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Are You Just One Shift Away from the Success You Envision?

Are you struggling so hard on your own to get your business going?  Does it feel like you’re so close to taking your business to the level you dream of, but that there must be just one thing blocking you?

If so, I want to lovingly share a truth that I have found that you may not want to hear but you probably need to hear.

It was just a few years ago when my business was a very-frustrating four figure business.  I felt so stuck but my dreamer self kept imagining that financial success was just around the next corner.  When I look back on those days where I was really struggling to build my business doing what I loved most I can see just how much this dreamy just around the corner thinking was keeping me in struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, being a dreamer is wonderful and is probably the very reason you even have a business in the first place, but it also can really hold you back without you even realizing and I don’t want you to stay stuck anymore!

So bear with me as I share something that may be uncomfortable for you to face but I do this with the most love possible because I’ve been where you are and I don’t want you to be stuck.

I’ve got a quick test for you.

What were your sales in the past 12 months in your business?

And what do you really want to be making in the next 12 months?

Here’s the thing, if the sales level you want is more than 25% of your past sales it is telling you something.  Something big.  It means that:

Your energy and consciousness must undergo a MAJOR transformation in order for you to be able to generate your next level of sales.

Do you have what it takes to do that on your own?  Here’s a test for that:  How much have your sales grown in the last 3 months over the months before that?  And does that match the % increase you are wanting to create in the next 12 months?

If not, I have to tell you that continuing as you have been likely won’t take you there.

So what’s the good news in all of this?

Miracles can happen, they definitely did for me.  My sales increased 322% in one year.


I got help.  I got help from someone who was just like me but was further ahead on the path.  She knew what I didn’t, she had skills and understanding that I didn’t have.

Perhaps what you need is to increase your business and marketing skills, which is very important, but if you are feeling really stuck then you will need to focus on the inner transformation as well.  For a spiritual entrepreneur who is likely very sensitive, reaching the place of where you want to go energetically is first and foremost.  Until you get your energy in alignment with what you are trying to create, you will just sabotage yourself.

Allowing the support the Universe guides you to through mentors or programs is key.  I still do this all the time, I never stop learning and investing in myself because I know I am not just one step away from my next level, I’m constantly creating it with a lot of incredible support from those who can help me get there.

And about the money, the Universe only steps up when you do, and won’t step up UNTIL you do.  I think it’s some kind of test of faith, to know if you are really serious or not.  The first big investments I did in my business were the same amount as I had made in sales the previous year.  But what happened?  I more than tripled my sales!

Make a commitment.  Make a decision.  The 322% increase in sales came AFTER I decided I was going to make it happen, that there was no turning back.  Ask the Universe to guide you forward and to show you what support you need.  And step up to it, RECEIVE it!  You can’t go it alone if you really want to make that leap in your business, it will take FAR too long and really, how long do you want it to take?

Step up and as soon as you do, as soon as you ask for support and are willing to give it to yourself the Universe will know you’re serious and the accelerated path will then be before you.

Tired of being seriously stuck in your business, held back from what you KNOW it is meant to be?  Feeling like a fraud knowing you ARE meant to succeed even though the evidence would say otherwise?

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Why is Your Dream Business So Far from Your Everyday Reality?

Do you dream of having a business that allows you to be paid well for being who you are, sharing your gifts and message with the world?  And how close is that dream to being your reality?

As a spiritually conscious person, you know that your inner world creates your outer world, so just what does it say about your inner world when your outer is so far from what you are wanting?

The number one reason your outer reality is so far from your desired reality is that your vibration does not match what you want to create.  If your energy matched having a successful business doing what you love then you would have it.

In other words, you must first become the person who matches the reality you wish to create before that reality will actually become your reality.


I bet you know this already on some level, but if you know this, WHY are you still stuck?

This is actually a very damaging dynamic I see all the time and was guilty of being trapped in myself for a few years.  If you don’t break out of this, your dream business may forever be out in your future and never in your now.

