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3 Abundance Lessons from Nature

HydrangeasI’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately, now that it’s nice out.  This time, I’m not walking to get from point A to point B and back or to give my dog Gina exercise.  I’ve been following the natural impulse I had to get outside.  I’ve slowed down, I’ve been present as I walk or sit out in nature.

And today I noticed something powerful as I lay down on a bench to look at the sky.  I saw big trees in the distance.  And I felt a deep connection to nature in that moment.  Along with a powerful realization:

Trees just are.  There’s no trying to be better than, more than or different than who they are.  A tree knows it’s a tree and doesn’t try to pretend it’s a bird.

In nature there is total acceptance of what is.  No pretending, no striving.

Yet in nature there is nothing but endless abundance.  Everywhere you look.

Maybe nature has some secrets we can learn from…

For years I’ve always believed that our purpose is to be who we are.  And that any filter or mask that aims to please or gain approval is something the Universe will eventually guide you to drop.  Because being you is what the world needs.

You have a unique purpose that is only carried out by being exactly who you are. 

And just like a tree, its entire potential of who it could become was held within the seed it started out as.  To resist allowing the full YOU to be expressed in your life and business is like trying to make a tree become a flower.  It just doesn’t work.

The degree to which you compromise who you are to succeed is the degree to which you will feel unsatisfied with the success you create.

If you can even create it.  It’s very tiring trying to be anything but who you are.  The mask of approval is far too heavy.

I’ve seen 3 ways many people lose themselves in their business, stopping the abundance their true nature has for them:

1. They try to solve all of the problems of their clients

I’ve been seeing this over and over lately.  If you have a unique purpose then doing anything for your clients that is not your purpose is simply going to leave you drained and exhausted.

Not to mention, since it’s not your purpose to be all things to all people, you’re forgetting something important:

You really aren’t good at what’s not your purpose

That means two things.  One, the results your clients create from working with you aren’t as powerful as they could be.  Two, it feels like you’re never quite “enough” no matter how much you give which just leads to feeling deflated.

If you stick with what you KNOW you’re here to do, creating the transformation you know you’re here to create in your clients’ lives, you are in accordance with your nature and you create profound results for your clients.

Know the piece you bring to your clients and let them know what it is.  And if they need another piece you can let them know that too.

2. They catch “mentor-itis”

This infection is so sneaky and damaging that my friend Karen Evelyn and I gave it a name.


Mentor-itis is what happens when you try to be something you’re not because a mentor tells you to.  Or maybe you just try to “please” the mentor, to be a good student and willingly become “pleasing” instead of you.

I’ve repeatedly had mentor-itis in my business.  And had to recover from it each time.

The truth is, only YOU know what you bring to the world.  Only YOU know what feels right to you in your business.  Only you can say things the way you’re meant to and your ideal clients need to hear.

Yes, I am a huge fan of having a mentor, one that resonates with you.  They save you time and help you succeed faster.  I believe they are necessary and have had many in the past.

Yet you can’t throw away the YOU in your business because a mentor says you should.  You also don’t want to be more than you are or do work for your clients that’s not you because a mentor says it’s a good idea.  You will lose motivation and it will be WAY more effort.  Success becomes hard because you don’t even really want to do the work.

3. They don’t realize the deeper blocks to allowing their true nature

If just being who you are was easy, I think most people would just do it.  They wouldn’t struggle with it.

I am an intuitive, I am a healer.  I do some different work in the world.  Very different work in the world of business.

Yet where did I start out?  As a Mechanical Engineer.

If being me was so easy, I would have just delved into the world of the intuitive right off the bat.  But I didn’t.  I hid who I really was with all I could.  I hid it so well I didn’t even know who I really was inside.

And even when I started to pursue my intuitive gifts and share them through a business I still was trying to hide,  playing small and not feeling safe enough to share my gifts in a bigger way.

When I finally began to pinpoint the deeper energetic blocks in my way and healing them using the Intuitive Healing Process, I finally felt safe being me in my business.

I could breathe easier, I could be myself more and my work became more enjoyable.  Not only that, I was being me more fully and my sales more than tripled in 5 months.

