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My Latest Obsession: The 100% Game Changing Book “Rest”

I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with the book “Rest” that landed on my lap last week. I read most of it in a couple of hours and since have experienced being more productive and creative than I ever have before. And have had WAY more balance. Amazing!! Please share this with friends, it’s a total game changer.

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A revolution is happening in the transformation business world…

Have you noticed this happening to you in your business? Share below!

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The Movement Toward Greater Authenticity & Purpose in Business

Is what once worked no longer working? Do you find it hard to do simple business activities you used to do easily before? Does the way you do business no longer feel right, as though something is off? There is a major movement happening in the world right now. This movement is one that is […]

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Is Doing What “Works” No Longer Working?

One of my gifts is hyper-awareness of the alignment with truth.  If someone is saying or doing something that doesn’t match the core of their being, I pick up on it quickly. It doesn’t matter if I just met the person, I can feel their congruence, this is my gift. I see it in the […]


Have you put yourself in a box?

I have recently been exploring the ways I’ve put myself into a box in my business. I put myself into a box for very logical, practical reasons.  This box has a lot of wonderful things in it, awesome clients, lots of money, recognition, opportunities. Yet this box has neglected one very important part of who […]

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Wealthy Healer Mindset Video #6: Why You Are MEANT To Succeed

Do you sometimes feel like “is this ever really going to happen for me?” or “maybe I’m not meant to succeed”? I hate hearing coaches & healers say this, because I truly believe that if you are drawn to starting a business, that you are MEANT to thrive in it. Find out why in my […]


Featured Wealthy Healer Mindset Video #5: Selling is Caring!

If you feel like selling is a negative or not-so-positive experience you don’t want to put your potential clients through, you could actually be ripping off your potential clients… It’s important to have AWESOME energy around all aspect of sales or you are missing out on SO much money you’re meant to make. In this […]

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The #1 JV tip that has Major Players Promoting My Work!

Would you like to gain exposure to WAY more potential clients?  With minimal effort? The best way to do that is through Joint Venture partners.  In this video, I share my #1 JV tip that had many big name industry leaders saying yes to promoting my work.  Learn more about Milana & Rich’s JV […]

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Wealthy Healer Mindset #4: The #1 Energy to Bring to a Sales Conversation!

Energy is everything!  And the energy you bring to a conversation with a potential client is KEY in determining whether you are MAGNETIC or REPULSIVE.  I don’t want you to repel the people who are meant to work with you!  That’s why this Wealthy Healer Mindset is SO important! Check it out!  I’d love to […]

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Wealthy Healer Mindset #3 – “Energy Is Everything!”

In this Wealthy Healer Mindset video, I talk about an important mindset that allows you to bring awesome energy to your day, a way to bring the energy of your entire business up a level!  I’d love to hear your comments below!!

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