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One Simple Costly Mistake that Could Be Costing You Thousands in Missed Sales

Do you often feel disappointed with the results you have created through your efforts in your business?  You start out envisioning great success then the reality doesn’t appear to be going in that same direction?  There is one costly mistake I have seen many spiritually conscious entrepreneurs make when this happens and it takes some shifts in thinking to get out of it.

As spiritually conscious entrepreneurs we tend to be great dreamers but we’re also pretty sensitive so when it feels like the reality is starting to appear as though it is not going to match what we envisioned we can just want to back off to avoid feeling disappointed.

It’s one thing to fail but it’s a whole other thing to believe, to trust, to expect the best and THEN to fail. It hurts a lot worse and that added sensitivity doesn’t help, so it appears easier to back off instead.

So while this is going on internally and it appears as though backing off when evidence seems to be the opposite of what you envision is safe it is a HUGE mistake.


I’ve seen repeatedly that it’s the belief that plays such a huge role in creating our results.  Fearless Faith is about trusting UNTIL the results show up.

I’ve seen 3 specific incidences in the past few months where the immediate evidence said what I was doing was not going to be successful.  But I didn’t let myself back down, I trusted the inspiration that got me going in the first place and I kept going.

And you know what happened?  These 3 times the initial evidence had nothing to do with the final results. The initial evidence said it’s not going to happen, this is a failure but the results?  Over $30,000 in sales that would not have happened had I backed down.

It’s SO costly to give up too soon!  Who knows how much you’re leaving behind by stopping too soon.

But what if no results show up?  Let’s say you trust, you keep going and you still fail, then what?

If you fail then you learn from the experience, it’s as simple as that.

You ask yourself what can I learn from this experience? Or is there something I need to learn, support I need to get so it’s more successful next time?

Sure it takes you digging deep to find that brave self inside of you but I’ve found that this is necessary on this path.  This path of becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur is not for those who choose to be small. Eventually you will have to take a risk, step up and put your whole self in.  And when you do you will really see things start to shift.

There are several energetic dynamics that can be at play to make this more difficult but you can still get started now.

Next time you find yourself wanting to back down when the results don’t appear to be as you expected I challenge you to be bold, to be brave, to continue to move forward, to trust whatever inspiration got it all started in the first place and to be willing to fail so you can learn.

It’s amazing how hard we are on ourselves.  Imagine a little kid trying to learn to ride a bike.  You can’t just expect yourself to be successful until you’ve mastered all of the skills involved with being successful just as the kid has to wobble, fall and get back on the bike.  It is only logical.

Let yourself trust, let yourself wobble, fall and get back on! Be ON the journey, show up fully and be willing to learn in whatever way it takes so you can succeed.

Could you be missing out on potentially thousands of dollars of in.come without even realizing?

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3 Simple Shifts to Narrow Your Niche & Increase Your Passion!

I remember when I first started my business I would always hear about people saying you have to choose your target market and narrow your niche.  I had an hour call with a coach once to do this and it was one of the most draining, exhausting calls I’ve ever had.  It left me totally depleted and with a pretty bad headache.

If the thought of narrowing your niche and choosing your target market activates a bunch of resistance inside of you then I want to help you shift this because by not doing this you are missing out on so much more passion, connection and profits that you really are meant to experience.

I’ve learned since that call with that coach that these concepts are VERY important, but I’ve finally found out WHY and the deeper way to look at all of this that actually makes it exciting!

Getting clear and very specific about who my clients are here to work with and how they are meant to help them is one of the most exciting things we do in the Fearless Faith System.  The beauty of this is that when you uncover exactly what it is you’re here to do and who you’re meant to help, your belief in yourself goes way up because you’re not trying to be all of these things that you’re not.  You get to finally do your best work and be paid much more because it is so valuable.

Here are 3 shifts in perception I want to share with you in order to embrace the idea of narrowing your focus in your business:

1. You have a very specific purpose and it is to help very specific people

Your purpose isn’t to do your specific healing technique.  Your purpose is not to be a coach.

These are WAYS you help the people you are meant to help, they are not your purpose. For the longest time, I had my business centered around my Intuitive Healing Process and this was holding me back from fulfilling my clear, deeper purpose and making the impact I am here to make.

So if your purpose is not the thing you do, then what is it?

