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3 Sneaky Ways Your Business Becomes A J-O-B (and How to Avoid it!)

What did you dream of when you first started your business?  Was it to do what you love?  To finally have an outlet to express that deeper part of you that was aching to be shared?

You’d think starting a business doing what you love would resolve this problem.  Yet simply changing what you DO rarely resolves what’s inside of you that created it in the first place.

Here are 3 traps many entrepreneurs get stuck in that end up making business feel like a job.  And who wants that!  Take a look to see how this may be showing up for you so you can turn it around and not let your business become a J-O-B:

#1 Hide Who They Are To Be “Liked”

Your purpose is to full out be YOU.  Your people need the full out you.  They need the full essence and expression of who you are.  They need your unique way of saying things and doing things.

Your people need your full out expression in order to experience the biggest transformation when they work with you.

I remember in the first years of my business writing articles in a way that would be “acceptable” even to an Engineer (which was my old career).  It was SO much harder than just writing what I felt like writing.

One day I realized… My people are not left-brained logical engineers.  My people GET me, why am I holding back my expression just to please someone who isn’t even in my audience?!?!

If people like you for being NOT YOU that actually means you aren’t liked at all, you’re hiding just like you were in your job!  Your people LIKE you, but they’ll likely only get to like you if they SEE you and FEEL the real you.

Exploration Time: Where might you be holding back your expression in your business?  Where might you be offering your watered down version of you and your message?  What gifts might you be holding back from your clients (the very ones they need or they wouldn’t have found you!)?

#2 Do It All Themselves

I don’t know about you but being an admin person is not fun for me at all.  I’d rather be doing anything else!  Same with bookkeeping, yuck!!!

As soon as possible it’s important to begin handing over your tasks that aren’t YOU to those who love to do it.  If you feel you can’t afford it I get it.  When I hired my assistant Karen, I couldn’t really afford it at the time, yet that fuelled me to just grow my business!

You are meant to do what you love, and sure there may be tasks you don’t fully enjoy, but those should be the exception.  Right now, whether you’re ready at this moment to bring in support or not, start building the vision of your business where you are supported, actually doing what you love with your time and not the tasks you don’t.

Exploration Time:  What tasks would I LOVE to have someone else do?  What would I feel SO relieved to hand over to someone else and know it was getting done?  What type of skills might this person have?  What personality would I enjoy working with?

#3 Pleasing Others For The Money

Your purpose is not to be the person who pleases everyone.  Your purpose is unique, specific to you and something no one else can fulfil but you. 

Trying to please people in a way that’s not in alignment with who you really are actually takes you out of your purpose and dilutes your energy, passion and message.  All of this leads to a decrease in your energy and therefore motivation and magnetism to those you’re actually meant to reach.

Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say you have a healing ability that works really well with women wanting to lose weight.  And losing weight is a huge passion for you because you had lost 50 lbs in the past and you love to help women experience the transformation you’ve experienced.

Then Joe comes along and has issues getting motivated to go to work, his job has lost its meaning.  You know your healing process may help him and you feel you need the money so you take him on as a client.

In cases like this “pleasing” backfires anyway.  You’ll never make the difference in a non-ideal client’s life as you would in an ideal client’s life.  Everyone loses when pleasing is in business.  And working with a non-ideal client just for the money puts you right back into the J-O-B zone.

Exploration Time: Take a look at your business from an outside perspective.  Ask yourself: What am I doing just for the sake of pleasing others that I don’t really want to do?  How am I modifying my work to accommodate clients instead of trusting that who I am is perfect for my ideal clients?  In what ways may I be “selling out” for money?

If you are doing any of these things it’s time to turn it around!  Your business is not meant to feel like a job!  Feel free to post below, would love to hear your comments!

And if you find yourself doing any of the above, there is likely a much deeper reason WHY you’re doing it.  I’m speaking about this in my upcoming webinar, check it out below:


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