5 Simple Steps to Shift Out of Doubt

I’ve been seeing more and more lately that a MAJOR issue facing Holistic Practitioners in their business is doubt. Do you face doubt often? Doubt in yourself, in your ability to make a difference in your client’s lives? In your worth? It’s time to take a deeper look at what doubt is costing you and to learn how to quickly shift out of doubt.

So just what is the impact of doubt in your business?

I’ve seen it so many times, no matter what causes the doubt, the effect of doubt is the same. When a Holistic Practitioner faces doubt, doubt in themselves, their worth, their ability to help their clients, doubt in their purpose and if they should even be doing this work something happens.

They stop.

They stop taking action. They stop and question EVERYTHING! Or they stop and just do nothing. Either way, their foot is on the brakes of their business.

What happens next?

Their energy says STOP, so what do you think begins to happen in their business?

New clients rushing in? Nope.

New opportunities to get their work out? Nope.

Taking whatever action is needed to attract more clients? Nope.

If your energy says STOP, everything begins to come to a halt. Not only that but the clients you do have, the clients you are a light in the dark for feel it too. The light is out or very dim. The reason they signed on with you in the first place, the energy space they needed you to hold for them is gone. They feel it, you feel it and this only gets worse.

It’s 2012. Now is the time to step up to your purpose in faith. Now more than ever what you have is needed in the world. You are a lighthouse, a light in the dark for your clients.

And they need your light ON. They need you to keep your foot on the gas in your business, to keep moving forward so your light stays on for them.

There are many factors that contribute to doubt continuing to arise in your business. Too many to get into here, but I’d like to share with you a very powerful and simple 5 step process to shift out of doubt within minutes.

I’ve used this myself and every time I shift out of doubt and into belief. Getting out of doubt is not a one time thing. It’s like a bad habit that must be broken. So I recommend printing this out and having it beside your desk so you can keep your foot on the gas in your business and keep the light shining for those you’re meant to shine it for.

Here we go!

Step 1: Get Your Thoughts and Feelings OUT

Step 1 is all about getting all of those circling thoughts and feelings out of your mind and onto the page. In this step you write for as long as you like, until you feel you’ve gotten most of the thoughts and feelings out around what’s going on for you.

I know you’ve probably heard you’re not supposed to focus on the negative, that’s not what you’re doing here. These thoughts and feelings are already going on WITHIN you, might as well get them out!

Step 2: Ask yourself, is my focus on me or those I’m meant to help?

If you look at what you wrote in step 1, you’ll likely see that your focus is all on YOU. This is a major problem because it AMPLIFIES any doubt you are experiencing. Recognize that you are feeding the doubt by focusing on yourself and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: What pain, problems or challenges are your clients facing?

Here you begin to shift the focus off of you and onto the people you’re meant to help. Write all about what your clients or potential clients are facing right now in their lives. The problems you can help them with. Write as much as you can, really put yourself in your clients’ shoes and connect with what they are experiencing that you could help them out of.

Step 3 is where you take your foot off of the brake energetically.

Step 4: Why are YOU the one to help them?

Write all you can think of about why YOU are the person to help your clients or potential clients. What life experience do you have that relates to what they’re going through? Have you been where they are and gotten out of it? What do you know that could help them? What training and experience do you have that can help them? Why are YOU the one to help them?

Spend as much time as you can here, at step 4, energetically you are putting your foot on the gas. Your confidence and faith goes up with this important step, which is exactly what you need to get out of doubt and brakes on and back into faith and foot on the gas.

Step 5: Affirm “I Choose To Trust”

After your foot has been placed back on the gas where it belongs, it helps to remind yourself that God, the Universe is backing you. Remind yourself that you’ve been drawn to create this business for a reason, that you ARE meant to be doing this work, that your path is guided.

I love the affirmation “I choose to trust” because many times trust is a choice. You can’t wait until you trust 100% to be successful in business. Being in business is an act of faith in itself.

Now that you’re back into the energy of faith, what action can you take right now?

Get going on it! Keep your light shining! And come back to the 5 steps any time you need to, any time you find yourself in doubt.

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16 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps to Shift Out of Doubt

  1. Alexis

    I am in Vancouver BC.
    And you are heaven send to me,I had praid for our connection and God and Angels have done this so fast. I am looking forward to Magies call on Thursday
    Your e-mails with 5 reasons I am falling a part here …have put it all in perspective whay I am having such a hard time / Now I do understand how do my clients feel as well . This energy going from beind a power house of Passion in all I do to complete procrastination and almost not caring at all.
    I receive every day your e-mail and it is exactly what I am experiencing that day. One day we will meet in pearson to thank you for coaching me back to life.
    I did consider a business coach before but now I know that I needed SPIRITUAL business coach ……that is what makes a difference you understand Whay I am here and that I am a Light worker..Indigo…Many blessings and LOVE&LIGHT always

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Thank you Alexis, I look forward to doing your Intuitive Assessment for your call with Maggie so you can find out more about why you go from power and passion to total procrastination. Look forward to hearing about how it resonates!