Your purpose is to help create a specific transformation in the lives of the clients who need what you have, who are in a specific pain you can help heal. It is something you’ve been trained your entire life for, something you are FULLY capable of doing to whatever degree you can, right now.

2.  Narrowing generates more passion!

Narrowing down what it is that you do is like choosing your favorite parts of your work, what you love to do the most.  And narrowing down who you are here to work with is like only working with your favorite people.

And just what happens to your business when you do this?


Your passion goes WAY up!  You’re doing your best work for people you just love, does it get any better than that? Not having this level of passion makes it so much harder to fuel the growth of your business, when you are clear on this, you’re finally tapped into a fuel source that won’t run out.

3.  When you narrow, you can go deep

I thought that if I got narrow, I’d be bored.  I like variety.  I get bored easily and don’t like to do the same thing over and over so this was a big concern for me.  But what I’ve found is now that I’ve narrowed my focus on what I do and who I do it for, I’ve had so much inspiration come through and I find I can talk for endless hours on just one topic (like say this topic)!

Because of this, I am an expert on what I teach and will only become more and more helpful to those I’m here to help as time goes on.  I’ve always been about depth and the gift of narrowing is that it opens up the depths in you, in the inspiration you receive and in the impact you can make in your client’s lives

Want help finding out WHO your people are and what your transformation is?

In the Freedom to Shine Program, you’ll not only find out exactly who you are here to work with and how you are meant to help them, (our next training call!) you’ll also free up the specific energy dynamics within you that are keeping you from stepping into your next income level.  We started a couple weeks ago, but it’s not too late!

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3 Tips for Activating Fearless Faith in Yourself and Your Business

Do you really believe you will succeed in your business (and not in 10 years!)?  And do you believe that your business can transform from whatever stuck state it may be in now, to an entirely new reality in a short time?  Or is your faith a bit shaken because all you’ve seen is a long, drawn out struggle to get it going with no evidence to show you it can even succeed?

Recently a new Platinum Client told me that she wanted Fearless Faith.  She was a bit unsure of her gifts and abilities and whether or not she is even meant to use them to help people.  If you are going to ever be able to succeed doing this work that you love you MUST have total faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Here are a 3 tips to help you begin developing YOUR Fearless Faith:

1. You Don’t Do it Alone

Most spiritually conscious people are used to feeling alone, having not many people really understand them and support them in the way they really want. But when it comes to having Fearless Faith you need to trust that there is a force greater than you guiding your business, ready to step up and support you when you step up.

Creating a major reality shift in your business requires a lot of energetic shifts, consciousness shifts and for you to develop new business skills and abilities. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t want to!  Knowing you’re supported in ways you can’t even imagine yet is what you need in order to have the faith you need to succeed.  And it wont come unless you ask!

2. You Have What You Need RIGHT NOW

Do you know you don’t put yourself and your business out there like you know you could because you’re doubtful of your gifts or abilities?  Most spiritually conscious people are perfectionists to some degree and needing to be perfect before you believe in yourself can slow you down for years to come.

The truth is, with what you know now, with the abilities you have now, with the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experience, you are a HUGE help to your clients. What is obvious and simple to you is what your clients struggle with.  Your simple words can open up their world!  Even now.

Fearless Faith means believing in yourself and your ability to help those you are meant to help, even RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to be perfect now, and if you decide to believe and just get out there you will be amazed in a year or two at how much you’ve learned and how much more capable you’ve become.  Don’t wait, you could end up waiting for years or give up and that’s no good to anyone!

3. It’s Not About You

So many of my clients get hung up on themselves, not feeling good enough, not sure about their value, if people will like them, and on and on.  But I quickly remind them that a lot of it is not at all about them and by taking themselves out of the equation it becomes easier to take powerful action forward.

So how is your business not about you?

I believe you were given the gifts that you have AND the desire to do what you love because you need a lot of fuel to get you to the place where you’re succeeding.  You’re used to looking at your business through your eyes, but I want you to look at it from a different perspective.

You were given gifts and a message because there are people who need to receive your gifts and to hear your message.  There are people in a pain right now that you can help heal. They can’t do it on their own, they don’t know how, they can’t see what you can see.

