Are You Repelling Money?

Many Holistic Practitioners struggle with issues around money.  On the one hand, you know you want more but can you also notice that there’s a part of you that feels unsure about being successful financially? I’d love to help open your mind to why allowing money in is so important and a simple exercise to help you open the door to more.

One thing I hear often from new clients is something along the lines of I’m not doing it for the money or money isn’t that important to me.  Yet, I hear they are struggling financially.

Let me share one important concept with you that I want you to take with you forever.  As a Holistic Practitioner, you are a healer of some kind, an agent of transformation.  This automatically means that, in your business, two things are linked:

Income and Impact

So why is this so important?

If you say the money doesn’t matter you’re automatically saying the impact I’m here to make in peoples lives, the impact I’m here to make on the planet doesn’t matter.

You’re meant to help change lives for the better!  You’re meant to help heal hearts, free expression, gain confidence or whatever your purpose involves.

Let’s say your purpose is to help heal the hearts of broken-hearted single women who’ve lost their hope around finding love.  The more money you make, the more hearts are healed.  The more hope around love there is on the planet, the less pain there is in the lives of those you’re meant to work with.

The higher your income, the greater your impact, period.

It’s actually your responsibility to get yourself okay with making great money.  If you don’t, there will be so many people out there who will miss out on the gift you have for them, who will stay in a pain you could help them get out of.

It’s time to step up!

Let’s start to shift your energy around money right now.  Grab a pen and a piece of paper if you can for this exercise.

There is a simple new way of looking at money I encourage you to embrace to see just how welcoming you are of money in your life:

Money is your friend

Are you repelling money?  If you begin to open to the idea that money is a friend, you can really find out if you’re attracting or repelling money!  Answer the following questions to find out:

  1. If money was your friend, judging by how you treat this friend, would your friend want to hang around you?
  2. Do you love money? Do you spend time and attention on it?  Do you show it you care?
  3. Do you fear it?  Ignore it?  Do you say money doesn’t matter?
  4. What does how you approach this friend show you about how much of it is in your life?
  5. What is one action you can take to show this friend of yours that it’s valuable and important to you and that it matters?

One idea is to spend time each week with money.  Another could be to take a look at what you’re doing to track the money coming in.

Often in the beginning, Holistic Practitioners don’t track their money, they think it’s not much they’re making so they don’t track it.  What kind of message is this sending?!

Embrace the behaviors now that you will use when you have lots of money or you will never have lots of money!

The great thing about tracking money, ESPECIALLY when you haven’t made much, is that when you start making more, you’ll have plenty to celebrate!

Remember your work here is to transform lives, and the more money you make, the bigger the difference you’re making in the world!  Begin today to bring love and attention to money.  It’s time to get in alignment with your higher purpose of making great money and a big impact.  It’s time to shine!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Repelling Money?

  1. Sandra

    Great article, Fia-Lynn! I love this sentence: The more money you make, the more hearts are healed. So simple but such an eye-opener for me!

    I frequently “take a walk” with my money, having conversations (in my head of course) about what I’m feeling anxious about, what money wants from me, etc. The more I do this, the more connected I feel to money. I know money is my friend, LOL! And I’m working to make myself a better friend to money so money will both want to stay around me more and want to come back to me in more and more abundance and impact.

  2. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

    Thanks Sandra, so great to have the healing and impact linked with the money, happy to have connected those for you!

    Love your story, yes you want to be an awesome friend to money so it loves to come around you more and more!

  3. MissB

    Thank you for this article. What an eye-opener! I realize now how I treat money is how I treat almost everyone/thing in my life. Scary! Definitely something I have to work on.

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      You’re very welcome! So imagine the impact as begin to see how you can treat money and those in your life in a new way. I can feel doors opening with that!

      Thanks for sharing MissB,


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