You are meant to live according to your nature.  Your nature is your gift.  And uncovering your true nature and operating your business according to your true nature is the most prosperous gift you can give yourself and the world.

Many people have no clue what deep energetic blocks are stopping them from feeling safe being who they are and sharing their true selves through their business.

Yet it costs so much in time, energy and lack of motivation.

I’d love to assist you in finding out what energetic blocks are in the way of allowing the full you to be expressed in your business.  To fulfilling your purpose more fully and joyfully.  Making it way easier to make the money you’re meant to.

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On this call myself or my trained Intuitive Business Consultant Sandra will assist you in pinpointing exactly what’s in the way.  Most people feel relieved at the new clarity and inspired.

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3 Damaging Effects of Non-Ideal Clients

You know who they are… the clients you don’t really enjoy working with, the clients that drain you rather than light you up.  Clients you work with perhaps just because they pay you, not because you actually enjoy working with them.  These clients are NON-IDEAL clients and if you’ve got them in your business it may be costing you more than you think.

I’ve seen non-ideal clients impacting the lives of my clients in major ways, often without them even realizing what is happening.  I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you so you can do what it takes to AVOID non-ideal clients and the damaging effects of working with them.

Let’s start out with a basic truth from a spiritual perspective:

Non-ideal clients are people that you are NOT meant to work with.

It is not your purpose to work with non-ideal clients.  They would actually be helped much MORE by working with someone else, perhaps someone with different skills, ways of expressing themselves or perhaps just a different mindset.  This does not mean there is anything wrong with you!  It just means there is someone who is better suited for them.  And it’s for your highest good and theirs to let them go so they can find the person who IS meant to help them.

The 3 damaging effects of working with non-ideal clients are:

1. They Drain Your Energy

Working with a non-ideal client is EXHAUSTING!  It’s draining to work with someone you’re not meant to work with.  Often non-ideal clients are people you don’t really like that much, and even if you do like them, it likely CONSUMES your energy to work with them.

Working with ideal clients energizes you!  That’s how it’s meant to be.  So you can keep the fuel going to make an even bigger difference in the world!

2. Doubt Your Worth and Pricing

Your gifts, your message and your healing are PRICELESS to your ideal clients

This is because you are EXACTLY what they need.

But here’s the thing…

The same, incredible priceless gifts, message and healing you offer to your non-ideal clients does not have the same value because it often does not create the same results.  Remember this has nothing to do with your value and pricing, it’s simply because they are not meant to work with you.  To your non-ideal client your services are not priceless and often you and the non-ideal client can leave the session questioning if what you’re doing is of value to them.

Sound familiar?

So then you go off questioning your value, maybe questioning your pricing.  Yet the problem is NOT your value… it’s that you’re working with a non-ideal client! 

3. Question Your Purpose

When you see that your non-ideal clients are just not getting very good results, a common reaction is to take this questioning of their value one step further.  And this is the most critical, most damaging effect of non-ideal clients…

They cause you to question whether you should even be doing this work.  “Maybe this isn’t the work I’m meant to be doing…”

You begin questioning your purpose.  You can have 10 clients getting amazing results that are truly priceless, you can be transforming the lives of these ideal clients in the most profound ways, just one non-ideal client can send you questioning your purpose.

Here’s the thing about questioning your purpose that makes it so damaging…

When you question your purpose you don’t move forward. 

You’re stalled.  You’re likely not feeling confident, getting your work out to as many people as you can.  And when you’re not moving forward, all of those IDEAL clients who are MEANT to work with you are waiting.

Everybody misses out!  You need FAITH to succeed and to continue reaching more and more people, you need to KNOW that the work you do is truly priceless, and you need all of the energy you have to do the work you’re meant to do.

Are Your Current Business Challenges Actually a Piece of Cake?

Are you struggling on the path of building a successful business, but it seems like it’s a never ending journey?  Trying so many things yet not getting the results you want?  You may be surprised to know that there may be a surprising person unknowingly holding you back.


I received guidance once saying those I am here to work with are way more powerful than they realize.  They are so powerful yet they hide from this power.  Rather than be powerful they play small, hide out and try not to stand out.