The Universe wants you to help these people, it wants to help you get your business succeeding because that means you are living your purpose, helping the people who need help. That is your purpose!  Fearless Faith is activated when you know that the Universe is 100% behind you, supporting you to succeed.  Trusting in that can take you way further than you could believing you are all on your own.

You ARE meant to succeed and when you tap into the Fearless Faith inside of you, you can become unstoppable!

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Have You Turned Over Your Financial Power to Others?

During difficult financial times it is easy to get caught up in feelings of powerlessness.  During these times it is also easy to begin seeing your clients or something external as the source of your income in your business.  But this view on the financial power being outside of you is the last thing you want and actually holds you in financial lack and prevents abundance from coming into your business.

So what happens when you see your clients, your partner, your savings, your retirement or some other external source as your financial source?

You actually repel money and clients away from you in your business.  When you see your power as outside of yourself you do not own the incredible power you do have to create exactly what you want.

Seeing your clients, partner or anything else external as your source also leaves you feeling needy and dependent on others.  And your potential clients can feel it.  And while support is a great thing, signing on clients is a great thing, handing over your financial power is not.

At one time I saw my partner as my financial source and security.  I didn’t realize it at the time but this was actually preventing me from being able to be my own financial source and had prevented my business from taking off.  As soon as I had left that relationship I in essence stepped into my power and owned my role as the creator of my financial reality.  Within 5 months I had more than tripled my business.

Why is that?

Because seeing something outside of yourself as the source of your abundance means you are not in your power in your business.  And it is simply not the truth.  More importantly:

If you are going to create a successful business doing what you love then you must be in your power and own your power as the creator of your financial reality.  There is no other way.

So let’s get you started in reclaiming your power over your financial reality with 3 shifts in perspective:

1.  The Universe is your source, YOU are your source, your connection to the Universe is your source

When you look at potential clients as your source of income it immediately brings you into the energy of attachment.  And with attachment comes a needy feeling that they can pick up on (yuck!).  It also narrows your focus to a specific person and a specific outcome, which in essence is a restriction of your energy. And restriction of your energy is the last thing you want!

This restriction can manifest in so many ways including loss of connection to your passion and the reason why you are doing this work in the first place, disconnection from your higher self as you are so focused on the external and a restriction of income.

In order to open up this restriction you need to acknowledge the true source of your abundance, which is You, the Universe, God or whatever you choose to call this higher power.  You are the creator of your reality whether you do this unconsciously or intentionally.  You know this, but it is time to reaffirm it if you are feeling as though something external is your source.

The money and clients you attract are both created from within you. Take back your creative power by reaffirming this.  Remember that you can work at the level of cause, your clients and the income you have are the effect of YOU.  The Universe brings to you what you are ready for, what you believe in and what you take action to help create.

2.  I choose to let go of my powerlessness

Seeing others as the source of your abundance shows on some level your belief in your powerlessness. As much as I’m sure you hate the thought of being a victim, allowing yourself to feel powerless sets you up to be a victim.

As a spiritually conscious person there are many deeply buried energetic blocks that are likely in the way of you fully stepping into your power.  And because being in your power is so important healing these deeper issues and being able to feel safe stepping into your power is one of the steps in the Fearless Faith System.

But you can start now with a simple choice.  Choose right now in this moment to let go of the idea that you are powerless and ask to be guided to how you can step into your power, how you can be the financial power in your business.

3.  Bring your focus to within

Seeing an external thing as your financial source is in essence looking outside of yourself for what you need.  On a deeper level you know it is impossible to get something from outside of you that you do not already match inside.

If you find you are looking outside yourself, stop and begin to look within.  Notice how you feel, acknowledge how you feel and choose to do what you can to feel better. Remind yourself that you create based on what is going on inside of you and for a moment choose to bring your focus to what you really want.  Envision what you would love to create and bring in the feelings of having what you want here now.

It all comes down to YOU and though this thought can be scary might as well just face that fear right away rather than have it under the surface keeping you powerless.  You CAN create abundance in your business.  It is part of the higher purpose of your business.  Remember that, own that and act as though it were true and you will be surprised what can open up in your reality.

The #1 Way Your Relationship Dynamics Prevent Your Major Business Growth

I remember back when I started my business that it was not exactly the ideal time in a logical sense.  I had just moved into a brand new house that I had built and I had just been laid off of my Engineering job.

