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3 Simple Tips that Could Save You Years of Struggling in Your Business

Are you struggling to get your business going?  Trying one thing after the other yet you’re still stuck?  There are a few things I have found allowed my business to open up in a whole new way resulting in major growth in my business at a few points in time when I needed it to grow.

I remember a few years back feeling so stuck in my business.  I felt like I was trying everything to grow it yet my bank balance had nothing to show for all of that effort I was putting in.  But it all turned around during a major turning point that I chose to step up to and create for myself.

Here are 3 tips I’ve found can save you years of struggle in your business:

Tip #1 Believe, Even when there’s No Evidence

There were two major turning points in my business where I decided I would create a major increase in sales.  Both were times when I was not making what I needed to and both times there had been no evidence that these major leaps in my business were possible.

I chose to believe.  I chose to trust that I was put in a not-so-nice looking position in my life because I was meant to take my business to a new place.  I chose to believe in my purpose, in my path, in the gifts I have to share with those I’m here to help.  I chose to have faith, which is what I believe set up an accelerated path ahead of me and brought me exactly what I needed to create the major growth in my business I was looking for. Which leads me to the Tip #2.

Tip #2 Get Help

The first major income increase in my business happened at the same time I chose to step up.  The same time I chose to have my business support me financially even though the reality in my business was nowhere near that.  Within a few short months, I WAS able to support myself.

How was I able to do this?  How was I able to propel myself forward so quickly?

I got help.

And not just any old help as I had been getting in the past.  I got help from a mentor who really got me, who’s message spoke directly to me, someone who was on the same path as me but was further ahead.

There are SO many programs and mentors I’m sure you’re exposed to.  Trying anything and everything out there won’t move you ahead, it will just leave you overwhelmed and struggling longer.  So just how can you know what’s right for you?

Tip #3 Your Guidance Shows You the Way

Once you decide you’re ready to step up in your business, expect to be guided to which support you need.  But it’s up to you to FEEL what is the right support for you.

Now sometimes you are called to make decisions and to step up in a way that does not seem logical.  If you want to save years off of your path you don’t want to follow the regular logic.  You want to be in tune with the Universe’s logic as it knows all of the shortcuts.

Whenever I make a decision to participate in a program or hire a mentor I get really quiet and check in with myself.  I want to feel that it’s right, to know from deep within me, even if my mind is trying to say no. Feeling right doesn’t mean it wont freak you out to step up and say yes to it, in fact that’s a sign I look for to show me I’m going in the right direction out of my comfort zone, into new territory.

Not only do I check in to feel if it’s the support I need right now, it has to make sense as my next step.  It has to match what you feel is missing in your business.  When I know it’s time to step up I start to become aware of what I believe I need help with in my business, what’s missing.  And countless times I’ve attracted exactly what that was. And this helped me to recognize it when it showed up, adding to my confidence in my decision to go ahead with it.

You don’t have to struggle for years, there are shortcuts and you find them by believing in the way (even though you can’t see it yet) and getting the right help to support you.

If you’re really ready to step up to your purpose, to taking your business to a whole new level, join me in my free video series:

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