I want to help you see the truth because only then are you free to make a real change.  The truth is, as a spiritually conscious person you are probably very good at seeing the positive.  You are good at working your thoughts into nice, happy ones when they start to stray into negative territory.

This is a great skill but it can also be a HUGE trap when it comes to creating success in your business.

How so?

Putting a happy face on the energy of It’s not safe to succeed or Success = loss of love does nothing to create success. It’s actually a powerful form of denial.  And what I’ve seen is that the happy face that we are so comfortable with can often do more harm than good.

I spent a very big chunk of my life in a relationship with someone who I was not suited for.  I was so good at wearing the happy face that I even had myself fooled into thinking I was happy.

The result?  Very slow business growth.  In fact, it wasn’t until I finally faced the disappointment I was experiencing in my relationship and business that things began to change. And change they did.  By facing what I was ignoring for over 3 years I finally was able to deal with what was wrong.

Facing what was wrong involved leaving the relationship but also resulted in a change in vibration within that allowed me to attract the support I needed to more than triple my sales within a very short time. I was able to support myself from my business for the first time ever after that, a HUGE dream for me at the time.

Had I kept on my happy face I never would have left that relationship and I almost cry at the thought of where I’d be right now in my business. Nowhere near what I am so blessed to experience every day now.

What might YOU be in denial about?  What negative emotion or situation are you trying so desperately to put a happy face on that may actually be showing you how off your vibration is from your dream business?

I like to say you can’t change what you don’t face and if the reality of your business is far from the dream you have for it, then it’s time to dig up some courage and face what it’s time to face.  You will be glad that you did.

Tired of not knowing why you are stuck in your business and how to get out of it?

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Two Key Signs You Are Secretly Sabotaging the Success of Your Business

2010 Fia Crandall

Do you know deep within that you are meant to do something significant, that you are here with a purpose and that purpose is best expressed in your business? And do you feel like you are somehow stuck and unable to have your business reach the level you know it is meant to grow to?

As I look back I can see that the growth of my business was directly linked in with my own growth.  Times of major business growth were always preceded by the uncovering of a major energetic pattern within me and healing it.

The thing is, you DO attract what matches your energy and what matches your consciousness.  Your business is therefore a reflection of YOU.

If you look at your business and you feel you are nowhere near where you know you can be then it is an obvious indication that you are blocked energetically and it is showing up in your business.

One of the most significant patterns I help people heal is what I call the Major Energetic Anchor.  This is a strong pattern of sabotage that keeps your business from expanding beyond the level it is currently at. This pattern holds you back more than any other because it is in essence YOU holding yourself back without realizing.

Is there a Major Energetic Anchor keeping you from transforming your business into it’s highest expression?

Here are two signs that indicate you may be secretly sabotaging your success and that a Major Energetic Anchor within you may be keeping you from the full expression of the business you are meant to have:

Sign #1: You Avoid Taking the Actions that Will Take You Forward

Now this is a tricky one for spiritually conscious entrepreneurs.  I know from experience that you can keep really busy doing the things that you like doing without realizing that you are actually avoiding taking the really powerful actions that take you forward in your business.

It is so common to avoid what makes you nervous but this is actually something that may be seriously holding you back. I actually encourage my clients to move in the direction that both excites and scares them.  This fear is a good sign that you are stretching beyond your comfort zone and guess what?  Your ideal abundant business IS beyond your comfort zone.

Avoiding doing things that may take you forward more powerfully is a sure sign that you are secretly sabotaging your success.  And the deeper truth is that there is likely a very real, deep reason you are avoiding taking the actions that will help create your success.

When you sabotage yourself out of fear it is because part of you wants you to stay where you are and feels that there is a big risk in succeeding. And this Major Energetic Anchor can keep you in place and avoiding the very actions that will take you toward your success.

Sign #2: You Are Going It Alone

Do you feel like you should be able to succeed on your own, and that getting help is a sign of incompetence?

If so, this is a very big indicator that you are secretly sabotaging your success.