To those around me I must have seemed crazy, but what I knew was that I was being guided, that it WAS time I start my business.  There were signs and even when I just looked at the Engineering job postings everything in me said NO!!!

That first year was hard.  Trying so much to build my business but by the end of that year I had to admit that I needed another source of income and sadly returned to my Engineering career.

I felt like a failure.  I knew so much about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, why couldn’t I succeed?

My business grew over the next couple of years but still was not anywhere near able to support me financially.  I was SO frustrated!  What was I doing wrong?!

Can you relate?

I was trying SO hard, doing all I could, not realizing that my not-so-supportive relationship was secretly holding back major sales growth in my business.

Now I do not blame anyone for anything, my life is my creation as is yours.  But what I know now is this:

Your relationship is a mirror of you.

And if you do not feel supported in your relationship, it says something very important about YOU.  It says that you are on your own.  You are independent, maybe even a fighter.  And most importantly, it says that you CAN’T or DON’T allow support.

So what? Isn’t it good to be so independent?  A make it happen kind of woman?

In a word, no.  It is not a good thing for one VERY important reason that you need to get if you are ever going to take your business to the place where it supports you financially…

You can’t create a successful business alone.  And you’re not meant to.

You will need to learn from those ahead of you on the path.  And even if you could learn it all on your own, it would not be possible for you to find the exact right information because you are closed off to the most important thing on this path.

The support of the Universe.

If you are going at it alone, if you are fighting to build your business your energy says one thing:  I don’t need support.

And that is just not true.

Maybe that’s hard to hear but I know without a doubt that I did not create my success alone.  I believed when there was no evidence saying I should.  I trusted in the Universe to guide the way.  I trusted that there was a way.

BUT my business did not change until the dynamics in my relationship changed.  That relationship was not capable of being supportive, it was not for my highest good and I can see that looking back that I had to leave it to get here.  And it wasn’t until I let go of what was unsupportive that I was finally able to allow the support of my business growing.

Immediately I attracted an incredible program and mentor, the exact support I needed to create a MAJOR increase in my sales, within just a few months.  And to end up with a 322% increase in sales over the previous year.

This whole go it alone thing is so common among spiritually conscious entrepreneurs, particularly women and it has got to go.

The Universe has SO much love for you.  It not only WANTS you to succeed but has the way for you to do that. 

And it is WAY too difficult for you to be in a relationship that is unsupportive and succeed.  It is too present in your life and energy.  There are a number of reasons why and you can begin today to turn it around.

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Is Your Spark Big Enough to Drive You In Your Business?

I have found that things do not really change in a big way until something becomes either unbearable or utterly necessary to create. If you want to create a big leap in your income in your business, you need a burning desire to do it. You need a Big Why.

A few years ago I was faced with one of the most challenging times in my business. I was leaving a long-term relationship, a home I loved, and financial support. I was leaving all of this and where was the first stop? My mom’s house. I moved my 3 dogs into her home, taking over half of it. This was very hard for me to do, I was always a very self-sufficient, independent person yet here I was moving into my Mom’s place.

But it was there that the magic really happened. It was there that I took my business from a very small income to enough to support myself financially, within 5 short months.

How can you create such a drastic shift?

You need a Big Why.

I had a huge why! I was NOT going back to my Engineering job “ again. And I had 3 big dogs, so I needed to live in a house, I couldn’t just rent some cheap apartment somewhere. So there I was, I HAD to do it, in my mind I had no other choice. There was no other option. My Big Why was very strong.

We are sometimes scared of being in such a difficult position, but I have seen that it is when we are in these kinds of situations, where there is no other option than to succeed that we do succeed. A fire is lit within us and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. And often you won’t become the person who will do whatever it takes until you’re forced to.

Of course there is another way, but you need to dig deep to uncover your Big Why that is not as dramatic perhaps but that is powerful enough to draw out the whatever it takes part of you that is lying dormant right now.

Find Your Big Why

It is one thing to have dreams, I’d love to own a beautiful home, to travel more etc. but this may not be enough for you. So let’s dig deeper.

1. What will you be able to leave behind at your desired level of success?

What are you tolerating in your life right now that you can’t stand? What would go away if your business was generating the income level you want? What do you do just because you have to that you secretly dread and get totally pulled down by?