      Love and light,

  2. Linda

    Thank you Fai-Lynn. Just like the reader previous to me, it’s like I was meant to read this at this time. I also enjoyed hearing you on the radio, believe it was yesterday, that spoke to me too. It is so true when we take the spotlight off of us and put it on the prospective client to help them with their solution to a situation. It doesn’t feel as heavy. I do realize that I am interested in Intuitive Coaching as I keep getting drawn to it and it feels right as my calling to shine my light on the world at this time. You are very inspirational to me. God Bless You, Linda.

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Thanks Linda, I appreciate your comment. Love to be a part of the Universe’s synchornicity to share what is needed at the time it is needed most!

      Will be sharing much more soon, now is the time to step up and I’m stepping up myself more than ever to make it easier for those in the Fearless Faith community!

      Shine on!!

  3. Pamela Roy

    Timely reminder, thanks. Your program brought about a major change in my life and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it. It brought about my power and passion to use the gifts I’ve been given to do what I am here to do…and what I totally didn’t expect were the gifts that unfolded SINCE the program ended!

    Doubt is definitely a brake. Getting the focus off you and onto your clients really works…I can personally vouch for it too! And as I mentioned, this is a timely reminder, so thanks again!

    Pamela Roy, Vermont USA
    Partners in Healing

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Thanks for sharing Pam! You are very welcome for the reminder, this is an exercise to have on your desk for sure!

      Look forward to catching up and hearing about all that has unfolded since Freedom to Shine! Send me a quick email when you get a chance!

      Look forward to hearing from you,

  4. Diana Divine, Dream Architect In Our Dream Capitol

    You really nailed it on the topic of doubt!

    As a dream architect / personal success coach for over 15 years, I have both studied about doubt, as well as experienced it myself despite my spiritual coaching background. Doubt is such a pernicious problem that we’re told even Jesus the Christ experienced it Himself!

    Fortunately, the 5-step approach you outline uses time-tested methods that really work against doubt! From getting our feelings and thoughts about doubt out of our system, to seeing through the ego’s attachment and choosing service instead of stuck-ness, and finally surrendering to trusting the Universe — these are all antidotes to being stifled by doubt.

    Good job, Fia-Lynn!

    Diana Divine,
    Dream Architect / Personal Success Coach
    Los Angeles, CA

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Thanks for the comment Diana! Doubt is not only common, but so damaging in business! Happy to share this powerful process to turn it around quickly and easily.

      Love and light,

  5. Janet

    Very timely words. I faced that yesterday at a new networking that I did not feel comfortable in but I stayed because I knew that something was up.
    Sure enough I came face to face with my doubts when I was asked to answer the question”
    Why should I recommend you and your services? What makes your business so special? Well I must say I inwardly panicked. My doubts came up as I was sitting in front of a woman that does ” Improv” and realized I did not have her courage at all . My doubts came flooding in and I became tongue-tied with my explanation of what I can offer my clients. When the session ended, what came back was ” YOU” You are the reason that people should come to see you.
    My doubts about what I can offer flooded my with questions after I left.
    So your email this morning is very timely!
    Janet Miller
    A Spirited Path

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author


      Glad to hear how timely this has been for you, it’s amazing powerful doubt can be after a simple experience like this. Belief in yourself is what will move mountains in your business, glad to hear this process came along for you at the right time. Your clients need what you have!

      Love and light,
      Fia-Lynn Crandall

  6. Linda Boney

    Hi Fia-Lynn, this is a great article and what you taught us in your visit to New York last year. I love the comments from the other readers and totally relate to Alexis and Janet’s comments. I am grateful we reconnected again and looking forward to the virtual FTS program. Good reminder to get my mind off of me and onto the clients. I was having doubts whether to start tomorrow or 2 weeks from now as I had to pay double monies the other day for my utilities, thus the doubt and hesitation, however I am tired of living this way and want to make a change for myself personally and professionally. Love, Linda

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for posting. Yes, it’s time to be free! The 5 energy of 2012 is supporting this now more than ever. You deserve to experience the greatest life.

      Look forward to getting started with you soon!

      Love and light,

  7. Casey Kerr

    Hey there Fia,
    Love the article! I copied into a Word File and named it Fia’s 5 Steps Out of Doubt. I’ll be sharing it with my clients in my new Healers Can Make Money program launching in April. Love your newsletters and all of your helpful tips!

    Big Hugs and a Big ROAR!!!!

    1. Fia-Lynn Crandall Post author

      Thanks Casey, great to hear from you! Please change it to “Fia-Lynn’s…” and I’ll send over a resource box to put at the end of it and you are free to use it! Gone back to my full first name Fia-Lynn.

      Your new program sounds exciting Casey, your clients will be blessed to learn from you!



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