As a spiritually conscious person you know that you don’t have to know “the how” to be able to create amazing things in your life.  But the thing is, there IS a how. And more than that, as I have discovered repeatedly, there are actually How People out there ready to help you succeed.

Not allowing support is a major sign that you are secretly sabotaging your success.

In hiring one mentor my sales jumped 322% in one year. This happened within a few short months after healing a Major Energetic Anchor that was holding me back at that time.

Is hiring a mentor enough to help you succeed?  For some it is.  BUT if a Major Energetic Anchor is in place and keeping you away from the full expression of you and your business then you will likely choose a mentor who will not take you where you want to go.

I worked with a coach for almost two years with little results to show for it. I know this was because I had a Major Energetic Anchor that was keeping me stuck.

Awareness is the first step to transformation.  Open your mind and observe yourself. Are you avoiding the powerful actions that may take you forward?  Are you trying to be super-woman trying to succeed all on your own?

Perhaps this is a sign that something deeper is going on that you want to look at.  Until you do you may have years pass you by before you ever reach the level of success you are meant to reach.

Are you tired of being held back in your business, from creating the abundant business you know you are meant to have?

Join me Tuesday July 27th for a free teleseminar:

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Revealing the Beauty Within

2008 Fia Crandall

Fear. Doubt. Not believing we deserve good things. Feeling less than others. Feeling not good enough. Shrinking down. Hiding our true self.

This is so normal in our society. To experience any or all of these on some level. It is actually more normal than the expression of the beauty and magnificence that we are all inside.

On some level we feel it is safer to shrink down. It is safer to hide our light, our beauty, to hide what makes us unique.

I know this all too well, in fact my biggest fear growing up was any form of creative self-expression. For others to see who I really was. The fear of being judged and not accepted. I even chose an “acceptable”, not so creative or expressive career because of this fear.

A major part of my journey from my old “safe” career to doing the work I love here has been to release all of this fear, pain, doubt, shrinking down. To drop it and to just allow my true light to shine. Your talents come naturally, when they are not blocked by your fear and lower thoughts and energies.

So when you think of who you really are inside, maybe you don’t see the beauty now, maybe you just feel the fear as I did before. When you feel this, know that it is natural and normal. It’s all part of our journey here in this life.

And to choose to discover and reveal this beauty is to choose to grow beyond these restrictions. To choose to be the beauty that secretly you know you are inside. To allow this beauty to be discovered, to allow what is blocking it to be dropped is what leads us down a path of immense growth and of ever-expanding joy and energy.

Just as fear is a restriction, revealing your true self, your true beauty is such a wonderful expansion. As you let this beauty be revealed you are revealing more of your Divinity. You are allowing your unique light to shine through into this life, into this world.

Maybe you’re not ready to let yourself shine fully to the world. But maybe that true self is ready to start to be revealed. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to choose expansion over shrinking down. To choose life over dullness. To choose growth over stagnation. To choose to discover and reveal the beauty that you are rather than to hide it even from yourself.

The Universe is here to support you in this journey. Your job is to choose it. Even just to choose more. To stop settling for being less, for feeling less, for experiencing less than what you know is possible for you.

So today, ask yourself, are you ready to choose more? Are you ready to take your life to a new level?

Maybe it’s time.

You may not know how and that’s normal. But the Universe is here to support you more than you know. If you choose to go higher, if you choose to discover your true beauty, if you choose to reveal it, you will begin a journey that is more fulfilling than anything I’ve ever experienced. To be who you knew you always were deep down is to truly know a freedom and joy like no other.

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What’s Holding Back Your Purpose?

2010 Fia Crandall

One of the most interesting things I find about people on a spiritual path is that almost each and every one of us seems to feel unworthy, not good enough, small and not capable (not that they come across this way to others).

And usually these beliefs are tied right into the area that they are meant to shine in.

Although there was no logical explanation why, when I was a child I was terrified of expressing my true self, I remember being so scared of creative writing and of being different than everyone else.

But guess what?