One thing I really only enjoy doing once or twice a year is cutting my lawn. But that leaves a lot of times of cutting the lawn that I would much rather be doing something else. Hiring someone to cut my lawn was one of the best things I’ve done because it freed up my energy, got rid of that UGH, I have to cut my lawn again feeling that was dragging me down. And now I can enjoy the beauty of my yard without the drudgery of having to make it that way myself.

Now it’s your turn, what can’t you stand? What would you love to stop doing if you had the funds to stop doing it?

2. What new reality will it allow you to live?

And to shift gears here, what do you want the money for? What lifestyle do you want? Where do you want to shop? What type of home do you want to live in? How often do you travel and where do you go? What new things would you be doing that you aren’t doing now? What would you do for fun that you are limiting in your life now?

What would you love to contribute to in a big way? What is a cause you stand behind that you would make you feel happy to know you are contributing to?

3. Who will it allow you to become?

And now for the spark, the drive, the passion. Who would you become in order to succeed in your business at the level you want? Who would you evolve and grow into? Who would you love to become, that more powerful, more inspiring, amazing energy you?

What does that evolved you look like? What is the most exciting part of being her? That she’s a leader, an inspiration to thousands? That she is totally free? Lives with passion deep in her soul? Who do you want to become, that deeper part of you that longs to come out, who is she? Someone who is creative, expressive and connected to her spirit?

Now take what you wrote out and re-read it and as you do, look for the items on your list that really pull you forward. Write those out on a separate sheet, they are your Big Why. Referring to your Big Why can be your fuel and if it is compelling enough it can begin to pull you forward without needing the drastic situation to do it for you.

I’d love to hear your realizations as you go through this!

Are You Just One Shift Away from the Success You Envision?

Are you struggling so hard on your own to get your business going?  Does it feel like you’re so close to taking your business to the level you dream of, but that there must be just one thing blocking you?

If so, I want to lovingly share a truth that I have found that you may not want to hear but you probably need to hear.

It was just a few years ago when my business was a very-frustrating four figure business.  I felt so stuck but my dreamer self kept imagining that financial success was just around the next corner.  When I look back on those days where I was really struggling to build my business doing what I loved most I can see just how much this dreamy just around the corner thinking was keeping me in struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, being a dreamer is wonderful and is probably the very reason you even have a business in the first place, but it also can really hold you back without you even realizing and I don’t want you to stay stuck anymore!

So bear with me as I share something that may be uncomfortable for you to face but I do this with the most love possible because I’ve been where you are and I don’t want you to be stuck.

I’ve got a quick test for you.

What were your sales in the past 12 months in your business?

And what do you really want to be making in the next 12 months?

Here’s the thing, if the sales level you want is more than 25% of your past sales it is telling you something.  Something big.  It means that:

Your energy and consciousness must undergo a MAJOR transformation in order for you to be able to generate your next level of sales.

Do you have what it takes to do that on your own?  Here’s a test for that:  How much have your sales grown in the last 3 months over the months before that?  And does that match the % increase you are wanting to create in the next 12 months?

If not, I have to tell you that continuing as you have been likely won’t take you there.

So what’s the good news in all of this?

Miracles can happen, they definitely did for me.  My sales increased 322% in one year.


I got help.  I got help from someone who was just like me but was further ahead on the path.  She knew what I didn’t, she had skills and understanding that I didn’t have.

Perhaps what you need is to increase your business and marketing skills, which is very important, but if you are feeling really stuck then you will need to focus on the inner transformation as well.  For a spiritual entrepreneur who is likely very sensitive, reaching the place of where you want to go energetically is first and foremost.  Until you get your energy in alignment with what you are trying to create, you will just sabotage yourself.

Allowing the support the Universe guides you to through mentors or programs is key.  I still do this all the time, I never stop learning and investing in myself because I know I am not just one step away from my next level, I’m constantly creating it with a lot of incredible support from those who can help me get there.

And about the money, the Universe only steps up when you do, and won’t step up UNTIL you do.  I think it’s some kind of test of faith, to know if you are really serious or not.  The first big investments I did in my business were the same amount as I had made in sales the previous year.  But what happened?  I more than tripled my sales!

Make a commitment.  Make a decision.  The 322% increase in sales came AFTER I decided I was going to make it happen, that there was no turning back.  Ask the Universe to guide you forward and to show you what support you need.  And step up to it, RECEIVE it!  You can’t go it alone if you really want to make that leap in your business, it will take FAR too long and really, how long do you want it to take?

