Are Your Current Business Challenges Actually a Piece of Cake?

Are you struggling on the path of building a successful business, but it seems like it’s a never ending journey?  Trying so many things yet not getting the results you want?  You may be surprised to know that there may be a surprising person unknowingly holding you back.


I received guidance once saying those I am here to work with are way more powerful than they realize.  They are so powerful yet they hide from this power.  Rather than be powerful they play small, hide out and try not to stand out.

I know what that’s like, I did this most of my life.  But being in business not just for a hobby but to actually succeed in business meant one step at a time dropping my need to play small and safe.

Actually succeeding being in business and not just spending endless hours, days and years in it with little or no financial return requires you to step into your power.  I believe it’s a requirement.

Looking back on my business I can literally see the direct connection between how much I was in my power and how much I was making in my business.

But there is a problem.  I can remember countless times just mentioning the word power to my clients and getting this strange reaction.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, power feels dangerous to spiritually conscious people.

And this is one of your biggest blocks on your path to growing your business into that full and amazing vision you have for it.

You can’t just choose to be in your power and then be in your power the next minute.  It’s not a logical decision.  There are far too many deeper dynamics at play that will not allow you to be in your power.

And it is a journey.  You can’t just be in your power in your business and when your partner is around you shrink down or hand your power over to him.  That’s not power.  And that will prevent your business from growing.

There is a way to be in your power lovingly.  There is a way to evolve your relationships so you can be in your power and it be a good thing.  And you can get started today.


Being in your power is SO important; your ability to make the income you actually want literally depends on it. That’s why in the Fearless Faith System we focus specifically on uncovering and healing the deeper dynamics that make being in your power feel dangerous.

You ARE powerful beyond anything you can imagine.

The challenges you have right now that keep you up at night are only huge challenges because you don’t have access to all of You to deal with them.  They are actually minor and insignificant.  When you are in your power you find the way, ask for support and are able to attract a whole new reality because of your energy state.

The journey to your power begins with one step, a choice to step into your power.  It can be as simple as:

I realize I am meant to step into my power and though it scares me I trust that there is a way to do this that is safe and feels good.  I ask for support and guidance to help me step into my power in all areas of my life with grace and ease.  I choose to step up, to step into my power, to be the light I know I came here to be.

And if you would like to be supported in this journey, I invite you to join along with other spiritually conscious entrepreneurs as I guide you through healing the 4 specific dynamics that are in the way of you being in your power. So you can feel safe stepping into your power.  So you are no longer wasting time, potentially years struggling.  So you can actually move forward.  To embrace new dynamics and patterns in your business and relationships so you can finally take your business to its next level and attract the support to do this.

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