I know what that’s like, I did this most of my life.  But being in business not just for a hobby but to actually succeed in business meant one step at a time dropping my need to play small and safe.

Actually succeeding being in business and not just spending endless hours, days and years in it with little or no financial return requires you to step into your power.  I believe it’s a requirement.

Looking back on my business I can literally see the direct connection between how much I was in my power and how much I was making in my business.

But there is a problem.  I can remember countless times just mentioning the word power to my clients and getting this strange reaction.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, power feels dangerous to spiritually conscious people.

And this is one of your biggest blocks on your path to growing your business into that full and amazing vision you have for it.

You can’t just choose to be in your power and then be in your power the next minute.  It’s not a logical decision.  There are far too many deeper dynamics at play that will not allow you to be in your power.

And it is a journey.  You can’t just be in your power in your business and when your partner is around you shrink down or hand your power over to him.  That’s not power.  And that will prevent your business from growing.

There is a way to be in your power lovingly.  There is a way to evolve your relationships so you can be in your power and it be a good thing.  And you can get started today.


Being in your power is SO important; your ability to make the income you actually want literally depends on it. That’s why in the Fearless Faith System we focus specifically on uncovering and healing the deeper dynamics that make being in your power feel dangerous.

You ARE powerful beyond anything you can imagine.

The challenges you have right now that keep you up at night are only huge challenges because you don’t have access to all of You to deal with them.  They are actually minor and insignificant.  When you are in your power you find the way, ask for support and are able to attract a whole new reality because of your energy state.

The journey to your power begins with one step, a choice to step into your power.  It can be as simple as:

I realize I am meant to step into my power and though it scares me I trust that there is a way to do this that is safe and feels good.  I ask for support and guidance to help me step into my power in all areas of my life with grace and ease.  I choose to step up, to step into my power, to be the light I know I came here to be.

And if you would like to be supported in this journey, I invite you to join along with other spiritually conscious entrepreneurs as I guide you through healing the 4 specific dynamics that are in the way of you being in your power. So you can feel safe stepping into your power.  So you are no longer wasting time, potentially years struggling.  So you can actually move forward.  To embrace new dynamics and patterns in your business and relationships so you can finally take your business to its next level and attract the support to do this.

To find out more, go here:

You Are Meant to Do It Your Way

2009 Fia Crandall

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being squished into something that you’re not? Like you really are a square peg trying to force yourself into a round hole but it’s not really working and you’re getting tired of it?

I want to share with you something I found to be very powerful that I hope changes your views on yourself and how you are designed.

When I was in my old nine to five job I had always felt this resistance to the fact that I had to be there for those eight hours, no matter what.  There was even a point in my career where there was absolutely no work for us to do and we STILL had to come in for those eight hours.  It always bugged me.

Now at first I just thought it was because I wanted a dream life where I could make my own schedule and wake up when I wanted and end my days when I wanted.  Now this is partly true but recently I realized something big.

I am not a nine to five person.  I actually found out that my energy runs differently than what is expected when you show up for your eight hour shifts.  I actually work in bursts of energy where I have this insane efficiency and get massive work done in a very short time.  And I also have plenty of time where I really don’t do that much at all.

I thought I was lazy or something.  But looking at it now, this is really just my natural rhythm.  I rest and become more receptive for a time then when it’s time to take action I have full and intense energy that takes me ahead by leaps and bounds.  But it’s a rhythm that I need to operate in to be the most efficient.

I used to think I was a crammer in University.  I wouldn’t study until almost the day before for most exams.  And it worked.  I thought I was doing it wrong but recently I realized that no, I wasn’t doing it wrong, I just needed that downtime before the burst of energy that was sure to come along to help me do what I needed to do very efficiently.

So what does this have to do with you?

You have a way that is YOU. It is natural to you, it makes sense and it is not a bad thing.  In fact, I truly believe that the work that you are uniquely designed for must be done YOUR WAY by you.

I resisted the nine to five not just because I wanted freedom.  Yes I did want freedom, but it is more than that, I am actually designed to work in a certain way that allows me to do what I came here to do in the most effective and powerful way.