Step up and as soon as you do, as soon as you ask for support and are willing to give it to yourself the Universe will know you’re serious and the accelerated path will then be before you.

Tired of being seriously stuck in your business, held back from what you KNOW it is meant to be?  Feeling like a fraud knowing you ARE meant to succeed even though the evidence would say otherwise?

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Why is Your Dream Business So Far from Your Everyday Reality?

Do you dream of having a business that allows you to be paid well for being who you are, sharing your gifts and message with the world?  And how close is that dream to being your reality?

As a spiritually conscious person, you know that your inner world creates your outer world, so just what does it say about your inner world when your outer is so far from what you are wanting?

The number one reason your outer reality is so far from your desired reality is that your vibration does not match what you want to create.  If your energy matched having a successful business doing what you love then you would have it.

In other words, you must first become the person who matches the reality you wish to create before that reality will actually become your reality.


I bet you know this already on some level, but if you know this, WHY are you still stuck?

This is actually a very damaging dynamic I see all the time and was guilty of being trapped in myself for a few years.  If you don’t break out of this, your dream business may forever be out in your future and never in your now.

I want to help you see the truth because only then are you free to make a real change.  The truth is, as a spiritually conscious person you are probably very good at seeing the positive.  You are good at working your thoughts into nice, happy ones when they start to stray into negative territory.

This is a great skill but it can also be a HUGE trap when it comes to creating success in your business.

How so?

Putting a happy face on the energy of It’s not safe to succeed or Success = loss of love does nothing to create success. It’s actually a powerful form of denial.  And what I’ve seen is that the happy face that we are so comfortable with can often do more harm than good.

I spent a very big chunk of my life in a relationship with someone who I was not suited for.  I was so good at wearing the happy face that I even had myself fooled into thinking I was happy.

The result?  Very slow business growth.  In fact, it wasn’t until I finally faced the disappointment I was experiencing in my relationship and business that things began to change. And change they did.  By facing what I was ignoring for over 3 years I finally was able to deal with what was wrong.

Facing what was wrong involved leaving the relationship but also resulted in a change in vibration within that allowed me to attract the support I needed to more than triple my sales within a very short time. I was able to support myself from my business for the first time ever after that, a HUGE dream for me at the time.

Had I kept on my happy face I never would have left that relationship and I almost cry at the thought of where I’d be right now in my business. Nowhere near what I am so blessed to experience every day now.

What might YOU be in denial about?  What negative emotion or situation are you trying so desperately to put a happy face on that may actually be showing you how off your vibration is from your dream business?

I like to say you can’t change what you don’t face and if the reality of your business is far from the dream you have for it, then it’s time to dig up some courage and face what it’s time to face.  You will be glad that you did.

Tired of not knowing why you are stuck in your business and how to get out of it?

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Is the Universe Asking You to Step Up?

2010 Fia Crandall

I don’t know how many times I see people holding back from taking chances on themselves, from taking actions that could open up their lives in the way the Universe is so lovingly guiding them to.

And I get it.  What if I try it and I fail?  What if I’m not as good as I think I am, Who do I think I am going for something so amazing?  What if I put myself out there and people don’t like me?  I’m doing alright going at my own pace here, I don’t need help.

I do get it, it can seem scary.  But what you don’t realize is that until you step up for yourself the Universe can’t step up for you. Until you step up and take action on what the Universe has brought you as your next step, things will not be stepped up in your life.

Have you been having ideas then somehow an opportunity came to you to step up and say yes to, a chance to take action on your ideas?  Can you see how it was no accident, how you attracted it into your life at the exact right time?  And most importantly:  Did you say yes and step up to it?

It’s such an old, worn-out consciousness that says we have to do it all alone and that we have to have it all planned out to do it right.  It’s just not true.

The Universe is always bringing you the support you need.

You aren’t born knowing everything you need  to know.  You’re born with gifts but perhaps there’s fear in the way that you weren’t born knowing how to deal with.  Perhaps you have gifts but you do not know how to bring those out to the world in a way that has you succeeding.

