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Is Your Extreme Sensitivity Covering Up Something Deeper?

2010 Fia Crandall

Are you extremely sensitive to the needs and opinions of others?  Are you good at anticipating how others will take you, often adjusting your behavior depending on who is around?

As a spiritually conscious woman, you are likely very sensitive to the needs and opinions of others, it is probably a very normal part of who you are.  While this may appear to be a wonderful trait from the outside, I’d like to point out a deeper aspect that you may not be aware of.

The deeper aspect of this wonderful trait may actually be causing you to hide your true light and keeping you small when the deeper part of you wants to shine.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you were so sensitive to others opinions and judgments?  Why you were so good at anticipating others needs and reactions?

Think about it, just how many people around you are sensitive to you in this way?

And, would you ever expect them to be?  Or would you just want them to be themselves?

In the Intuitive Healing work I have done for myself and with my clients I have come to see that there is a deeper cause of this over-sensitivity.  And that there is a very damaging dynamic underlying it that could be causing you to hold back the very light you came here to shine to the world.

The Deeper Cause of Over-Sensitivity is the Fear of Rejection

I have found it to be very common that spiritually conscious women have had past lives where they were rejected in a major way for being their true selves. I’ve seen it countless times for myself too.  I’ve seen it too many times to just ignore it.  I’ve come to accept that it’s actually a very common problem that needs to be dealt with so you can be truly free to be the light you know you’re meant to be.

Here’s how it works:

Deep down in your being you remember what happened when you were being yourself, you remember how you were rejected or punished for being who you really were.  And along with that memory comes fierce self-protection.

You will never let yourself experience that pain again, and just how did you make sure of it?

You became super-sensitive to others.  You became good at hiding your light at any threat of judgment or danger.

These deeply buried past life memories of rejection cause you to adjust your behavior and how you portray yourself to the world to be dimmed down or not authentic so you do not get rejected as you were in the past.

Being super-sensitive to others reactions and opinions is your way of making sure you are being acceptable so you don’t get hurt.

Can you feel deep down how this may be true for you?

I have always been extremely sensitive to how others saw me, but what I now realize was underlying this extreme sensitivity was the need to be accepted. And looking back I now see how clearly being accepted was higher up on my list of priorities than being my true self as I look back.  I chose an acceptable career of Mechanical Engineering which was fine but only a quarter of who I really was.  I put a happy face to the world and tried to make other people happy, often at the cost of my own happiness.

Does this resonate?

Thankfully I changed this.  And now my number one value is authenticity and because of it my life is a true reflection of Who I Really Am, inside and out.

If I hadn’t changed this old dynamic I would not be here writing to you right now.  I want you to know that you can change it too.  This dynamic is out of balance and it’s time to bring it back into balance.

Start now by stopping yourself when you notice you’re coming from that super-sensitive state.

Stop and ask yourself some questions:  What am I afraid of here?  How am I denying my true self in this moment?  Can I see how I may be trying to protect myself, even if it doesn’t make logical sense?

And know that with this new clarity, you are free to make a new choice.  You really are meant to shine, and this over-sensitivity and deep fear of rejection has got to go.  It’s an old energy rooted in a dark time.  It’s time to step up and choose your light over your fear.

Being grounded in the light of who you really are is where you belong.  And when you are grounded in your truth you also give permission for others to be the same… Are you with me?

Photo used with permission  Jesse Therrien

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Choose Ease by Embracing Two Important Sources of Light on Your Path

2010 Fia Crandall

The logical mind thinks in terms of the known, the visible, what can be confirmed.  The Universe thinks in terms of possibility.  The deeper part of you is connected to a greater wisdom and knows that all is possible and what you see around you is changeable.

I have found that the path of becoming who you are really meant to be requires developing your understanding and trust of the Universe’s logic. And the Universe’s logic is nothing like your logic.

The reason the Universe’s logic is different is because it is able to consider ALL aspects of your situation, both known AND unknown.

Your logical mind can’t do this.

The other thing that I’ve learned about the Universe’s logic is that the Universe only steps up when you do and not before.  This actually reinforces your logic because you will not see what’s possible until you step up.

I recently had a client realize that she must leave her job, even before she has something new lined up.  Although this scared her, she realized it was no longer a choice, she had to do it.  She couldn’t not do it.  Within 24 hours of making this decision new realizations came to her, new ideas and possibilities seemingly came out of nowhere.

The logic of the Universe works like that.  And I believe it is because before you commit to what matters most to you, you only see through eyes of impossibility and because of that the Universe brings you only what matches your view. So you look around and there is so much evidence around you that affirms it is impossible for you to commit to your path, to doing what you came here to do.

Logic alone can not take you forward into the amazing life you are meant to live. It just can’t.  Of course it will help you along the way but it will be a new logic.  The logic of possibility and understanding of the Universe’s workings.

I still remember the day I committed to my path.  I remember writing in my journal an entry that would shape the course of my life and rearrange everything to allow for my purpose to unfold. I knew it was time.  I was really getting bored with what was going on at work and I couldn’t imagine moving on to the next project to do it all over again.  So I wrote in my journal I KNOW I am meant to do more and be more, I am ready, show me the way.

They were not just words in a journal, this was an expression of me being totally ready and willing to surrender to the Universe’s way (as I didn’t have a clue how to move forward).  Since that time the company I was working for at the time didn’t get any new work and a few short months later (after moving into a new house I had built), I was laid off.

At that point I was excited (even though I was scared on some level) because I knew the Universe was opening up the way for me. From that point on, one thing after the other came to support me and here I am now.  I can’t imagine my life another way.  Doing what I am meant to do is the foundation of my life and making the difference that I am here to make brings me such deep satisfaction, meaning and joy.  There is no other life for me.

I also want you to know that committing to your path is not a magic pill.

This path is not for those who aren’t willing to take charge and be responsible for their life.  And there will be work required.  You will be required to stretch, grow, overcome your fears, and basically let go of your smallness to become who you need to be to carry out you purpose. That is not an overnight task and your path may not be linear.  I had to go back to Engineering for a temporary job that ended up being a two year part-time job.  It doesn’t matter what your path looks like, if you’re committed and you don’t give up, you WILL get there and the Universe will support you every step of the way (even if it doesn’t appear that way).

Look at your life.  Can’t you FEEL it can be so much more? Can’t you feel deep down that YOU can be so much more, even if you have no idea what that is?

You are the only one who can choose to stop looking at why it’s impossible.

You are the only one who can commit to your path.

And if you do, I celebrate with you because I know all of the amazing things that are coming for you.  And I know how good it feels to live a life based in authenticity and freedom and to be able to give expression to what wants to come through you.  It’s too good to miss out on.

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