I need lots of down time now so I can bring through the inspiration that I’m meant to share with those I’m meant to serve.  And because I allow this I bring through what is SO connected with those I’m here to serve, I hear about it all the time.

And my life is set up to match Who I Am. I stopped trying to fit myself into that round hole and instead I created (or stepped into) my place in the world that is exactly designed for me.  I am free, because for me to be free means I can serve those I’m meant to serve in the highest way a way that feels wonderful and natural to me.

Can you begin to embrace the idea that your resistance you feel to certain things is actually telling you that you are meant to approach things in a different way?

That maybe you’re not being selfish for wanting to do things differently, that maybe it actually allows you to Be Who You Came Here to Be in the fullest, most meaningful way?

Activating Your Authentic Way

Allow yourself to get quiet for a moment.  Imagine an ocean wave of light washes over you and takes away any tension, thoughts and stresses.  Just let it go.

Now ask to be shown what resistance is showing up in your life that is actually showing you an opportunity to discover your way.

And once you receive this, ask: what is my way here?

And to allow this way to more gently come into reality ask: how can I embrace my authentic way within the exact same outer situation?

Even when I was in my nine to five I allowed myself to work my way.  I got together my to do list for the day and didn’t act until I felt like it.  I’d start with the task with the most energy and most of the time while I was doing that I’d run into people I needed to talk to in order to take care of my other tasks on my list.

So start now, wherever you are, to embrace your way.

And I’d like to also spark within you the idea that your entire life not only can be your way but is meant to be your way.

Stop Looking For Outside Validation of Your Worth!

2008 Fia Crandall

Do you feel like the results you create in your life are a reflection of your worth and value? Do you feel let down when things don’t turn out as good as you had intended?

Looking for outside validation of your worth is a sure way to keep you stuck in feeling unworthy. When you connect your value to anything outside of yourself you set yourself up for disappointment.

The thing is, you ARE worthy and it has nothing to do with what outer results you create. And I also have come to see that your outer results increase the more that your belief in yourself and your worth increases.

I have seen that people who don’t feel worthy to begin with tend to see things in a distorted way. They rarely see the success they do create, even in the face of great success. And they are so quick to point out what they didn’t do rather than the success they have created. It’s just the natural way because they are driven by an unconscious unworthiness. And when you are driven by unworthiness you can’t help but to look for evidence of it.

I know this all too well myself. This has been a great challenge for me as well. I realized that when you feel unworthy deep down, you set your expectations and goals almost impossibly high. You actually set yourself up for failure without realizing.

Then even if you create great success, it’s no comparison to what you wanted. In one year I had increased my sales by 322%. That’s a massive success! But at the end of that year I still felt like a failure because I didn’t make my huge goal.

Can you see how ridiculous this is?

Do you see how you might be doing this?

You need massive proof of your worth when you feel unworthy, that’s why you set your sights so high.  And when you are driven unconsciously from a place of unworthiness, it is almost impossible to create those incredible results you want.

When you feel worthy, you disconnect from the outer results and celebrate ALL of your successes, because you see clearly without a distorted filter.

The one thing the Law of Attraction does is help you go for the best, to envision something truly amazing for yourself, that really is a major stretch. And this is a good thing. But you can’t tie your worth to whether or not it happens as fast as you’d like or whether it happens or not.

If you really want big results, you have to go big, I’m all for that. But don’t measure your value based on what you create. Make a choice to see ANY forward movement as progress that is worthy of being celebrated.

If you want to break out of this disappointment and unworthiness dilemma, you need to reverse the process.

If you want good results, you must detach from the outer results.

You must see your results as separate from you. Sure they are a reflection of you but if you attract limited results it has more to do with how you see yourself than your actual worth.

Which brings you to the second step to shifting this, you must shift your self-view if you are ever going to attract anywhere near the results that you want. Rather than watching for evidence of whether or not you are worthy, begin noticing and collecting evidence of your worth right now.

