time, potentially years struggling.  So you can actually move forward.  To embrace new dynamics and patterns in your business and relationships so you can finally take your business to its next level and attract the support to do this.

To find out more, go here:

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