I WAS meant to be different than everyone else. I was meant to express my most authentic self and to be creative because that is my work here. This is what I came to do.

The very thing I was afraid of and nervous about was what would eventually bring me the most fulfillment and meaning I could ask for, that nothing else could compare to.

You see, this fear can unconsciously stop you from pursuing your most fulfilling path. I definitely know this to be true for myself and also know what having courage to face this has meant for me.

Is your life as fulfilling and meaningful as you want it to be? Do you know that you are meant to be more, to do more with your life but you don’t know how or what it might be?

Give yourself a moment to tune in and open to some answers.

I want to challenge you to open to discovering what you may be holding yourself back from.

Step out of the box of fear for a moment, the easiest way to do that is by using your imagination. The best thing about your imagination is that you can go places that you couldn’t in your regular life. Even if you think of something that’s scary, it is not real!

And in order to ensure fear is not controlling this experience for you, set your intention first off by saying to yourself I am willing to see what I may have been holding myself back from out of fear.

Recognize that by asking about this you are not saying you’re willing to do anything different, you’re just getting more information.

Get quiet, close your eyes and ask yourself:

What am I secretly afraid of?

What do I fear yet at the same time I’m also drawn to?

What might this show me about my purpose and what I’m here to do?

What ARE the fears about me following my heart to live the most fulfilling life I can? That I will not be accepted, that I will be abandoned if I do a certain thing or pursue what’s in my heart?

I truly believe each of us are here for a reason. I believe that you have a place here that no one else can fill. One that you ARE good enough for and fully capable of carrying out. You bring a unique energy to the world that is needed.

And in order to pursue this, you must step up to the challenges and fears that you planned for yourself. You must face the challenges on our path that are there to shape you and so that you can actually grow into the person you are meant to become, that Bigger You.

There’s no map. There’s no right or wrong way. But there is a big difference between forward movement and holding yourself back from that Bigger Life that’s waiting for you. What will you choose?

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Are You Hiding From Your Challenges?

2010 Fia Crandall

Are there challenges in your life that you really don’t understand?  And do you actually avoid looking at these challenges because you are not competent in your ability to move beyond them?

Recently it has become more and more obvious to me that spiritually conscious women are very good at seeing the best and focusing on the good.  The flip side of this is that they can be very good at ignoring the bad, especially the challenges that they don’t know what to do about.

At first this appears to be a good thing, when you consider the Law of Attraction.  But I’ve found for myself that this ignoring of the challenges can be more harmful than good.  And there is a real powerful energy to a person who is willing to look, to be honest with herself about what is going on and then to find a solution.

I remember when I was first building my business, I wanted to be at a point of success where I could be only doing what I loved and fully leave my old career behind.  I would be visualizing, focusing on the good and still nothing was really happening to take me forward financially in the way I had wanted.  Rather than face what was happening honestly, I tried to just put a happy face on through it and expect it to all work out.

What I didn’t realize is that there were many aspects to this challenge that I needed to see and understand if it was ever going to get better. And after a major life change I didn’t have a choice anymore, I needed to move beyond this challenge and fast.

So what did I do?

I stopped trying to just be positive and I really allowed myself to take an honest look at it all.  It was not necessarily comfortable but I knew I needed to do this.

Because the truth I’ve found is that you can’t change what you don’t face.

You attract what matches your ENTIRE energy, what you’re conscious of AND what is below the surface.  Might as well face the darkness within you so you can finally begin to attract the reality that you want.

There is light in your awareness that can break up the darkness, allow you to see things in a new way and allow you to have powerful realizations that can take you forward.

What I saw clearly was that I was lacking the business knowledge to take my business beyond the point I had taken it to.  And with the added drive that the life changes had given me (others might call this a crisis!), I had the energy behind me to find the way.  To take what was a huge challenge for me and to turn it around into a major success.

Within 5 months of doing this my business was 300% higher than it was the year before.  I had the courage to look.  I saw what I needed to see and I allowed myself to take new actions, get the support I needed, the support the Universe had brought right to me, to overcome this challenge and to be guided to a new way of being.