One way I did this was to start writing out self-appreciation in my gratitude journal. I just made myself list the things that I appreciated about myself. And when I looked at myself from this viewpoint I could finally see clearly…

I HAD created a lot, I did have a lot of successes worth celebrating, even if I hadn’t made that impossibly high goal. I was giving myself what I needed, I was stepping up for myself and my most amazing life. I was committed. I was authentic.  And I really HAD created a lot of what I did want.  The evidence was all around me.

And through this I started seeing my true value and worth. It was not just shown in what I created, it was shown through who I was and how I was showing up in my life.

Break the connection between your outer results and your worth. Embrace your worth NOW, see the good, see the progress, see what is right. And you can’t help but to create better results, because you will finally be coming from a place of worthiness and you won’t need to validate yourself by results.  And your results can finally soar.

Choose Ease by Embracing Two Important Sources of Light on Your Path

2010 Fia Crandall

The logical mind thinks in terms of the known, the visible, what can be confirmed.  The Universe thinks in terms of possibility.  The deeper part of you is connected to a greater wisdom and knows that all is possible and what you see around you is changeable.

I have found that the path of becoming who you are really meant to be requires developing your understanding and trust of the Universe’s logic. And the Universe’s logic is nothing like your logic.

The reason the Universe’s logic is different is because it is able to consider ALL aspects of your situation, both known AND unknown.

Your logical mind can’t do this.

The other thing that I’ve learned about the Universe’s logic is that the Universe only steps up when you do and not before.  This actually reinforces your logic because you will not see what’s possible until you step up.

I recently had a client realize that she must leave her job, even before she has something new lined up.  Although this scared her, she realized it was no longer a choice, she had to do it.  She couldn’t not do it.  Within 24 hours of making this decision new realizations came to her, new ideas and possibilities seemingly came out of nowhere.

The logic of the Universe works like that.  And I believe it is because before you commit to what matters most to you, you only see through eyes of impossibility and because of that the Universe brings you only what matches your view. So you look around and there is so much evidence around you that affirms it is impossible for you to commit to your path, to doing what you came here to do.

Logic alone can not take you forward into the amazing life you are meant to live. It just can’t.  Of course it will help you along the way but it will be a new logic.  The logic of possibility and understanding of the Universe’s workings.

I still remember the day I committed to my path.  I remember writing in my journal an entry that would shape the course of my life and rearrange everything to allow for my purpose to unfold. I knew it was time.  I was really getting bored with what was going on at work and I couldn’t imagine moving on to the next project to do it all over again.  So I wrote in my journal I KNOW I am meant to do more and be more, I am ready, show me the way.

They were not just words in a journal, this was an expression of me being totally ready and willing to surrender to the Universe’s way (as I didn’t have a clue how to move forward).  Since that time the company I was working for at the time didn’t get any new work and a few short months later (after moving into a new house I had built), I was laid off.

At that point I was excited (even though I was scared on some level) because I knew the Universe was opening up the way for me. From that point on, one thing after the other came to support me and here I am now.  I can’t imagine my life another way.  Doing what I am meant to do is the foundation of my life and making the difference that I am here to make brings me such deep satisfaction, meaning and joy.  There is no other life for me.

I also want you to know that committing to your path is not a magic pill.

This path is not for those who aren’t willing to take charge and be responsible for their life.  And there will be work required.  You will be required to stretch, grow, overcome your fears, and basically let go of your smallness to become who you need to be to carry out you purpose. That is not an overnight task and your path may not be linear.  I had to go back to Engineering for a temporary job that ended up being a two year part-time job.  It doesn’t matter what your path looks like, if you’re committed and you don’t give up, you WILL get there and the Universe will support you every step of the way (even if it doesn’t appear that way).

Look at your life.  Can’t you FEEL it can be so much more? Can’t you feel deep down that YOU can be so much more, even if you have no idea what that is?

You are the only one who can choose to stop looking at why it’s impossible.

You are the only one who can commit to your path.

And if you do, I celebrate with you because I know all of the amazing things that are coming for you.  And I know how good it feels to live a life based in authenticity and freedom and to be able to give expression to what wants to come through you.  It’s too good to miss out on.