Trying to do it all yourself is exhausting, I know, I’ve been there.  I used to struggle with getting my work out to the world.  I thought knowing about the Law of Attraction and spiritual principles was enough for what I wanted to become reality.  But it wasn’t.  And so I struggled for quite a while with this.

The thing is, if you want shortcuts, the Universe will bring them to you, probably ALREADY is bringing them to you.  But if you’re just trying to figure it all out yourself, you’ll be given what you need to continue struggling.

I finally reached a point where enough was enough and I finally admitted that I couldn’t do it alone.  Inside I was asking for help.  And soon enough, it came.  And while it seemed like such a leap at the time, and I had so many doubts and fears coming up there was something deeper calling me to step up.  A feeling deep within that says this is for you.

And you know what?  It WAS for me.  It came at the EXACT right time.  And I stepped up for myself and for the life I really wanted.

And this action of stepping up for myself and my life made all of the difference.  I did get what I needed, and everything changed in awesome ways that were so needed.

If there is something calling you to step up and take action to support yourself, if there is a deep inner knowing within you that says this is for you.  Follow it.  It’s the Universe bringing you exactly what YOU need, exactly what you have been quietly asking for, YOUR shortcut.

Stop Looking For Outside Validation of Your Worth!

2008 Fia Crandall

Do you feel like the results you create in your life are a reflection of your worth and value? Do you feel let down when things don’t turn out as good as you had intended?

Looking for outside validation of your worth is a sure way to keep you stuck in feeling unworthy. When you connect your value to anything outside of yourself you set yourself up for disappointment.

The thing is, you ARE worthy and it has nothing to do with what outer results you create. And I also have come to see that your outer results increase the more that your belief in yourself and your worth increases.

I have seen that people who don’t feel worthy to begin with tend to see things in a distorted way. They rarely see the success they do create, even in the face of great success. And they are so quick to point out what they didn’t do rather than the success they have created. It’s just the natural way because they are driven by an unconscious unworthiness. And when you are driven by unworthiness you can’t help but to look for evidence of it.

I know this all too well myself. This has been a great challenge for me as well. I realized that when you feel unworthy deep down, you set your expectations and goals almost impossibly high. You actually set yourself up for failure without realizing.

Then even if you create great success, it’s no comparison to what you wanted. In one year I had increased my sales by 322%. That’s a massive success! But at the end of that year I still felt like a failure because I didn’t make my huge goal.

Can you see how ridiculous this is?

Do you see how you might be doing this?

You need massive proof of your worth when you feel unworthy, that’s why you set your sights so high.  And when you are driven unconsciously from a place of unworthiness, it is almost impossible to create those incredible results you want.

When you feel worthy, you disconnect from the outer results and celebrate ALL of your successes, because you see clearly without a distorted filter.

The one thing the Law of Attraction does is help you go for the best, to envision something truly amazing for yourself, that really is a major stretch. And this is a good thing. But you can’t tie your worth to whether or not it happens as fast as you’d like or whether it happens or not.

If you really want big results, you have to go big, I’m all for that. But don’t measure your value based on what you create. Make a choice to see ANY forward movement as progress that is worthy of being celebrated.

If you want to break out of this disappointment and unworthiness dilemma, you need to reverse the process.

If you want good results, you must detach from the outer results.

You must see your results as separate from you. Sure they are a reflection of you but if you attract limited results it has more to do with how you see yourself than your actual worth.

Which brings you to the second step to shifting this, you must shift your self-view if you are ever going to attract anywhere near the results that you want. Rather than watching for evidence of whether or not you are worthy, begin noticing and collecting evidence of your worth right now.

One way I did this was to start writing out self-appreciation in my gratitude journal. I just made myself list the things that I appreciated about myself. And when I looked at myself from this viewpoint I could finally see clearly…

I HAD created a lot, I did have a lot of successes worth celebrating, even if I hadn’t made that impossibly high goal. I was giving myself what I needed, I was stepping up for myself and my most amazing life. I was committed. I was authentic.  And I really HAD created a lot of what I did want.  The evidence was all around me.

And through this I started seeing my true value and worth. It was not just shown in what I created, it was shown through who I was and how I was showing up in my life.

Break the connection between your outer results and your worth. Embrace your worth NOW, see the good, see the progress, see what is right. And you can’t help but to create better results, because you will finally be coming from a place of worthiness and you won’t need to validate yourself by results.  And your results can finally soar.