None of which would have been possible had I not taken an honest look and faced the challenges rather than pretending they don’t exist.

So what is the big challenge in your life that you have been avoiding?

Do you see that by doing this you were affirming the belief that there is no solution or way out?

What if instead you affirmed that you could create whatever you want, that you would be guided forward, that the answers and solutions would come to you?

Imagine what you could create then.

Start now.  Write down on a piece of paper what the challenge is that you haven’t been facing.  And let yourself write all about it.  Be willing to discover more about yourself, what has been driving you in this area and what fears you have about it.  Let yourself look, bring the light of your awareness to this dark place and see possibilities where there was once impossibility.

Don’t fear what you can’t see, face it!  There’s a gift in it and can only be opened once you look directly into it.

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Stop Looking For Outside Validation of Your Worth!

2008 Fia Crandall

Do you feel like the results you create in your life are a reflection of your worth and value? Do you feel let down when things don’t turn out as good as you had intended?

Looking for outside validation of your worth is a sure way to keep you stuck in feeling unworthy. When you connect your value to anything outside of yourself you set yourself up for disappointment.

The thing is, you ARE worthy and it has nothing to do with what outer results you create. And I also have come to see that your outer results increase the more that your belief in yourself and your worth increases.

I have seen that people who don’t feel worthy to begin with tend to see things in a distorted way. They rarely see the success they do create, even in the face of great success. And they are so quick to point out what they didn’t do rather than the success they have created. It’s just the natural way because they are driven by an unconscious unworthiness. And when you are driven by unworthiness you can’t help but to look for evidence of it.

I know this all too well myself. This has been a great challenge for me as well. I realized that when you feel unworthy deep down, you set your expectations and goals almost impossibly high. You actually set yourself up for failure without realizing.

Then even if you create great success, it’s no comparison to what you wanted. In one year I had increased my sales by 322%. That’s a massive success! But at the end of that year I still felt like a failure because I didn’t make my huge goal.

Can you see how ridiculous this is?

Do you see how you might be doing this?

You need massive proof of your worth when you feel unworthy, that’s why you set your sights so high.  And when you are driven unconsciously from a place of unworthiness, it is almost impossible to create those incredible results you want.

When you feel worthy, you disconnect from the outer results and celebrate ALL of your successes, because you see clearly without a distorted filter.

The one thing the Law of Attraction does is help you go for the best, to envision something truly amazing for yourself, that really is a major stretch. And this is a good thing. But you can’t tie your worth to whether or not it happens as fast as you’d like or whether it happens or not.

If you really want big results, you have to go big, I’m all for that. But don’t measure your value based on what you create. Make a choice to see ANY forward movement as progress that is worthy of being celebrated.

If you want to break out of this disappointment and unworthiness dilemma, you need to reverse the process.

If you want good results, you must detach from the outer results.

You must see your results as separate from you. Sure they are a reflection of you but if you attract limited results it has more to do with how you see yourself than your actual worth.

Which brings you to the second step to shifting this, you must shift your self-view if you are ever going to attract anywhere near the results that you want. Rather than watching for evidence of whether or not you are worthy, begin noticing and collecting evidence of your worth right now.

One way I did this was to start writing out self-appreciation in my gratitude journal. I just made myself list the things that I appreciated about myself. And when I looked at myself from this viewpoint I could finally see clearly…

I HAD created a lot, I did have a lot of successes worth celebrating, even if I hadn’t made that impossibly high goal. I was giving myself what I needed, I was stepping up for myself and my most amazing life. I was committed. I was authentic.  And I really HAD created a lot of what I did want.  The evidence was all around me.

And through this I started seeing my true value and worth. It was not just shown in what I created, it was shown through who I was and how I was showing up in my life.

Break the connection between your outer results and your worth. Embrace your worth NOW, see the good, see the progress, see what is right. And you can’t help but to create better results, because you will finally be coming from a place of worthiness and you won’t need to validate yourself by results.  And your results can finally soar.

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